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by Zoraya Flores

I just started giving this product to my 15 year old son. He does not like to have breakfast, is it ok for him to have it on an empty stomach?

It's worked great for my daughter!
by S

My daughter is in first grade and was diagnosed with ADHD. She was having the worst time getting her work done in class and would not focus on her work. I gave her this product and noticed a difference in her notes home from the teacher saying she was getting her work done. A month later, at the parent teacher conference the teacher said she noticed a huge difference in my daughter's work! She said that she was actually getting her school work done in the time given and it was neater than she had seen up to the time I started giving this to her! I recommend it!

its a decent product
by Jonathan Aliwarga

It helps me to focus and gives me a boost of energy. However, sometimes when I take it I get sleepy at first before the energy kicks in.

Excellent Product - Worth it's weight in gold!
by Marina's Mom

Two weeks into school my 2nd grade daughter's teacher approached my husband and myself about having our daughter tested for ADD. I immediately did a web search and came across this all-natural approach since I am totally against the main stream drugs (kiddie cocaine). My daughter started taking this on October 22, 2008 and by our first parent teacher conference on November 11th, 2008 the teacher, reading support staff and guidance counselor couldn't say enough positive things as to the improvement in my daughter's attention span, focus, reading ability and behavior. She went from a failing student to an A+ student in less than 3 weeks. I actually look forward to attending the parent teacher conferences now. Upon request of the guidance counselor, I printed out all the information on this product so that she could pass it on to other parents who are less than thrilled with the drugs currently on the market to treat kids afflicted with ADD/ADHD. This product is on the expensive side, but for us it is worth it's weight in gold!!!!

Definitely noticed a difference!
by Tina F.

I started giving this my 3rd Grade daughter three months ago, who was having difficulty staying focused in class. Her teacher noticed a real change and commented to me. It was only after that, that I told her what I was gving her. She seems to stay on task and concentrate much better now that she is taking this. I am all for a natural approach and she likes the taste!

Seems to work
by Nathan S

Very expensive product, but seems to work OK. Nature Sunshine is a good company.

Makes you focus!
by Corey Ned.

I bought these after I was put on academic probation at school. I knew it was my own fault because I would never pay attention, I would just do my own thing and not listen. I bought these and I am able to focus a lot easier then before. I can definitely notice the difference, and will continue to buy them as long as I have a boring class.

by Daniel Bergin

I started taking this product 3 weeks ago when I started my new semester at school, and was a bit skeptical at first. I noticed an increase in my ability to focus in classes that don't even seem that interesting! I will definitely be buying another bottle when this one runs out.

Somewhat effective
by Jaime

We did not have stellar results with this product, but every child is different and will respond to treatments uniquely. There was a slight improvement in attention span/ability to focus, but nothing remarkable, and the improvement could even be contributed to a "good day." In addition, the powder has a bitter aftertaste, which will put most kids off of it.

by Justin

The Focus Attention Powder was recommended to me by a fellow college classmate; I had told her that my mind tended to wander while studying and while in class. The powder, which is quite expensive on a college budget, did help my wandering mind to focus, but it did have a negative side effect on me. I had a hard time getting to sleep if taking later in the day.

Noticed the Difference
by Judith

This product does make a noticeable difference when used as directed. I have not experienced any negative side effects, and am able to concentrate with less effort.

Try this not Ritalin
by Mike

Took my kid off Ritalin at the start of the school year just to see how things went. This stuff really helps. Josh's teacher ask about his meds and with pride told her that he is now on a more natural approach!

Bad taste.
by Shreyas Patel

The product did help when I was a kid. My mind used to wander, but the worst part about this was that the powder was bitter and I had to mix it with a lot of strawberry powder.

Works well.
by Jessica

My cousin was diagnosed with ADD last year. Her mom didn't want to put her on the mainstream medicines for ADD or ADHD, so she looked for an alternative and this one came up. When my cousin came over for Christmas, her mom gave us this in case she got a little unfocused or out of hand. When we gave this to her, she seemed to calm down, focus on playing with the other kids instead of pestering the adults, yet still enjoy herself with no unwanted side effects. A VERY valuable product in my cousin's and now my household.

by Linda

This is a great product. There are no side effects at all. It does everything that it says it does. My son drinks 4 cups of soda everyday, mostly Coke and it helps him concentrate more in school! This stuff really works!

Great Product!!!
by Jeff

This is a great product and yes, it really does work. No side effects noticed at all. It really does help with concentration and helps get things done.

Stops Thoughts from Drifting!
by Dave M

My job requires constant Internet searches and multi-tasking. Focus Attention Powder allowed me to move from phone to e-mail to live phone calls without losing my concentration. I use it instead of coffee at work and it has increased my productivity tremendously.

Able to focus
by Chrislyn

My son thought he was drinking Kool-aid. I noticed that he could focus longer and so did his teachers. On mornings when he had a glass with breakfast, he was a little more manageable and completed more work.

Back into focus
by Cynthia

My nephew had a head injury and the doctors tried giving him ADHD drugs to assist the healing as far as focus. He experienced so many side effects that we switched to him to this product instead. The doctors came in two days later and could not believe the difference. It works!

No change
by Melissa

I didn't even see any difference, however, I did not have any negative side effects that I know of either. Maybe I needed more time but I was not that impressed.

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Works well
by Judith R

I used this product during a really high production time at work and it worked well. I was able to stay focus on the many tasks at hand.