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by Lori

I took this for a month, daily. It does not work...

by Carol

I love Puritan's Pride products, I completely believe in them. This product I am not quite sure about. It might help, but I am not positive.

No difference
by David

My mother has been ordering Puritan's pride products for possibly a decade now and the Focus Complex has always been part of her daily pills. She started taking them when she started to forget things: her keys, the water running, etc. She still forgets things though.

May work, May not
by Andrew

I am going to start off by saying I am not really "into" these memory cures. I needed something to help focus on a test so I thought "why not try this product?", well I took it for a few weeks but I felt no different then when I started. It may just be me, but I am not satisfied with this product. It just doesn't justify the trouble of taking it to notice no effect.

Now, I am not saying this won't work for you, but that it did not work for me. It will probably come down to if you want to give it a try or not and see if it helps you any.

Great product
by Tian

I cannot imply enough how effectively this product works. As a Ph.D. student pursuing a Computer Science major, under the push of my professor, I have very little time to sleep. Thus I used to feel constantly tired. However, a few months ago, I tried using Focus Complex, and I can say with full confidence that the product truly works. I have finished one paper and I have noticed that I feel much less tired, and can now focus much better. I will continue to take this product in the future, and definitely recommend it to my friends.

Its OK
by vs

My Grandmother used this Focus Complex to treat her memory loss. She has used it for about four months. After using this she has improved her memory a bit. It didn't worked as we expected, but it is OK. Another good part of Focus Complex is it didn't caused any side effects.

by Amiw

Though this product is generally associated with memory loss from aging, I was going through an extremely difficult time at work and tried some of my Mom's pills in hopes of some assistance in focusing, remembering etc. I felt it helped significantly after only about 1 week of use. I felt more focused. I was able to concentrate easier, recall things easier. I only took this for a short period and don't take it regularly. I was impressed by the product and take it during extreme periods at work or other times that require additional focus. Another great Puritans Pride product!

Good for total circulation, as well as memory
by Noah H.

I got my Mom to start taking this as she has terrible circulation problems and as the brain needs a good oxygen supply from blood circulation. I hoped this would help bring blood to the brain and help with her short term memory problems, mostly forgetfulness. She takes two of them every day and says that she isn't sure it's helping her memory or concentration. She feels so much better since starting the supplement, that she will still continue taking it. It does contain some anti-oxidants and fatty acids which are good not just for the brain, but for cells in the entire body.

Not a huge help
by Jen W.

After the birth of my son I started to have some memory issues. I figured that it was sleep deprivation ,but my doctor recommened some things that I could take to try to get rid of "mommy brain". This product, although marketed for the aging, had the ingredients I was looking for. While my memory did eventually get better, I am pretty sure it didn't have all that much to do with this product. I took it consistently for about 90 days and saw little to no improvement.

Great Product
by CG

I bought it for my mom as a Christmas gift. She turned out to like this product. It is easy to use and helps a lot. She told me that she felt more energetic than before after having it for 3 weeks. Highly recommend!

Focus helps you "focus"
by Kathy

Very well named. I found that after taking the Focus Complex, I really could focus better. I fear having memory lapses as there is a history of Alzheimer's in my immediate family. I believe this product will help to stave off such memory losses versus not taking it at all. Works for me.

Focus Complex
by tammy

This product did not make a big difference to me. It was taken for at least three weeks and still did not seem to make much difference. We continued to use it, however, did not purchase more.

focus complex
by barbara

I have been using this product for about 4 months and I
am finding it not only helpful but easier to digest than another product I tried. I am able to concentrate and complete projects more efficiently since the onset of menapause.I would reccomend this product to any women.

Natural brain "food" for clarity and alertness
by Jenny

After turning 50, I noticed a slight change in my ability to focus and complete complex math problems without struggling. Working in finance, I worried that my ability to continue to function at my best in a competitive field would be compromised. When I spoke with a nutritional aide at my GP's office, she mentioned newer supplements that focus on providing the exact vitamins and nutrients needed for our brain as we age. I found this product from Puritan's Pride and liked that it also contained anti-oxidants which fight free radicals and it also includes essential fatty acids, as well as providing healthy blood circulation to the brain. I do have to take the product with meals to avoid some minor stomach upset, but the softgels dosage is only two per day and very easy to swallow. Since starting the product, I have noticed an increased mental alertness and no further "senior moments" of forgetfulness or inability to do standard mental tasks that require concentration and logic problem solving. Reasonably priced, this product can benefit one in many ways as the ingredients found in it are also being researched and proven to help improve other health problems, as well as give your brain a nutrient rich boost. Puritan's Pride Focus Complex is an excellent product for those concerned with a decline in alertness and overall brain function as one ages.

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