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on the fense...
by Norman Kreutzer

i bought a bottle for $15 at Sams Club. 150 pills. I took 2 that 1st day and swear bythe afternoon i was dumber. I starting taking 1 per day since and i noticed that i feel a bit more intolerant of things....almost tense feeling. I would say that Bovine colostrum is a much better product overall as well as for the mind!

by Becky

My daghter is about to be 9 in 10 days. She has ADHD and is dyslic. She has been take the kid verson for a year now. It doesn't change who she is. It does how ever help her in school. Her teachers can tell when she skips. She keeps A's and B's while on it when she was off for 3 weeks her grades droped to C's and D's. She was able to bring them all back up and her final grade was A's and B's even with those low ones. But only when she had her Focus Factor back. She loves it and always asks for it. I would like to try it on myself and husband to.

Focus factor for kids
by Becky

My daughter has been taking it for almost a year now she will be 9 soon. It has made a big change in school her reading went up and her teachers notice if she skips. Love the stuff. Would like to try it on my self and husband to:)

by Jessyelena Williams

My Husband has be Diagnosed with Mild/ Moderate Alzheimers, he just had his 60th Birthday, I had no Idea he had that condition, I thought he was just doing stuff to make me Laugh, as he always had, I was devastated when I found out he was'nt Joking., @ any rate the Dr prescribed Namenda, it was'nt working, I bought the Focus Factor, It WORKS! QUICK! We all saw RESULTS! PRAISE GOD!!!

Luv the stuff
by Chris

I was really suprised after takeing this product for a very short time. It worked well for me. 5 stars

by Deborah

My children have taken this product in the past and it does work,however; it should be taken consistently for at least a month. I assure you by taking it for a month without missing or skippping doses you will see results.

by Deborah

My children have taken this product in the past and it does work,however; it should be taken consistently for at least a month. I assure you by taking it for a month without missing or skippping doses you will see results.
by Jack

I took my first pill on my 48th birthday,yesterday.Don't take late in the night,it kept me awake.That was a good thing.To bad , I had nothing to do but lay there.

I'm Focused
by Angelina

My mother gave me 30 tablets out of her bottle. And I can say they work I have always lost focused dealing with 3 kids on my own. I had started noticing the difference sooner than I thought. Sometimes I use Crisco oil with omega-3 in it while I'm cooking or frying too.

Did not feel a difference
by Malik

I tried this product for three days but did not see a difference. I have severe adult ADD.

So far seems o be working
by Michelle

Have taken it for a week so far, and it seems like I am speaking better (I am able to concentrate better). I will continue to use this, and I like the fact that it doubles as a multi-vitamin.

Works For Me
by SaFab

I've been using Focus Factors for a couple of years and can't say enough good things about it. First tried it at $75/bottle. Loved it, but not willing to pay that price. Now buy at $20/bottle. I've shared with several friends.

I'm about ready to buy my first Focus Factors for Kids. The 10 year old is bright but no attention span. He has been diagnosed as very mild ADD but I refuse heavy medications for him. Hope this works.

Not bad
by Eric

This seems to help a little bit. I have noticed differences in my day to day functions.

by Theresa M. Evans

I tried Focus Factor for the first time this week and have already noticed a difference. I'm in my mid 40's and premenopausal and seem to start out doing orr saying something and then lose track. When I took Focus Factor, I lost focus for a minute then went right on to what I was saying/doing. I'm very impressed witht he results and feel more on top of my game =)

by Alisa

I've tried it and it seems to work pretty good. I work in accounting and some days I need a little extra help with my focus, concentration and memory. It just costs so much to use on a regular basis.

by Joen

It works for me better than others I have tried. I have noticed that there is a great difference in what vendors sell it for, ($14.95 shipping included to $56 plus shipping). You can get it for under $15 a bottle online if you know where to look, but I have seen it selling for as high at $56 a bottle of 60 plus shipping and that is ridiculous.


I have a severe and chronic medical condition that causes a significant loss of memory, loss of cognitive ability (40%), and diagnosed, early onset dementia. Of the several different types of memory supplements I have tried, FOCUS FACTOR (FF) is the only one that I could tell a significant improvement in my memory and ability to think (focus). I am not sure if it is because the medication I have to take purges my system of nutrients or that the combination of nutrients in FF works best for my body or what or why this is true. I just know that to date, over the last three years of trying different supplements to help me regain some of my mental clarity and memory, FOCUS FACTOR has worked the best for me.

OK product, but overpriced
by Jessica

I ordered this after I heard an ad on the radio. It does contain a lot of healthy vitamins and such, but I don't think it's worth the cost. I had better results with Natrol BrainSpeed (also contains huperzine A) at a lower price.

I'm Undecided On This One!
by Stephanie

I was interested in this product because being a busy working mom I can use all the help I can get improving my focus and memory. I like the fact that it is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals that I know my body needs throughout the day. I was a bit overwhelmed by taking so many pills though. It made me a little leery of the product. I have been taking this for about 7 weeks now and I have noticed a slight difference in my ability to focus during the day. I am not sure if it was worth the cost this product though. I think there are several other products out there that offer the same thing for a lot less money.
This product was okay, but not wonderful.

I liked it
by Samantha

I used this product while studying for a very important exam. After about a week, I felt like I noticed a difference. When taken everyday, I felt as though I retained more information. The product is expensive, so I would recommend waiting for a sale, but overall, I have recommended it and continue to do so.

Too Many Pills
by Lia

I ordered the free bottle like everyone else when I saw the commercial a few months ago. The instructions say that you have to take at least 5 pills a day for it to work. This is not the best because this product has a lot of caffeine in it. I took the 5 pills a day for about a week, but did not notice much improvement in my memory. It may have worked if I kept up the dosage over time, but it was too many pills for me.

great memory booster
by Arvinder

I saw the advertisement in the newspaper for this product and gave it a shot. I was losing my grip on my memory, then I started taking this product about 2 months ago. The result of such a product can be seen from the grades I got in this sem. The grades are up now and I get appreciation from everyone for that but I will give credit to FOCUS FACTOR. Thanks for such a good product.

Useful and Practical
by Dan

I started using focus factor at the beginning of this semester and I have seen significant improvement in my grades. I'm remembering the material more clearly and it doesn't affect my daily routine at all. There are no side effects and I have become a lifelong supporter of this product.

Great for Seniors
by Dustin

I gave a bottle to my father-in-law (77) after he was showing some signs of memory loss. He immediately was able to tell me every winner of the World Series in the past 60 years. Alright, I’m just kidding about the World Series winners. The truth is I have noticed an improvement and he says he likes taking them and has purchased 2 more bottles since the one I gave him. If memory loss is a problem than you should definitely try this out.

Works but...
by Brandy

This product, I think is very expensive. It works but its a very subtle over a long period of time. You have to take this for a few months before you see any effects. Of course everyone is different and it will vary, but I don't think its any different than taking the right kind of vitamins to boost your memory. I quit taking this because I couldn't afford to keep buying it so I switched to vitamins and I think I have the same results if not better, and cheaper.

Focus Factor
by Pat

My 83 year old dad was having a very difficult time thinking and remembering. I purchased this product and after a very short time, there was a noticeable difference in his memory and consequently his behavior. He gets extremely depressed when he can't remember things and his whole disposition is better when he takes his Focus Factor. He has been taking this product for a year and a half now, and ran out one time. I noticed a problem with his attitude and memory and found out that he had been off the product for two days. Once he got back on the product, he was fine after a day or two.

Not what I expected
by jennifer

I got this because my mother in law told me and my husband about it and we did not like it. I guess I have a weak stomach because it kind of made me sick. My husband just did not take it and we still have almost a full bottle in the medicine cabinet.

For students
by Stanimir Yordanov

I am a full time student, and this product really comes in handy during my final exams. It helps me focus on the material and remember it. It takes me a lot shorter time to learn all of the material and go over my notes. It is awesome.

Focus Factor
by Noni

This product was total waste of money. I tried this because I have definitely become more forgetful as I am getting older. I took this for over a month, and I could see no difference at all.

Works, kind of...
by DomZ

Don't get this if you're expecting an overnight miracle. I am constantly forgetful and I started taking FF a few months ago. There is a difference, but its not exactly night and day. You'd be better off taking a full multivitamin instead of this.

No effects
by Irfan

I ordered focus factor when I saw the promotion on TV. After taking it regularly for about one month, I did not notice any changes in my memory or ability to focus.

Not a satisfying Product
by Angel

I work from home which consists of a lot of focusing and I saw this advertised on TV.
I thought this was going to be a miracle pill I guess.
But unfortunately, I never felt any difference when taking this product.
I think that it's a waste of money and time.

Expensive vitamin
by Denise

This is a pretty good multi vitamin, but is nothing more. My father picked this up and after a few weeks he said he felt more alert, but no more alert than taking centrum silver or another similar 1-a-day. You have to gulp down FOUR tablets with breakfast, totaling $80 a month. Stick with the drugstore vitamins and save some time and money.

Still can't concentrate
by Candice

For the Price and raves I had heard from friends, I expected a whole lot more from this product. I am a stay-at-home mom of two but also take online college courses so I was looking for something to help study and concentrate on my school work better. Unfortunately, the half month's supply I bought just didn't cut it. I gave it a week, no noticeable difference in my focus. Gave it another week, nothing. Went ahead and finished the supply seeing as how it still is a great multivitamin, but after it was gone I went back to my own supply of vitamins that aren't as expensive.

Definitely not worth it.
by Natalia

For $40 every 15 days, what you basically get is a multivitamin. This product is absolutely overpriced, and although I did feel better taking it, it didn't improve my concentration in any noticeable way.

Give it a try-- it works
by Mike

Saw this on TV and sent off for my free sample. Noticed a big difference in about a week. Stopped losing my car keys and my wife noticed a difference too! I feel less depressed especially with the winter blahs. My ability to focus at work has also increased.

Placebo and Nothing More
by Matt Bentley

I have always been told that if it sounds too good to be true it is. That is certainly the case with this. This has no appreciable effect on your memory. It may trick you into having more confidence and concentrating more, but has no medical effect. Just look at the product description - it provides your vitamins, essential fatty acids, etc., - it is a glorified multivitamin. Buy a multivitamin and eat right. It will do more and be much cheaper.

by JJ

I really like these pills. I have had more enery and have been more focused, but the problem is they are too expensive. You pay $40 for 60 tablets. You take 4 tablets every morning. That's 15 days worth of focus for $40. Personally, I don't have the money to shell out $80 a month for pills. I believe if you just take a daily multivitamin and eat right, you will have the same effect.

Over-priced multi-vitamin
by Ben

This product is an over-priced multivitamin. While it may pack more in a single tablet than most other multivitamins, the cost just isn't justified, and the tablets are a bit large. Try a good, well-priced multivitamin (make sure it includes B vitamins) first and see if its effects are enough for you. If it is, it'll certainly be easier on your wallet.

Works for me
by D

I saw this on tv and decided to try. I have a very busy schedule and am highly stressed at times trying to keep things in order. Since taking this I can think a lot clearer and concentrate on things even with all the distractions that normally broke my concentration. I'm less frustrated and angry and thus in a better mood. I would recommend this product.

Not worth it
by Annie

I found myself feeling less focused while using this product. It did not increase my memory or prolong the length I retain certain memories. It was not useful and not worth the money. It didn't help while I was taking my finals at all and even worse it just made me anxious.

I can focus!
by leslie

I've tried other brands of vitamins but this Focus Factor brand really works. I usually have a hard time concentrating for long periods of time but after just a few days using this product, I was able to get much more work done--quality work--all day long. If you want to succeed, get some Focus Factor. It's worth every penny.

Sort of works!
by Kelli

Focus Factor seemed to work some days for me, and not others. I can't explain why this happened, as I didn't do anything different on the days Focus Factor did not work. On the days it did work it really helped me concentrate to finish my work, though! I'd recommend these to anyone who has a big project to finish or just needs a temporary fix to concentration problems, but they are too costly and semi-ineffective for long term use in my opinion.

I like these
by may

I am student, and I work as well. I have a lot of things on my mind, and when I am in class I have to be 100% focused. I went out and got these and they are really helping me. I find that I am more focused and I have not seen any side effects so far. I recommend these pills to anyone!

by Mike Huang

These pills don't work all the time, and being a student that I am, I can't consume these anymore. During my busy class schedules, I need concentration on my work and the lectures given out. With these pills I was only getting half of what I need and not the full 100%. The Focus Factor pills work for about 30 minutes or so and then vanish.

Not worth the hype
by JM

I bought Focus Factor to help me stay focused at work because of all the day to day stress. I didn't feel any more focused than when I drink caffeine. For the price, I'll stick to my daily caffeine intake.

Awesome focus factor
by Arvinder

I saw the advertisement on TV and gave it a try for my nephew. My nephew gained from it. His performance at studies has improved a lot. Thanks to Focus Factor.

Waste of money
by jordan

I am a college student, and was looking for a way to understand everything my professors said (especially being a biology major), and to try and concentrate better...taking 8 pills daily made me sick to my stomach, and believe me, taking 8 or more of these gigantic pills a day is enough to make anyone sick...and to boot, I felt no difference in memory or concentration...I will never waste my money on this again!

Great For anyone With a Demanding Life Style.
by Lori Ann Hull

My husband and I have both taken this for several months after hearing such great reviews from other friends and family members. He is taking some online courses and between that and our very full life we need all the mental energy we can get. You need to take it twice a day to feel the full effects. Thumbs up from this Family!

A miracle for Adhd!
by Angel C.

After seeing this product on a commercial, my sister decided to purchase these for my nephew who has ADHD and takes Concerta. She wanted a natural alternative to the medication considering it was causing unwanted side effects. My nephew is able to focus, finishes projects, does good in school..basically everything he was able to do on Concerta except now he actually has an appetite and doesn't suffer from the other adverse side-effects of stimulants. A very great buy and highly recommended!!

Works great!!
by Christine M.

After seeing this product several times on TV, I finally decided to give in and try it. I am so glad I did! I've noticed a huge difference in my ability to focus on things and how well I can concentrate on several tasks at once. It sure has made my life much easier now!

by Mark

I saw this on tv all the time and have always wanted to try it. I ordered it and don't think it has helped me at all. I found myself to be taking 8 pills a day as the bottle recommends. This stuff is expensive plus the pills are also large.

Focus Factor 2 Thumbs Up!
by Kristina Richardson

My son has ADHD and as most people know with ADHD its very hard to stay focused. We have tried many, many medications for this problem with not much luck. When we kept hearing of Focus Factor, we decided to try it. My son has never been the same. He's on the ball and is able to remain focused during school and church. Great buy!

Good product
by Stephanie

As posted in several others reviews, this stuff has been advertised everywhere... TV, radio, magazines ect. After seeing and hearing so much about it, my sister ordered some for my nephew who was having trouble staying focused in school. Focus Factor has made a huge difference in him! It's awesome to see him paying attention and getting good reports in school.

Focus Improved!
by spookycc

I saw this product many times on TV, and had to try it. After three weeks, I find that I am better able to focus on projects, and my memory seems sharper. I tried an "off" brand first, and Focus Factor is much superior.

Focus Factor
by nikki

I need to enter credit card numbers when I work and in the past, it's been hard for me to concentrate on that. I started to take focus factor and noticed within 3 weeks that things seemed clearer and I was no longer transposing numbers.

by James Zitzmann

This product worked miracles for me. At first glance, it seems like just another overblown dietary supplement that yields litte or no results. Whenever I was at work, I would always have trouble remembering names. I started taking these, and the names would come more easily to me. I would recommend this to anyone.

Worth Your Money
by Jaime

I had been seeing this on T.V. for a while and decided to order it. It really does work. I am more clear-headed than I have ever been. It is well worth your money.

Focus, Young Grasshopper
by Jason G

I heard an ad for Focus Factor on the radio. I was extremely skeptical, but had had trouble concentrating at work. So I figured I would give it a try. Having a boring job, the task was a difficult one. Within a couple of days I was able to stay much more focused on the mundane tasks that are part of the daily grind. Well worth the $$.

Not quite for me
by Jessica

We saw this product all over the place...on the TV, in the store, even on the radio, so we decided to give it a try. 30 days later and we haven't noticed anything different, nothing better. It just wasn't for us as far as we can tell.

5 Star Product!
by Marissa

I found it very difficult to concentrate in school. Then I came across Focus Factor. This product has helped me stay alert and pay attention. Ever since I started taking this product, my grades were well over 90%.

As seen on T.V.
by Kevin

I ordered this product because as a student I was finding it difficult to focus on my studies and to remember anything that the teachers said in correlation with my notes.
After taking this a while, and I highly recommend you take these pills with a meal, it seemed easier to retain information and apply it.

It does work
by Adam Paul

I could never actually stay focused on any task for more than 5 minutes. I tried resting, meditation, getting interested in something. Nothing worked. I then tried Focus Factor, it did the trick. I can now actually accomplish a task, sit through a meeting, and actually pay attention.

by Diane Keys

This product is utterly useless. My husband took it for ADHD and it did absolutely nothing for him. For all the hype about it, we thought it was worth a try, but it seems to be a scam to me.

4 Customer Opinions

by Ryan

all of you that are complaining about this product are annoying and ignorant. wah wah wah it didnt work after a month.. it says on the bottle take 4 pills a day for 6 weeks with meals to START seeing some kind of results its not a miracle pill by any means it meant to help clear your head and focus better. your all ignorant.

Not the Best Out There
by Allie

My problem with Focus Factor is that the nutrition panel goes on and on. There is no ingredient that stands out the most, or brings any special effects. I can easily purchase vitamins separately at GNC that are listed on the panel. I would suggest a newer upgrade to Focus Factor, by another company Genius Labs, they just released Cram it! especially for students. They formulated it to work! Well at least it worked for me. Good luck and stay healthy!

by tim


So excited
by mroyer1459

I am so excited to find this product here. I have always wanted to try this. I haven't yet because I am still new here, but after I do I will let you know my opinion.