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by Keith G

I am very forgetful, so I bought this to help my memory out. Don't know if it is working, but I figure it doesn't hurt.

Really the ultimate
by cooldan

This memory aid supplement may cost a lot, but it sure does work. Almost everyday I would forget where my keys were, but this helps me remember many things like what I am doing at the time. This also helps your memory when your stressed and keeps you on schedule knowing what to do. I have been taking it for a few weeks and the differences are really beginning to show! Very good recommendation to people in need of memory aid.

Nice but Expensive
by R

This stuff is alright. I took some in the morning and they left me tired. Got them around 2-3 weeks ago. Though expensive, my friend said that the brand was the best, but I guess it depends on the person. Since this stuff is pretty expensive and the fact that it didn't help much, I probably won't buy this again.

OK Product
by Tuck

I bought this product about a month ago. It has helped a lot when I have had a lot of stress at work, but I don't really see why it is so expensive when it really doesn't do that great of a job. I know that it is supposed to help with your memory but it really didn't do that for me, all it did for me was help me calm down a little bit before making a big presentation at work. Overall if you want something to help you concentrate and calm down, get these. But if you want something to help you be able to remember things better I wouldn't recommend these.

Too exspensive
by Valorie Joy

I buy Vitamin Shoppe products not only because I trust their quality but because their prices are normally competitive. This one is a disapointment and I will stick to Ginko biloba.

Great product
by S

Ultimate Memory Aid is great during stressful times when there are a lot of projects to juggle and organize. I got through finals week much easier last semester by taking these right before dinner. The soft gels are easy to digest, and don't have ANY side effects. I was much more focused, alert, attentive, and could even sleep better. Highly recommended for students, stressed moms, and people who just need a boost to stay organized!

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