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Once worried Mother
by MOM

This used along with Attentive Child works great for children who have ADD and can not take prescription medications.

by Tiff

I was talking to a couple doctors about my sons ADD problem and they recommended some medications and I didn't want to put him on them. So I discovered these capsules and they work great. He has made good improvements on these capsules. I'm so happy that there is a non medicine alternative that he can use. I recommend for every parent to try these before getting a prescription for their child to be on medications because these work wonders. A++++

Highly Recommend
by Dustin

My son has a moderate case of ADD and I have worked extensively with him to try and avoid putting him on medication. These capsules have been part of our overall program with our doctor to improve his attention and hyperactivity. Overall he has made great improvements in the past 4 months. I’m happy there is a non-medicine alternative that he can use and recommend parents try to use these before getting a prescription for their child.

Used By My 4 Boys
by Trudi Konzem

I have three children within the Autism Spectrum range, they all take these capsules daily. They're not keen on taking the capsules they prefer chewable tablets. I notice improvements in their eye contact, focusing and they pay more attention. They listen more and seem to follow directions without any problems. We will keep on using these, even the school has noticed improvements.

Great Product!
by Corri

My daughter has a mild to moderate case of ADHD. I was a little leary of putting her on any kind of prescription medication, due to all of the side affects. I tried this on a recommendation from our family doctor. Not only did I start seeing changes in my daughter's behavior, but so did her teacher! She has went from a B/C student to an A/B student since she's been taking this product! I really couldn't have asked for better results. Highly recommended.

by tasha

I have taken this product myself, so I would absolutely recommend it to a child, or someone who wants to give it to a child. I trust Carlson's fish oil products. I've used several, all with great results. This one tastes good, and works so well. It's great for everyone. For a child with moderate ADD I would definitely recommend it- as I myself have moderate adult ADD and have used it with much success.

From one to another
by janet

This product, I was told, does work very well. A good friend of mine uses it on her child who has ADD, and she said he is a completely different child compared to what he was before he went on it. He is a pleasant child now. I don't think it works for kids with severe ADD/ADHD, but if it's not too bad, it does work.

Great for learning how to swallow!
by Rachel

These little capsules don't have the highest levels of DHA you might want for your kids, but they are a great way of getting DHA into your kids. It's also a great way of teaching kids how to swallow - if they become anxious and can't do it, at least chewing them is tasty!

Great tasting Fish? Yes!
by Brenna

Carlson does a great job of taking the fishy taste out of their fish products. DHA can make a big difference with concentration and thinking. Taste is one of the biggest factor in trying to get kids to take something on a regular basis. Carlson makes getting kids to "eat" their fish painless.

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