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Great Aunt
by LoWanda Bell

I ordered this product on the advice of a colleague. I am very pleased with these vitamins. I have seen a change in my niece that is remarkable. She attempts to complete her assignments, both in class and at home. She sleeps better. She wakes up without whining and crying. It has been wonderful!I am pleased and I would definitely recommend this product to friends!

bear-y good for you
by t.

I purchased these for my boyfriend, as a way of getting him to take his vitamins. he immediately took his dosage and has been taken them since , missing some days here and there. So yes, thanks you yummi bears! I also see that their are adult versions .. even better.

Great Product at a Great Price!
by Taylor

My mother watches my son, who is 9 years old after school. She would complain a lot that she couldn't handle him because he is too hyper and she could not do activities with him because he could not stay focused, and he gets very silly at times. I bought this product because my son doesn't like to take pills and because these are candy-like. My mother noticed a huge improvement in his behavior. He can stay focused for a longer period of time. The price is excellent. Some ADD products are very expensive and don't perform as well as they should. I definitely recommend this to anyone!

My little brother didn't really change too much
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

My little brother suffers from acute ADD. He's been taking this for a month about as it was referred to us by a family friend. Usually we try to encourage him to read a paragraph from a children's book, but he could hardly finish halfway when taking this supplement. Previous supplements proved much more effective for my brother. Although he did absolutely love the flavor. I suppose it tastes like candy. This is a definite "results may vary" product. I wouldn't buy this again.

My son
by aileen zhang

This is my absolute all-time favorite DVD by the Yummi Bears. Both my daughters have truly enjoyed this particular presentation. My 5-year old watched this one since she was a toddler on video, so I had to get the DVD version for my 1-year old for Christmas. This is a must have for road trips!!! If you aren't sure about the Yummi Bears, give this one a try before making a final decision. Your kids will love this one!

A big help!
by Steve Michaels

I picked this up for my son not expecting much but boy was I surprised. We had a parent-teacher conference a week ago and my son has been paying attention more and he's much, much calmer at home.

Good non-prescription ADD help
by Jaime

Although not as strong or effective as prescription ADD/ADHD medications, these bears do help children with mild to moderate ADD/ADHD. The taste is pleasant enough so that even very young children will not balk at taking them, which is an improvement over most traditional medications, but they will not be effective in all cases or in all situations.

by Annie

My two kids have ADHD and this is a great way to keep them kids focused. They have been less hyperactive since taking this. The kids are more eager to take them because they're gummy bears and making it easier on me.

Give them a try!
by Kyle

After trying other ADD/ADHD products, I decided to give this a try for my son, mainly because I had heard others who had good results and because I believed they would be easier for those opposed to taking a pill. He loves them and doesn't even know what he is taking them for.

Yummi Bears
by carolyn

I think this is a pretty good item. I gave them to my little cousin, who has ADD, and he liked it alot. He loved the taste and it really helped him alot. He seems to understand things better than before.

Kids will eat them!
by sarai

Like most moms, I worry about my kids getting proper nutrition, especially when I have one who won't eat any vegetables and one who won't eat much of anything. My pediatrician suggested a multi-vitamin just to be on the safe side with my super-picky daughter, and I was on the hunt for a multi-vitamin that would be sympatico with my daughter's gluten-free, casein-free diet and my two-year-old's food allergies. Other parents on a special diets mailing list suggested Yummi Bears Multi-Vitamin & Mineral and I was introduced to an entire line of products that has become a lifesaver for us.

Little kids seem to love these
by Donia

My little cousins seem to love these and they really do seem to work. I am amazed because these children, oh my my my.... you catch my drift but when it comes to this product they take them willingly and they seem to help.
I am now going to try them for my own son based on what I have seen in them.

Yummi Bears Child Bright
by Christy R.

We wanted to avoid prescription ADHD drugs so we decided to try some natural remedies before going that route. These do make a noticeable difference- she's much calmer now and less hyperactive. However, they are not as effective as the prescription ADHD drugs and when real concentration is required- like if there is a test in school or its very important that she sit still and concentrate for a long period of time- they may not be effective enough to fully do the job. They are a good alternative for a mildly hyperactive child or when serious concentration for long periods of time isn't required.

Takes the hassle off
by christiana

Getting my kid to take other pills is like a fight but when it comes to Yummi Bears, he does not hesitate. It has a nice taste and it is easy to take. I highly recommend it.

by Destny

This product is simply ASTOUNDING! I am absolutely CRAZY for this product! My children often complain about "how hard it is to swallow" or the infamous "it tastes funny" but with this product I get none of that! It's just a tad pricey, but definitely worth the buy! Two thumbs WAAAAY up!

Great product
by sandra

I have a hyperactive son how has problems with concentration. I have given him these for about 1 month now and can really see a difference. He seems to be more alert and has a longer attention span. I can truly recommend this product.

A super product
by sandy

The kids really look forward to taking these and I feel good about giving these to them.

The only problem is, they want to eat them like candy! So I have to keep finding new hiding places for them.

What a great product
by Kathy

I hated the idea of having to give my son a chemical solution to his ADD. A friend told me how she had switched to Yummi Bears child Bright and how good it worked for her son. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I weaned my son off his prescription drug and gave him these. It seems to control his behavior very well. Plus he is not embarrassed at having to take pills anymore. This is just like taking a vitamin and as a result his self esteems seems to have been boosted.

Super Product
by Jaime

This is a great product. It is so easy to get my kids to take this. Other things out there are just to hard to swallow. The bears are in bright colors and my kids do not compain at all when it's time to take the Yummi Bears.

Great Product
by Jeff

Yummi Bears Child Bright is a great product. My kids love the taste and it is not hard at all to get them to take this.

no more fights
by Carol Stigger

Getting Brian to take his pills before pre-school was a struggle. Now he considers his Yummi Bear the best part of his breakfast. We both leave for the day with a smile.

Yummi Bears
by Lori Strehle

I already like Yummi Bear vitamins, so it was easy to purchase their Bright Child Bears. I really believe that nutrition plays a huge role in the brain development of children, so I do everything I can to supplement my kids diet.

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