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Suspect tablet potency variance
by khrys1119

We started my now-almost-5 yr old son on Bright Spark and Focus Formula by Native Remedies after he was diagnosed with ADHD Hyperactive type. His behavior problems were severe and he was unable to sit still or focus and had aggressive behaviors. Initially the combination seemed to help with the overt aggression, but with careful charting I began to realize that the Focus Formula was making him more silly and prone to spinning and other sensory seeking behaviors. We also saw tremendous variability in his behaviors from day to day with no other changes including careful tracking of diet. We decided to stop to Focus Formula and we saw immediate improvement in the silliness. We continued on the BrightSpark for a total of 8 months before we decided to stop it and see how things went. Upon stopping the BrightSpark my son was immediately a happier, less angry child. His hyperactivity was worse, but he was far less grumpy and prone to agitation/anger.

Over all, I would say it may help some children to some degree, but was definitely not the answer for us.

BrightSpark is worth it.
by MommyMora

I tried this product for my 7 year old son. I bought one bottle, followed directions and was unable to order more before we ran out. This is when I knew this product worked. My calm son who had no longer been spastic and all over the place, was now gone and his counterpart was back. Before this product, his teacher was emailing me I felt almost daily. Sending home extra work and making me feel my son was going to be repeating the first grade. She was telling me to take him to the doctors and speak to them about his behavior. I was terrified, there is no way I would put him on any pharmaceutical medicines. Not at 6 or 7 and not at 12, not ever! I have since ordered more and plan on continuing before we run out this time. I also use the Focus Formula with him. Just a couple of drops in his drink. I am looking into more products to improve my health as well.

Horrible shipping and service
by Fiona

When I placed an order recently I decided to buy two bottles with a third free from the company. I did not receive a confirmation and despite several phone calls it was not sent.

I have now received two different shipments, each with one bottle and the company is refusing to send the third (free) bottle.

My child has been taking the product now for two weeks and no change is apparent, however my issue is that even if the product does work the company is very unreliable.

A Happy Father
by Chris Williams

BirghtSPark (and Focus Formula) from Native Remedies has been a wonderful product for our family. My kids have used this for 6 years, with great improvement in their grades and behavior, and they have made friends they never would have. These two products are definitly worth a try for any parent whose kids have behavior or learning problems.

by Mommabear

I gave this one to my daughter and didn't see a difference so now I am trying something else.

Love it!!
by speechteach

My son is 5 and was diagnosed ADHD. Tried traditional meds with no success! He has been taking Brightspark and Focus formula for 5 weeks!! What a difference!! He is more relaxed and focused. He is still slightly impulsive but nothing like he was! Love it!!!!

Product works but..
by Viral D

I have been using this product for my 8 yr old and I started noticing results specifically with fidgeting. It is not helping much in concentration and focus. I have been using FOCUS medicine from the same company in addition to.

not so sure
by Anonymous

We've been using for almost 4 weeks and haven't noticed much change in our child. I find it hard to give him on an empty stomach, the child is always snacking so i'm not sure if that decreases it's effectiveness. We purchased hoping it would just help him slow down enough to focus. He has a tendancy to skip around a page while reading and miss words and fidget while he is concentrating. We are still noticing these symptoms.

a very good product
by sumathi

The bright spark tablets really worked better on my neighbour’s daughter. Before she takes these tablets she was not very good at her studies due to lack of concentration and low memory power, but now since she has started to take the bright spark tablets for 2 months, now we both noticed that she can learn better and she is more interested in her studies which she used to refuse before. This product really works very well.

Works great
by Michael Xiong

My younger brother has been diagnosed with ADHD for the past year, and I can say with full confidence that this product works wonders. Before taking this product, his grades were very low, and he would not study or do any homework. After BrightSpark, however, I have noticed an amazing improvement in his grades and attention span. He is no longer absurdly hyper and now actually listens to the advice that I give him. Overall a great product.

Unwired child
by jennifer

This product was a miracle. My son was so hyperactive and uncontrolable. This product generated awesome results, and was a life-send. He is so much calmer now using BrightSpark. Now if they could only lower the price some I would love it even more.

This product WORKS!
by Courtney H

My son was diagnosed with ADHD in the 2nd grade. We looked for an alternative to the meds doctors use to drug and calm kids. We tried BrightSpark on him. The results are amazing. We love this medicine and have several friends who have also put their children on it from seeing the improvement in our child.

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Bright Spark
by missynall

My neighbor is an occupational therapist and SWEARS by this product. Her main clients are autistic or severe ADHD or ADD. I know one other neighbor's son that is her patient and the change in him down by our pool is amazing. That child's mom is very careful about what he heats or consumes and I feel confident she would not give this to him if she wasn't sure it was safe.