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A Happy Father
by Chris Williams

IMy kids have used Focus Formula (and BrightSpark) for 6 years now for their contentration and learning issues. They have been really effective for them. Their school grades are way up, behavior is so different and they have made friends that they would never have made before. It is definitely worth a try!

Just caffeine and ginseng
by S in Texas

Look up the ingredients. This is nothing special. I found it to me no more effective that a cup of coffee and ginseng pill.

good for kids with ADD
by Antony Copland

My little brother is diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD). Sometimes, it is hard for him to stay focused on his homework or schoolwork, as he'd rather be playing video games, or outside with his brothers. After I bought this product for him, he began to settle down and do his homework, and his grades have actually improved since then. He has been using the product for 4 months,and we've all noticed a change in the little guy. I recommend this to parents with ADD diagnosed children...

by Sandy

I started on this product after having trouble with concentration from another side effect of a daily medication that I was on. It seemed to help me focus more and remember things better.

Great help
by Natalia

I started taking it in grad school. Although I've never been diagnosed with ADD, I had a hard time concentrating and finishing my readings for each class every week. This product works great, and it certainly beats taking Adderall or any other prescription drug. My life became much easier.

Helps with adult ADD's inability to concentrate
by Jenny

My older son is 33 and has adult ADD, with no hyperactivity. He has some problems with becoming easily bored and distracted and takes this product regularly and seems to feel it helps a great deal with many of the symptoms of his disorder, such as his lack of concentration and short attention span. He has a genius level IQ, yet has many annoying habits such as walking out of a room in the middle of a conversation, reading during work or even during social activities, and inability to complete a mundane task without becoming bored or irritable. Since starting the product he seems much more focused and has more patience and sticks to a project or hobby until completed. He believes this helps him live a more normal live without the constant battle of his mind hopping from subject to subject like a runaway train, as he calls it. Myself, I can tell a difference in him and also like that the product is not just another prescription chemical crutch that merely masks symtoms and does not really treat the problem itself. His says his memory is better for fine details since taking the supplement and that his performance at work in an IT position is much better.

Focus is Right On
by Kimba Wiggins

Wonderful product! I started using this stuff last year, when I was going to college. I had a hard time concentrating, so I decided to take this stuff. It kept me focused, and I was able to do my work without my thoughts flying all over. This accomplished what Ritalin and Adderall could not.

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