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It as the answer to prayer for me!
by Jackie

My son really is a wonderful child. A three years old in daycare the teacher would tell me how much she loved him but he would just disrupt the class bouncing off the walls. Never mean or violent just constantly moving. Even when he was doing his work he wouldn't sit in his seat. One of my family member told me about Calm Child and also warn me I needed to chage his diet and had more exercise. I did just that. We cut out surgar, wheat, and products that had red die in it. I also sign him up for scooter ball at the YMCA. I noticed a difference with in about a week. My son is now in high school with all A's. But he now takes Calm Forte and Omega 3.

It works
by Pearl Lee

The school said he was adhd or add finally gave in first Concerta, the Concerta made him act out violently which he never did before, he got kicked out of that school sent to behavioral classroom, so I thought I would give drugs another try, desparate to get him back into mainstream, gave him Adderal that didn't work elevated his emotions and would cry and act out, finally went to an herbal store and found this, works great. By the way don't let the school system convince you he has something that he doesn't. He only is borderline asperger just because they can't put any other label on him. He doesn't act out anymore than any other 11 year old.

Restlessness and more hypher
by Neda

Glad I saw Christina's post because we've heard nothing but good things about "Calm Child" but unfortunately it had the opposite affect on our child too. We used the drops (he's 3) but within two days he was acting out, throwing tantrums and completely restless when he's never had sleep issues at night. This is the second time he's reacted this way. We recall that we tried it 6 months ago and thought he was acting strange so decided to stop in case he was just too young. This time the symptoms were stronger so we've given up on the product all together. Perhaps we'll try Sea Buddies in a few weeks...

had wrong affect
by Christina

We tried this with my son who was 9 he has always been confident which is great but he is also hyper, lacks of focus & concentration, and does things on impulse, While on this he became very emotional scared and withdrawn. my child who always had no fear and was very confident never shy or emabarrassed or worried about anything, became scared of everything, scared to talk, play or leave my side he was crying over everything. Even they idea of visiting with his friends or family he was affraid of messing up and getting rejected. I would rather him be hyper and confident then give him a pill that is supposed to calm him but instead makes him withdrawn, no self esteem, scared and crying all the time. I imagine it is a good product he just didn't react well with it. Since then we have tried Sea buddies focus and concentration formula and that has made an improvement that us parents, the grandparents, Dr's, & teachers have been impresses with he was making F becaused he didn't listen care or try now on Sea Buddies he makes A's & B's. We have recomended it to so many people who have bragged to us about his improvement and have asked us to tell us our secret so they can try it with their loved ones. Even our Dr wanted to give it a try. He has been on Sea Buddies for 4 years now. I would highly recomend Sea Buddies.

Works Wonders!!!
by destinydriven

Calm child has been great for my children. I began with my 10 year old son as a supplement with a prescription. I didnt want to increase his meds or change it so i searched for an all natural tablet. He has been able to focus better and even calms the negative behaviors noticed by his teachers.
I then began with ny 12 year old daughter who needed help with focusing. She has been able to complete assingments and better grasp all of the 6th grade tasks. The teachers have noticed a dramatic change in grades and behavior. I definately recommend it to friends and family who are experiencing similar episodes with their children.

This really works!
by Ashley

My cousin has a son with ADD/ADHD and she gives Calm child to him instead of the Atrall the doc gave her because it mad him zined out and this mad a total differance, So I gave it to my 5 year old because i dont like the idea of drugs I like all natural stuff and I am have a proble out of him every now and then but I mean what kid dont get out of line? But some times I wonder is that my son. I can finally get my house clean without haveing to clean the same room 4 or 5 times a day and he helps!! Thanks for find something all natural.

by Jon Brandt

I an adult took this as an alternative and I really see that it works its fast acting. I was tired of perscription's I need somthing with no side affect's no pain in the butt. just go to vitamin store then there you go. I love it

WE use only at night
by Val

I determined we would only use this with my six year old son in the evening before bed. I used the tablets (two) which I crushed into powder and mixed with chocolate pudding. We tried several different ways (juice, etc.) before we found something that tasted good enough to make sure they were ingested. These worked great for calming him in the evening and he began sleeping throughout the night. He woke rested and in a much better mood. His teachers noticed the difference in his concentration after two days! I am very satisfied with the results and will continue to use this product!

opposite effect on my son
by Catalina

Unfortunately I've had no luck with this product. After the first try, my son was out of control, and he became very aggressive. Please use with caution.

caitlin's mom
by Love it!

Have started my 4 year old on the liquid form of this medicine and have seen an unbelievable difference in her behavior in less than 2 weeks! She's much more relaxed and is able to sit still in preschool. She's gotten rave reviews from her teachers and grandmother who were certain she was started on something heavy duty. Would highly recommed giving this a try!

I love it....Thank You
by Tina

I love this product. I myself would never put my son on any prescription medicine, and before I would watch the sugar content and no soda (for sure), and since I found this product years ago, I have not used anything else. He seems much happier and calmer and does not cry over things that don't matter and can focus better. He is already off the charts with academics, but this allows people to get to know him bettter without getting the rotten attitude he sometimes would get. I also found out he was allergic to peanut butter (peanuts) and that made a difference. I would suggest that you pay attention to the foods your child is eating and take high sugars and sodas and processed foods out of their diet as much as you can and try this product. I like it and I don't notice any side effects. I sometimes take a break from it and then go back on it, but I was just beside myself some days. I love my son so much and wanted everyone else to get to know the real him....hope this helps someone.

Caution - Had opposite effect on my son
by Sona

Users should take caution on administering this medication to their hyperactive kids. My son is way too hyper and active, I did not want to put him on any chemicals and drug him so i tried this. Every time I gave the Calm Child medicine liquid form before or after food, My son would go bizzare and eratic and uncontrollable. I have done a lot of research on food and supplement and herbs that can help calm hyperactive kids that's why i trusted and tried this product - the ingredients are great- but they have the opposite effect on my son. Use caution before trying this on your kid. It may work for some but may not work for some.

It works!!!
by Mindi

We started our 6yr old daughter on Calm Child after meeting with her teacher 4 weeks into 1st grade. They wanted us to put her back in kindergarten because they did not feel that she had the "basics" for 1st grade. She was not able to concentrate in class and was always distracted and needed individual attention to start her assignments. She was not able to complete her assignments with the rest of the class. We gave her the Calm child (liquid form) and the same day got the first ever note home from school that she had a great day. At our next meeting at school they were sure we had put her on medication because she was doing so well in class. She is now able to sit quitely and listen to instructions and complete her work. They no longer thought she should be put back in kindergarten. She has no side effects and we are so thrilled with the results! She has been on it for about 3 weeks and we had heard that good results can take up to a month, but she had a major improvement right away. We give her 1/4th tablespoon, 2 times a day. We were concerned about the effects of medication like ritalin, which can increase anxiety in a child. We will continue to give her calm child and could not be more happy with the results.

Could Tell A Difference
by Cathie

I bought some of this for my then seven year old grandson. He had been tested and was border line ADD/ADHD. He would get into trouble every day for squirming and being way too active. We do not want to use prescribed medications. We could tell a difference in how he would act.

relaxed my cousin
by Ricardo Gutierrez

A natural product was the only alternative that I suggested to my aunt. I have read of the many dangers of prescription drugs, and decided that Calm Child may be a good and cheap alternative to prescription Ritalin that they wanted to give her child!!! The child seems more relaxed now, and I am able to actually sit down and almost every time help him work on his homework. Prior to taking Calm Child he was bouncing off the walls.

Didn't work for us
by Jaime

Of the many non-prescription ADD/ADHD medications we've tried, this one was the worst. It's impossible to get kids to take it immediately after meals, and even when taken properly, it had no effect. The herbs seem to be safe and natural, but they don't work as advertised.

Not 4 my son
by janet

I feel this product is not that good. It may work on kids who do not have a terrible problem with ADHD, but remember to give this product to a child before they eat to have the right effect. I tried it both ways, before and after eating. It has good ingredients, but not enough for my kids. I plan to try something else when my youngest turns 4.

Didn't work well
by Kristina Richardson

My son struggled with hyper activity forever. We have tried so many things and this was one of the medications due to the ingredient list that I decided to try. It didn't make a bit of difference to my son. We just didn't have luck with it at all.

It Really Works
by Jeff

This is really a great product and it really does work. It is full of many different herbs and many nutrients. We noticed it started to work pretty quickly and seems very safe to use.

Work For A Friend
by Kenna McHugh

I spoke to a friend who told be she used it on her son -- you know how boys can get -- and it worked. She was quite relieved. People are too quick to look for a snappy cure when they must realize that they have an active child.

Great ingredients but....
by April Smith

I tried this product with my son. I can't say that it really helped him. The ingredient list is really good, with herbs that are thought to have a calming effect on someone, but I can't say that it worked for him. It might be the dosage, but I didn't see any results with this product.

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