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Tylers Mom
by Hilary

We absolutely could tell a difference when we used this with our son. He is ADDInattentive. This is only half of the puzzle, though. I changed his diet to exclude colors, preservatives, and artificial flavors. This was a tough change, but well worth the effort!! It tastes a little like watery orange juice, but there are worse tasting supplements out there. It is one of the best options out there as far as I'm concerned. We keep getting comments on how well our son is doing now(he's been on it a month). I would recommend this liquid over the "Attend" capsules--they take too long to absorb, and don't see the results fast enough, so in typical ADD fashion, he forgets to take them:)

Perfect for My Daughter
by Mom

Looking for a natural way to calm my daughter's tics down, I came across Focus Formula. It had the combo of vitamins I was looking for. She takes it every day and loves it!

Big difference
by Jill Kook

Like others have said, this is a great product for young children. I have two that use it religiously and I can tell a difference when they don't.

32 oz bottle by Vitabase
  • Provides nutrients to support brain function and concentration
  • May help individuals with ADD or ADHD
  • Both adults and children can benefit
  • Easy to take liquid formula
Mom of four
by Ashley

Our oldest son is 7 and in the second grade. We have had a rough year with him in school, ranging from not focusing, unable to sit still, not doing work, nonrespectful, I mean the list can go on and on. We refuse to put him on an drug. I have done a lot of research on vitamins, bought books, and tried new diets, nothing was working. I was to the point of home schoolong him, to get him away from this (what seemed to me) very negative school. I ordered this Focus Formula last week. It got here on Tuesday. I gave it to him that night, then again on Wednesday, and on Thursday. Thursday when he came home from school, he had a note saying he had a WONDERFUL day and that he was focused, calm, resepectful, and got a lot of work done. I had tears. I'm so happy we have finally found something that works for him. I mix it with some juice (like the label says) and he drinks it ok. But he really doesn't like the taste that much, he is a very picky boy, though.

dental asst.
by catina howard

my nephew uses this product. O my god it work's very well for him.

by roy

I just bought this product a couple of days ago. I mix it with a glass of water. As soon as I took it, I felt a calm, relaxed, focused feeling which was really overwhelming. So I'll give it a big thumbs up. I'm 20 years old, and I am taking this product for concentration. It also works for other things like depression.

Bad taste, but it works!
by Deedee

My son's neurologist had recommended Ritalin for his hyperactivity, but I refused and did research to find a natural alternative. I started giving him 1 teaspoon of fish oil every day, and after a couple months I noticed that it was making a difference. It took the edge off his personality. Last week I started Vitabase Focus Formula, and his behavior and moods have improved considerably. The only bad thing about the product is the taste. I have to dilute it with water and sweeten it with sugar for him to drink it. I have also been practicing behavior modification, following the Kazdin Method, which really helps too. I'm writing this, because I want parents to know that there are natural, safe, and effective alternatives to Ritalin.

Good Product
by Beth Miller

I was skeptical but willing to try anything to help with my hyperactive 4 year old. It does help quite a bit, and I noticed that about 2 weeks after we ran out, the whining, tantrums, constant talking and inability to focus came back. I use this in conjunction with the Feingold diet and omega supplements which I highly recommend. I also checked this product with my Pediatrician who says it is safe and contains many beneficial ingredients. It is a little pricey, but since it is beneficial, I will keep buying it. The taste is good too.

Excellent value
by Gina T.

Yes, the price is high, but I really like this product. It tastes good without being loaded with sugar and it is really good for focusing children. My children are much more docile now.

by Jean Underwood

Great taste, it is the only liquid supplement my children will take. It seems to really work too.

Pleasantly surprised
by Martha F.

My house is normally a mad house (I have four children). I have been looking for a natural alternative to drugs for their hyper active ways, and decided to give this a try. As others have mentioned, it works incredibly well. I am a big fan of this product and also their other product for adults, Vitacomplete.

Good but expensive
by John Seeley

My kids love the taste and it does work but the cost is just a bit more than I can afford.

Really something else
by Lisa Horn

My children are high maintenance. My teachers have been talking to me about it and I have avoided medicine. This Vitabase product is expensive, but since it also replaces their vitamins, I thought I would try it. I have seen a HUGE difference and so have their teachers. My kids will be on this for a long time.

Too expensive
by Jake Tess

I tried it for a while but my pocketbook just did not handle it. The kids did like the taste though.

Extremely effective
by Jean Way

Call me a skeptic but I really did not expect this to calm down my kids. I was wrong and I am glad to have found this.

by Marsha Keller

I am a big fan of this product. It is really a combination of a multi and ADD product just for kids. It works extremely well and is worth the cost.

Great product
by Mary S.

This product is a comprehensive multi-vitamin as well as a product to focus children's brains. I have been pulling my hair out for years but recently was told about this product. I have seen great results in my two boys (age 5 and 8) and even their teachers have commented about it.

by Brian

My youngest son has what’s been diagnosed as a mild form of ADD, and since we’re against unnecessary use of prescribed drugs, instead of sitting back and doing nothing we went looking for a more holistic solution and found Children’s Attention, which contains a long list of vitamins and minerals especially designed to battle this problem. We feel it's working. It can blend into practically any drink without detection, but most often we put it into fruit smoothies.

May bring a solution to kids or adults with ADD
by Noah H.

My Dad and step mom's adopted son who just turned 15 has been taking this Vitabase product for a few months now to help treat his ADHD. Dad says his grades have improved in most areas, his hyper bouts lessened, and his concentration is much better since starting the product. He had a lot of anger issues previously, with explosive temper tantrums and profanity, sometimes violent explosive tirades, most likely due to frustration. He seems to get along with his classmates a lot better, too, and is more in control of his emotions, both at home and when socializing. His former medication, Ritalin, caused a lot of side effects, and is known to be a drug prone to abuse, and his second run of Klonipine OS had drastic consequences, such as facial twitches, euphoric moods followed by depression, and continual bed wetting. My Dad and step mom decided to try a more nature based approach and this seems to be working, slowly but surely. The boy is now in accelerated learning classes, on the softball team, when before he had a lot of trouble following directions or paying attention in class and could not work within a group. Interesting and exciting product and might be worthy of consideration by other parents who have kids with ADDD or ADHD.

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by MotherKat

To help my grandson take supplements, I have found a trick to mix it with a tablespoonful of orange juice in a shot glass, then using an oral medication syringe, I pump the plunger a few times and that blends it very well– no problems!”