f North American Herb and Spice kid•e•kare Attention Drops Reviews and Information

kid•e•kare Attention Drops

• Supports children’s attention span and brain health.
• kid-e-kare Attention Drops are made with oils of wild bear root,
wild rosemary, wild lavender, wild sage, and wild oreganol.
• kid-e-kare Attention Drops support brain cell activity and nerve
cell strength to maintain a healthy nervous system.
Product: kid•e•kare Attention Drops
Brand: North American Herb and Spice (More Products)
Size: 1 fl oz
Dosage: 5 or more drops twice daily
Retail: $29.99
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2 Customer Reviews

Kid-E-Care (Calm?)
by Eric Forbes

So Kid-E-Care seems to look kind of kiddie? Yes, it does! I tried to use this on my 12 year old daughter and she has not changed a bit. She might have been a little more calm. But no significant changes in her ADD. I would suggest to try another ADD Herb Med instead!

Kid-E-Kare Attention Drops
by Stephanie

My husband's nephew has ADHD and his mom wanting to try something more natural than the standard ADHD medicine. She bought a bottle of these Kid-E-Kare Attention Drops. He does seem to be a little calmer and able to pay attention to things and people longer. However, I don't think the drops have had drastic results on him. The thing I like about them is he still seems like a normal energetic little boy, and not like he's medicated all the time like some kids I have seen on ADHD medicine. The drops are very easy to use, you just drop them in milk or juice or whatever you prefer, and that's it. No pill to swallow, which is nice as many children have trouble swallowing pills. My sister in law has found the best way for her son is to just mix a few drops in a teaspoon of jelly. These drops can also be applied topically if you prefer.