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must have product!
by Jessica Campshure

I gave my 2 month old this gripe water for her uncontrolable hiccups and it worked in seconds making us both Happy!

by Carrie

Thank you! Thank you! I give this to my son every night and he can finally sleep through the night again.

by jenniy french

I used this product with my son when he was an infant. It helped so much. He had trouble keeping formula down until I started using gripewater and it was a big ordeal.

mommy of a 21 month old
by Kayla Taylor

My baby girl would cry sometimes when she was little and this is the only thing that would help. She would cry for 30 minutes sometimes so we bought this and when she would start to cry like that I would give gripewater to her and she would stop right then sometimes I would recommend this product to everyone. I will use this product with our next child also LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

gripe water
by m.tezeno

My son was cranky, untill a friend of mine told me about gripe water. I went out and purchased it and the same day i noticed a difference. Whats good about the product is its all natural ingredients. Now this is all we use.

gripe water
by monique

My newborn at 2 weeks begin kicking and screaming in spells, I did not know what to do untill i researched gripe water. Others said it worked, so i deceided to try. Indeed it does and he is much better now.

Thank You!
by Bridget

My son has horrible gas ,due to medications thathe is on. Soem nights he could just not get comfortable. Gas relief drops were just not working! We tried Gripe water and he almost immediately relaxed. We give it to him every night before bed and it allows him relax and sleep! We are so thankful for this product!!!

my child
by my daughter

My little girl had colic real bad and my Dad bought this for her and it worked so well.

Gripe Water
by missynall

I don't know what we would have done without this product. We have a baby that fusses a good part of the time. My Canadian g'mother told me about this and I was thrilled to find it. That horrible "bewitching hour" is no longer something to dread. We recommend this to all new mommies and daddies!

by Montana

This Product is Amazing!!! It is the #1 product that is a MUST HAVE with infants.. My 1st child was very colic. I tried everything gas drops everything nothing would work. A friend told me about baby bliss gripe water but it was hard to find in my town only 1 place carried it. I bought it, and it worked instantly on her upset tummy. It even cures those painful hickups. After a while my daughter would see the bottle and would calm down knowing that relief was on the way. My 2nd child wasn't colic as much as my first but He had problems with projectile vomiting. This helped soo much that it decrease to just small amount of spit up. It even helps for morning sickness!!! I recommend this product to anyone whether you have children or pregnant. worth every penny!!!

Gripeless Baby
by A. Rush

All I can say is whoa. I was so skeptical of this product. I'd heard about it when I had my oldest two girls, but just did not believe in it enough to buy the product. The third child was the charm. She was so fussy that I was ready to try this product. Oh how glad I am that I did. A wonderful product!!!!!

So wonderful!!
by william

Gripe water worked very well for my two year old daughter. My daughter has the indigestion/colic problem since six months. Gripe water works very quick and it gives relief instantly. I would say this is a nice medicine to treat colic and gas problems.

by melissa

I used this product with my daughter and I love it. It is so helpful with her gas. I wish I had known about this product when my son was a baby. My daughter was fussy and gassy a lot. This product was recommended to me by a friend and I must say it really works. I tell all my friends about it because a gassy baby can be a real nightmare. I have no problems with her, now, and I am so thankful for a product that actually works!

This product is a life saver!
by Shannon

My husband and I gave this to our now 10 month old son at every bottle feeding for the first seven months. We started giving him a teaspoon of Gripewater mixed in with his formula at the recommendation of our pediatrician to relieve constipation and gas. It started working immediately and was much more effective than other over the counter gas drops. It was so easy to just drop a teaspoon into the bottle and he never knew he was taking it. This is an excellent product for a fussy baby.

Great product for soothing a fussy baby
by JulieMac_29

We tried this as a natural alternative to soothing our gassy baby. It's filled with natural ingredients known for their soothing qualities, including fennel for easing gas pains and ginger for soothing upset tummies. You really only need to use a few drops to see a huge difference, which also makes it a great value! Along with a couple other natural baby products, this one makes its way into every baby shower gift I give. It's a real winner!

its good for stomach pain
by nivi

Gripe water is very good for babies when they are having stomach pains. We can give this gripe water daily for easy digestion. It has herbs in it and there is no alcohol. So it wont' cause any side effects. Gripe water is a branded product. People have used this medicine for several years.

Works well
by beckngar

I only used this with my second child, and it worked better than the simethicone drops, which seem to lose effect after a while. This worked every time.

Great Product
by Trudi Konzem

I used to use this all the time with my oldest son when we lived in England. It was a great product and provided great relief for my son during his early years. It really helped with burping which I would do for ages and he wouldn't part with anything. Could not have coped with out this.
I couldn't find it in America to use with my second son, so guessed it was only available in the UK. Wish I had kept looking now.

Perfect choice
by smitha

My baby had constant complaints of gas when she was born. I wasn't keen on giving any medicines. That's when I came across this product. The moment I gave her this, she just stopped crying and she would give out a loud burp. This product was my savior especially for a new mom like me.

Baby's Bliss Gripe Water
by Ashley

My grandmother gave us Baby's Bliss Gripe Water when my son was born. We would use it throughout the day after nursing when he was not able to burp, and it seemed to relieve his gas pains instantly. We also loved to use it in the middle of the night when he would pull his legs up to his stomach and cry. He would often fall right back asleep after we gave him the drops. Baby's Bliss Gripe Water was a midnight life saver on many occasions at our house!

Worked for a fussy baby
by Marna S

I tried many different products for both of my babies when they had gas and/or stomach upset. This is the only product that worked well for us. It was difficult to find but worth the effort. The only problem was when your child gets bigger, the amount needed is a lot. The taste did not bother either of them and seemed very mild.

Finally, something that works!
by stacy

I stumbled upon this product completely by accident and out of desperation. My little suffers from terrible gas issues, and I had tried everything from over the counter remedies to concoctions recommended by the doctor. Gripe water has been a fantastic find! If he's having a bad day, I mix into his formula as needed- the majority of time, he is relieved of his tummy pains and we can both relax! It's heartbreaking watching your infant suffer and cry, so this product is a lifesaver!

by Beth

Gripewater is the best product to hit the market for infants! My little one, since she was born, has serious battles with the hiccups. She deals with them at least 5-6 times a day! Gripewater is the only product that cures her hiccups (they can get so bad that it sounds like she is going to throw up. It's horrible)! And what is even better, my daughter Emma loves the taste. She sucks it right out of the dropper!

This stuff is wonderful!
by KimP

Again, this is another one of those things that friends had told me to get to give to my boys and I didn't feel very good about giving it to them. I finally decided to give it a try because one of my dear friends bought some for me and made me take it home. It worked wonders! My first son was always screaming, not crying, screaming! This really helped him calm down and got rid of those gas pains. I would give him some of this and rub his tummy for awhile until he was happy and smiling. I did have a hard time with the taste but, it was worth it!

This worked so well
by ljmc

My cousin gave me some of this one day when my child was crying with gas. I had been trying to use the drops and they just were not working. I was so impressed. It is not really expensive especially if you compare the amount you get to the small bottle of drops. I am one of those that tastes everything before I give it to my child and the one we had tasted like licorice and my daughter loved it. I would use this over the expensive drops any day.

Works instantly
by SP

Gripe water worked very well for my two year old daughter. My daughter has the indigestion/colic problem since six months. Gripe water works very quick and it gives relief instantly. I would say this is a nice medicine to treat colic and gas problems.

So Wonderful!
by Jen W.

9 times out of 10, this would help my son's gas almost instantly. We found out about this from friends even before our son was born, and gave it to him from about 4 weeks on. You can even put it in their formula or expressed breast milk. He was such an easy baby and I think this product had a lot to do with that.

Baby's Bliss Gripe Water
by HS

My son had a lot of stomach problems when he was first born until he was about 6 months old. Our Doctor gave us two sample bottles of Gripe Water, and the first does helped right away. It helped calm his stomach with the natural ginger. This works great for upset stomaches.

For mild colic
by Alle G.

I got this product as a last resort for my daughter's colic, or what I thought was colic. She seemed worse after taking it, most likely because she has a sensory disorder and not colic! However, I tried this with my son, who had food allergies and reflux as a baby and it did help a little bit with the stomach discomfort. The only precaution I would give is that what might seem like colic can hide things like GERD and food allergies. So while it did help with my son's stomachaches, what he really needed was medical help and avoidance of his allergies. So I would say this is a good product for mild colic, but if you find yourself using it day after day, seek medical care for any underlying conditions.

Finally! An Organic Answer to Colic
by Kathy

I was visiting my niece a couple of weeks ago to see her new daughter. I went into the kitchen to get a drink of water and noticed a bottle sitting next to her baby formula marked GripeWater. I just had to chuckle and asked her if it was for her or her husband. She just smiled and told me it was for the baby's colic and that her doctor had recommended it. Her baby had crying jags when nothing seemed to soothe her. She said it worked and that it was safe and natural. I was amazed at this product as I don't know a whole lot of doctors that will recommend natural products. They are always fast on the draw to grab that prescription pad. My niece swears by it and says she likes that it contains ginger which has long been known to aid in digestion. I thought about maybe buying a bottle for my husband to see if it made him less cranky!!!

Funny name , good product
by Stephanie

I use GripeWater for my son when he gets fussy due to gas. I just give him 5ml straight from the dropper, and it only takes a few minutes before it starts working. My son likes the taste (especially the apple flavored) so I don't worry about him spitting it out, but if your baby is a spitter, you can just add it to their bottle. The little dropper bottle is very convenient to take with you on the go, just toss it in the diaper bag , no refrigeration needed. My son mainly gets gas and stomach pain when he is in his car seat for long periods of time while we are traveling, or when he is being held to much by admiring relatives. I just go ahead and give him a little Gripe Water before we get in the car, that way it helps before the problem even starts.

Great for babies.
by ambreen

Gripe Water should be a staple in any house that has a little baby! I have used this stuff on numerous occassions and it has always worked. When you feel your baby is getting colicky or is having any gas related pain, give them a little bit of this gripe water and you will see your baby relax within a short period of time!
This stuff is great and is great for your baby too. Its made with all organic ingredients so you don't have to worry about exposing your young baby to too many medications.

Great for Gas!
by Shannon

My son had horrible gas as an infant. He was constantly upset, and it appeared that his stomach was always swollen from the gas. GripeWater is wonderful. It is an instant cure and when given, he seemed to improve in a matter of minutes. We gave it to him by dropper and I was impressed by how easily it worked. It helped him sleep. I love natural remedies, so this is wonderful. This is a great product for gassy babies!

Gripe water helps colic
by Debb

My oldest daughter had bad colic for 4 months. Finally I tried gripe water and it worked somewhat well. She calmed down for the most part until she grew out of the stage. I have recommended it to others with babies with colic.

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gripe water
by sri

My baby girl would cry sometimes when she was little and this is the only thing that would help. sometimes I would recommend this product to everyone.

Gripe Water w/o alcohol
by T

My Dr told me not to use the gripe water. I had heard that Baby Bliss brand contains alcohol, and you need to read the fine print to see what in all in it. So I use the Wellements Grip Water. It is 100% Organic and everything it contains is safe for my baby. It works well for instant (5-15min) relief. But it doesn't last, so I needto use it a few times a day. My baby does well taking from a syringe.....if your baby chokes put it into a bottle. But it does help.