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From "Please see a Doctor" to "Role model student"
by Leona Poehler

I gave this along with a greens, multi-vitamin, ginkgo biloba, and ginseng to my son years ago. He was in the 2nd grade for the 2nd time and the teacher was struggling with him in many ways. This teacher was the 3rd or 4th teacher that wanted him tested for ADHD, but the doctors would tell me he was just a very healthy active kid. I saw this paper (which I can't find) at the Health Food Store. It was all about the relation of ADD/ADHD and Asthma. It had the signs...and he had several of them things teachers and doctors wouldn't know about like bed wetting, anger fits with siblings, etc. This paper also had a recomendation of vitamins to take. So I went back to the Health Food Store that is where they introduced me to Sea Buddies. We had another conference with the same teacher about a month later. During that confernce the teacher referred to hm as a role model student. He has since out grown those issue and no longer take Sea Buddies but I still recomend it to my friends and family who's kids struggle all the time.

by Christina

We have tried Sea buddies focus and concentration formula and that has made an improvement that us parents, the grandparents, Dr's, & teachers have been impressed with he was making F's because he didn't listen care or try now on Sea Buddies he makes A's & B's. We have recomended it to so many people who have bragged to us about his improvement and have asked us to tell us our secret so they can try it with their loved ones. Even our Dr wanted to give it a try for someone in her family. He has been on Sea Buddies for 4 years now. I would highly recomend Sea Buddies. Although I do encourage parents to encourage & remind their children not to depend on a pill to just fix things for them that the also can do their best to focus and be their best. It takes self discipline which is hard but they will be impressed when the realize what they can do when they put their mind to it. My son takes the Sea buddies but he also knows that it is also up to him to pay attention and control his urges to get to wound up. I believe it takes the balance of both the pill & self disipline from the child & encouragement and occassional reminders from the the caregivers to do your best and pay attention you can do anything you put your mind to

Frustrated Mother
by Wendy

We have tried this with our 8 year old son, it was approx. 3 weeks until we saw a big change in his behavior and attention span. I did not tell anyone I was using this product until I knew what the results would be. Teachers notice a difference in my child and we can even tell when the dosage needs to be increased. I would recommend this product to any Mother apposed to the scarry drugs and their side effects. You do have to play with the dosage to see what works with your child. Everyone's focus issues are on a different level.

Can't focus better
by Victor

My godson is always jumping around and his father is always complaining that he can't focus and can't be controlled. After trying the product, there's no noticeable difference in his actions. His teachers haven't seen change either.

Totally different kid
by Mother of three

I have been using this product with my 6 year old for 3 months now. It took about a week for me to notice a difference, but he is a new kid now. He is so much happier and his teacher can't believe his change. I didn't tell her I was trying this product as I didn't expect it to work, but within a few weeks she said "I don't know what you are doing at home, but keep it up. He is a whole new kid." I don't know the science behind it and maybe it is a placebo effect, but all I know is there is a lot more peace in our home. FYI My 6 year old takes 3 caps with breakfast every morning. For a week we tried 2 and within a few days the bad behavior reports came home from school. It was a noticeable difference. I recommend trying it!

No difference in behavior
by Roxanne Ranelli

This did not work as a calming product for my children. Two out of my three have over amounts of energy and can't focus as well as their sibling. The price was a little costly for the effects it provided. In shear honesty, I did not see the calming effects this product is supposed to provide

Strange Effects
by Shannon

After a friend recommended it, my sister tried Sea Buddies Concentrate on my nephew as an alternative to medication for ADD. She found that it was useless. The first problem was that the dosage description on the bottle was hard to understand, so she had to guess as to how much to give. At the age of 4, we saw no difference in his attitude or behavior. Also, after taking the concentrate, he seemed a little gibberish and got odd bursts of energy. She gave him 2 weeks on it as a trial, and then stopped it right away. My two pieces of warning about Sea Buddies are to be careful of the side effects, and watch the dosages.

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