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work well but . . .
by Amy

I tried these vitamins with my daughter for about a year and I will say that I was pleased with them. I had read good reviews on this brand, plus I had heard of them for a long time so I decided to give them a try. She ate them with no reservations so I know she liked the taste. They seemed effective. But, with that being said, I have since switched to a less expensive brand and they seem to be about equal to the quality. So I will probably stick with the less expensive brand, but if price is not an object - these are great vitamins.

Great Tasting -- No Fussy Children here!
by Jane M.

I am an avid health nut and try to instill those values on to my three boys. Knowing children can be fussy about flavors and how they taste, I was so happy I found one that they all will take. They don't mind taking these, because they taste good and they are easy to take because they are chewable. Great product!

Nothing Better
by Trudi Konzem

My four boys have been regular users of these vitamins. They're extremely fussy and will only take chewables that taste good. There are not many products that meet their approval but this is one of them. Will keep on purchasing.

Great My little one Loves them!!
by dee

These vitamins were suggested by our family physician as an alternative to prescription ones. Our picky 5 year old loves them. We have tried other products but these seem to work for him the best and they meet the requirements of supplementation that he needs nutritionally. Highly Recommended!!

by Sarah

These kind of vitamins have been around since I was a little kid, and I remember how awful the taste of these were. I bought them once for my kids only because I was familiar with them, but will not buy them ever again. They have not changed one bit. They still have that strong sour taste and they are very chalky. My kids would put them in their mouths and then instantly spit them out and almost gag. I asked my daughter why she did not like them and she said they were too sour and tasted funny. I don't think I will buy them again. There are way to many other brands and types of vitamins out there now, such as the gum ball type of vitamins. I think kids are more likely to take those instead.

As Good As I Remember
by Melissa

I used to beg for these vitamins when I was a kid and now my kids beg for them. They love the fact that they are shaped like the different characters and everyone fights over "who gets Dino". I never have to worry about reminding the kids to take their vitamin, because THEY ask me for it every morning.

Dino Pals
by Michele Harper

These vitamins are the only ones my son will take. He loves the flavor and the shapes.I like the fact that they are natural and that I don't have to fight to get my son to take them.

Great Vitamins for Kids!
by Mel N

I found these vitamins months ago when searching for reasonably priced vitamins that I could get in bulk since we have 6 children. I came across Dino pals and the price was right as were their comparison to other brand vitamins.
My children said they taste good and are not gritty. I wouldn't go back to any other brand as these fit my family's needs completely!

Dino Pals Vitamins
by Patti Williams

My grandchildren all take Dino pals vitamins.They are one of the very few that all of them will take and actually enjoy.They have a very nice berry flavor(I had to try them) and cute dinosaur shapes.
They have all the vitamins,minerals, and enzymes a child needs, and they are naturally flavored with no preservatives.
Great product at a reasonable price.

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