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Calms Forte 4 Kids
by Debra Glass

I have an adopted daughter who has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. I didn't want to give her a prescription drug and searched for a more natural way to help her through her "episodes". Calms Forte for kids had worked everytime. Placebo, maybe, but along with therapy this has totally worked to help sooth, calm and help.

NOT a placebo!
by Phyllis

First let me say this product worked excellently on my 2 yr old. For those who say it is like giving ur kid a placebo .. that's hogwash! My 2 yr old had no idea why I was giving him these cute candies so how could it have worked to help him sleep if it wasn't good.
It safely calms .. end of story!

by Jennifer

Bedtime battles have ended for my 4 year old. Placebo or not, I do not care. It works! Worked the first night in under 30 minutes. For the first time in 7 months she was asleep before 11pm (after 3.5 hours of crying, screaming and fighting). We had a peaceful 7:30 bedtime as they should be, with stories, snuggles and peace. She is happy, rested and agreeable for the first time in months. Thankful to Hylands for giving me our well rested girl back!


Great for adults too
by Alice M.

I am a 29 year old woman, and I have occasional restlessness at night. Sometimes I will wake up and can't fall asleep again, or I have trouble unwinding from work.

I actually prefer the KIDS version of Calms Forte over the regular because the sublingual tabs seem to work MUCH faster than the regular formula. 20 minutes, and I am back asleep!

Absolutely works!
by Bethany

Since birth my 3 1/2 year old daughter has been hyperactive, highly emotional and unable to get past daily tantrums. We've tried many things, but this product has been the one thing that's brought her relief (and to us also). She has been using it for 5 days, and for the last 5 days, she's been
even-tempered, slept well, no tantrums and all around much happier. I love that this is without side-effects. I have spent years studying holistic medicine... this is a good/safe combination and highly effective. Our entire family is thankful for Calms Forte!

Calms over active kids
by Anna

This was over 20 years ago some one told me it was good for hyperactive kids, so I gave it to my son and they were right. It help him stay calmer so no more prescription medication for hyperactive.

Terrible side affects
by Aspen

This product not only didnt make my nephew sleep well, he woke up screaming like he was being hurt all through the night. I wouldn't reccommend this sleep aid for any age, especially children!!!

by Tara

My 5 year old daughter has had problems going to sleep since she was a baby. We would put her in bed and she would still be up 2-3 hours later. She has taken this the last few nights and it is a miracle!!! About 15 minutes after she lays down, she is out. It's great.

Love this product!
by Katy

I have a 4 yr old who often will scream while sleeping with night terrors,and then be restless sometimes all night.My mom found this product for me to try and I LOVE it.We used it consistently for about 2 weeks(each night before bed) and have not had to use it now for almost a week...I am happy with wha tit done for my daughter

Consistently calms my 5yo
by Darlynn

My 5 year old usually takes 1-2 hours to fall asleep. Doesn't matter what time I put him to bed. We don't know what it is.. fear, restless energy, anxiety, but it's frustrating to him to lay there for so long. The only thing I've found to work is Calms Forte. I've found he needs at least 5 doses, so I start it early (1 1/2 hours before bedtime) and am consistent in every 15 minutes. He falls asleep within 1/2 hour every time we use it!

I only wonder how safe it is to use on a consistent basis?

Worked WONDERS For Us
by Kelley

Our almost 5 year old Daughter had been sleeping on the floor in our bedroom for almost 6 months because she is a terrible sleeper and also fights going to sleep. I saw a magazine ad about Calms Forte 4 Kids and knew we needed it. The first night our bedtime drama went from 45 minutes to less than 5 and she was sound asleep in her own bed. We've been using it for 5 nights now and she's slept solid every night and now we all feel better!


My little ones do not like to sleep anywhere but their own beds, this is a problem when we go on vacation. I discovered this at the airport newsstand on vacatio and gave them a try. It worked like a charm both my kids slept well, they woke up to use the bathroom the first nite but did not freak out they just went back to bed after they used the bathroom. I always take this with me when I travel.

by Italia

I recommend this product is works great with my 2 year old daughter who has trouble falling asleep at night and wants to stay up until morning, this product helps her remain calm and helps her with not being fussy and irritated. I noticed she isn't crying and having tantrums before bedtime, the only bad thing is I have to give her up to 6 tablets to have it work.

Calms Forte 4 Kids
by racinesheryl

Honestly this is like giving ur kid a placebo. It doesn't do anything except make ur kid think that they are getting something to settle them down. I could do the same thing with a tic tac. lol

by elizabeth

I have wasted my money on all of this homeopathic garbage. My 2 yr old wasn't phased one bit with this actually made her more hyper! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Don't try the "Warm Milk" stuff either.

It works
by luvanimals04

My child has been taking a later nap then waking up about 2 hours before bedtime. So at bedtime he is wide awake and doesn't want to go to sleep. I was talking to one of my friends that has children a little older than my son and she told me to try Calms Forte4 Kids Sleep Aid. I tried it and instantly fell in love with it. He got a good nights sleep, and so did me and my husband.

excellent product
by Rosemarie

I first used Calms Forte 4 Kids Sleep Aid for my two year old daughter who kept waking up in the middle of the night. I was worried about giving her something to sleep but my friend said just give it a try. The first night when I gave it to my daughter she slept the whole night. And because of this medicine we were both well rested.


I trust Hyland products and having been using them for my daughter since she was an infant with colic. The Calms Forte 4 has been a tremendous asset to their product line. My daughter was born very prematurely and now receives physical and occupational therapies to increase her muscle strength. I use it when my daughter's muscles are too sore after a day of therapy for her to get a good night's rest. The product always performs as promised and does not leave her feeling tired in the morning.

Great for Chidren
by ydalia

I have used this product but for adults and they were very helpful, so I recommended Calms Forte 4 Kids to my sister when her daughter started to have trouble sleeping. They helped my niece sleep much better. My sister was happy that this product worked, and feels secure knowing that it is natural and safe for children.

Thank goodness!
by Laura

I love the Forte 4 Sleep Aid!! My kids have a lot of trouble sleeping some nights, particularly when their dad is out of town. We have had many nights where they wouldn't go to bed until 2 AM or where they would wake up around 1 AM and not go back to sleep. Now, we give Forte 4 when they are too keyed up to sleep, and it usually works within an hour at most. I feel better knowing that it's natural, not like Benadryl which the pediatrician recommended.

Great for Sleep!
by Jane M.

These are excellect pills, especially when you travel. My boys get thrown off their sleep schedule because we travel a lot. With these, I am able to get them to get their required sleep. Like these alot!

Perfect For My Son
by Trudi Konzem

I give these to my five year old to help him sleep at nights, he will often wake up crying from bad dreams.
I give him these for a few days and they seem to help him get into the habit of sleeping through the night again. Which of course makes Mom very happy.

Thank you from a Mommy
by dee

This children's sleep aide is wonderful. I am usually very against taking any pills of any kind especially for my 3 year old. This product has been a life saver as my child is very hyperactive and bedtime is usually a chore in our household. I would love to say a big Thank You to the maker of this product as it has helped me out immensely!

Not so calming
by Christina Jadwisiak

My 3 year old has a sleeping issue. He likes to stay up with mommy and daddy, and that means less sleep for us. So we got the calms forte and hoped it would get him to sleep sooner. Not so much. We used the max dosage we could, and it never worked. I don't recommend this product. It didn't work very well at all.

For a better night's sleep...
by Sara

I've used other products from Hyland's so I trust them- I was a little hesitant to give my child a "sleeping pill" but it is homeopathic, so it doesn't have any side effects. Calms Forte seems to work, but it seems to take a while to have effect. After two doses (15 min. apart as directed), my son finally calms down and falls asleep. I've noticed it seems to improve the overall quality of sleep (fewer night wakings). However I use it only occasionally when really needed, not as an every day remedy.

Thank You For Making This!
by KimP

This seems to go right along with the teething pills. My 2 year old isn't teething right now so I can't give him a teething pill which usually calms him down. Now I give him this and he gets relaxed enough to sleep. It really works wonders when he gets in those moods that he doesn't need to sleep at night.

Recommended by family
by L

My daughter has sleep issues at only 3. She just doesn't lay down very well. This works wonders, helps calm her down just enough to where she can relax and then we can comfortably get her to go to sleep without her fighting us or screaming cause she wants to stay up till midnight.

Sleep aid for children
by Stephanie

When my sister and her family moved into their new house, my nephew started having frequent nightmare's and restless nights. Even if she stayed with him until he went back to sleep, he would sometimes wake up again upset. So, she tried Calms Forte 4 Kids, and he has been sleeping great. Now, if he does have an occasional nightmare, she just gives him 2 tablets and stays with him until he gets back to sleep. He doesn't wake up until morning. This is a great product. It is definitely worth keeping on hand if your child has nightmares or restless nights.

Helps the Night Go By!
by Shannon

This is a great product. I have used it on my 3-year-old several times, when he gets into patterns of broken sleep. It seems to get him back on his schedule right away, and I love it, because it is homeopathic. The tablets seem to dissolve instantly, and I could tell a difference with just one dosage. Though the tablets don’t knock him out, they seem to calm him just enough to get him to sleep and to stay asleep through the whole night. I definitely recommend using this to help your kids sleep throughout the night.

Finally a good night!
by Mandy

When my son was having difficulties getting to sleep and staying asleep I decided to give Calms Forte 4 kids a try. We only used it a few nights, and he was soon back on track. Kids need their sleep and when they lack sleep it just drains them. If your child has any sleeping problems, this may be your solution or quick fix as it is mine.

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