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by Amy

I got these at the fair, and i'm a very picky eater, so i found they were a great way to get my fruits and veggies in for a day! They taste good, which is good because they are something that kids actually want to eat.

Juice plus gummies
by Cheryl

I have found they are great.My grandson has autism and was put on these.They have helped him with diegestive problems and I think it helped his Immune system.

by Julian

This product is nothing more than candy. It's a complete waste of money which could be better spent on real veges and fruits.Nothing more than the result of clever marketing!

Great Gummies
by Great Gummies

My daughter loves these gummies. This is the only gummy she loves. So no worries on days when she refuses to take her food. I can see her immune system getting strong too. I recommend this product.

childrens vitamins
by sharon malone

These are the only vitamins, I can get my child to take. They are similar to gummy bears, which my child likes. This is a great alternative to other children's chewable vitamins. Now my child has his vitamins every day with no hassles.

by elizabeth

This is an excellent product. It delievers 17 fruits and veggies to children through a gummie, it's all natural.
It does have less than 1gram of corn syrup, low on the glycemic index, which keep the fruit & veggies in a form which may be easily chewed. All 3 of my children love these and they have incredible immune resistance, better attitudes, and grades since using this product.

To the mom who isn't certain how to use this product...why not call the company or distributor who helped you order the gummies.

Gummies are delicious and the best way to protect our children. There isn't anything else on the market this pure in whole food nutirents.

helpful hint: serve Gummies cold
by CB mom of 3

I keep them in the refrigerator and my kids (all 3) love the gummies, even the veggies ones that smell strange at room temperature. I received this tip from my nurse (who is my JP distributor) and it works!!!

excellene product
by Wendy

My son loves these gummis. They are very tasty and are very good for him. Since he began taking these vitamins, he has not had a cold nor the flu. I highly recommend this product.

by cindy barrows

I have this product but I don't know what dose to give my son. He is 3 and weights about 35 pounds. I would love to find out how much I should give him orf the fruit and veggie supplements. He is also a really go eater and love fruits and veggies.
Thanks Cindylou from ga

Over rated
by Bad deal

The chewables are horrible and these are the only ones you can receive for the free health study. My 7 yr old child wanted to throw up. Guess GP+ trying to push a product that no one else wants. Since I didn't know until afterwards that the gummies (really sugar candy) not included in the health study isn't available, I will be sending this horrible tasting product back.

The Worst
by Whalecakes

Such a bad product I don't even know where to begin. There was research published on JP Gummies that showed that they were made of 85% corn syrup and 10% gelatin, and the rest is vitamin additives -- note that the nutrients in the product are not part of the fruit and vegetables juices but are added after the fact. This is more than a bit misleading since they are sold as a solution for kids whose diets are lacking in real fruits and vegetables but the gummies are nothing more than vitamin-fortified candy. Research also showed that these gummies have no biological effects at all (that is, no antioxidant effects). Advertising for the gummies also was cited by the Better Business Bureau for being false and misleading. Taking all of this together with the fact that the gummies are way overpriced (a multilevel marketing ripoff) and that the there are lot of issues about deception and illegal advertising with the company that makes it, and you have one total loser of a product.

excellent product
by Rosemarie

I started using this product for my daughter after many unsuccessful tries of vitamins. My daughter who is 2 years old just loves this vitamin. She keeps asking me if she can have more of it. I am happy to find that it is one of the gummies that she loves. I can’t even try the old ones anymore. I could not find them one day so I bought her the chewable ones and she gave me a dirty look and said no. I want gummy candy.

Best Product!
by Kyle

I have two young boys. To find a vitamin that pleases all is very difficult. My sons' doctor gave me a sample of JP+Gummies to try out on the boys. My two oldest (7,6 ) loved them. My youngest (5) wasn't that impressed, though. My youngest did say that he would be willing to take the JP+Gummies over the other vitamins that I have tried in the past for him.

Great Product!!!
by David

My two children love these vitamins.. And I am so happy about that because these are actually good for him! These little gummy treats are enhanced with vitamins and don't have as much sugar and unnatural products as regular gummy products. These are wonderful because even the pickiest of eaters will love these! Give them a try for your child - you'll be glad you did!

Recommended for the Youngsters
by JS

My little sister's pediatrician is constantly recommending different vitamins and JP+ Gummies were on the top of his most-recommended list. My mother had a hard time trying to find them, but once she did, it was hard to keep my sister from them, which was a first! We have a pantry shelf stocked with tons of different vitamins. This is one of the first that she's actually enjoyed taking. My sister takes it like it's candy, which is not a good thing seeing how this ranks up there with the expensive chocolates. I would give this product a very high ranking if it weren't so expensive (therefore out of reach for a good percentage of the population).

by Kalvin

I can't vouch for the nutrition content of these, but having tried these from a family friend, I can safely say that these are very tasty. This stuff is basically candy. To me, at least. Your kids will probably appreciate them over the chewable tablets.

The only problem is its price. I could probably snack on half of that four month supply in one day. That's a $40 snack! It's okay if you ration them to your kids, but don't let them get into the jar.

Yummy Health
by PT

JP+ products have always been held in high regard, as most doctors will refer JP+ products during pregnancy. These gummies are no different as the quality is great and my kids enjoy the taste of these as well. While its important to feed kids nutritional foods, these vitamins can at least provide an additional boost. I highly recommend this product to all parents with young children.

My nephew loves these, but they are a bit expensive
by Sue Plough

My nephew Logan is quite the picky eater, and loves junk food. These days, instead of potato chips or cookies for dessert, we give him Jp+ Gummies and he thinks he is eating candy, but he is really eating a healthy snack. They are quite expensive, but well worth the price.

Great for picky little ones!
by Tanya

JP+ Gummies are wonderful for little ones who love fruit snacks, yet hate to take vitamins. My chiropractic introduced these to our family and I can't say enough about them. They come in fruit and veggie flavor. They are a bit pricey, but make up for it in nutritional value. My children love them!!

Good and Good For You
by Michael L.

Here is a healthy alternative to junk food. My son loves these. They taste good and with the soaring rates of obesity in this country, you have to give something with great nutritional value every chance you get.

Great and Tasty
by Jane M.

My best friend gives these to her two little boys and they eat them up like candy. This is a better nutritional way to provide vitamins into a childs daily schedule. She swears by them.

Easy to get Kids to Eat
by Krystel S

With it being so hard for me to get my 2 children to eat anything with some kind of nutritional value to it , JP Gummies were a godsend. They are sweet enough that your kids won't even be able to tell that these are really actually a healthy food for them. They also are very easy to chew and easy on the teeth.

Healthy "Snacks"
by MsSisley

My nephews both take these Gummies and love the taste. They seem a bit pricey, however they are well worth the money as these are nutritional goodies that they will actually eat! You can't beat a snack in an easy format that is actually nutritional and is a healthy alternative to other "quick fix" snacks!

Great Snack!
by Drew

When I bought this for my children, I thought it was going to be another one of those nutritional healthy "gummies" that taste horrible. Boy, was I wrong! My kids are in love with these and I am constantly buying them more! It is a great snack to eat anywhere - even on the go!

by Mike Huang

I purchased these for my little boy, and he loves it. He tells me that it tastes very good--like real fruits but in candy form. The JP gummies are very good if your child doesn't eat fruits or vegetables. This provides the vitamins they need. It sure did for my kid.

Children Love Em!
by ambreen

My young son loves these gummy treats. And I am so happy about that because these are actually good for him! These little gummy treats are enhanced with vitamins and don't have as much sugar and unnatural products as regular gummy products. These are wonderful because even the pickiest of eaters will love these!
Give them a try for your child - you'll be glad you did!

Great Gummies
by Jill S.

My three children love these vitamins. They can be picky eaters, and I used to worry about them getting all the nutrition their bodies need. Now, I feel better knowing that they are taking their JP+ Gummies. The taste is great (I've tried them myself). It can be a little costly for a 4 month supply.

by renuka

Kids love these. My daughter loves how these taste. I am also happy that she is eating a healthy snack. It is really good for their health. This product has little sugar in it.

JP+ Gummies
by Pamela Hairston

I tried these out on my son and for awhile, he liked taking them, and called them his 'medicine'. Then he got bronchitis, and wouldn't take them, he basically didn't eat anything. After getting over his little bout w/ bronchitis, he wouldn't take them anymore.

Tastes great and provides essential nutrients!
by Angel C.

My sister gives these to my nephew who absolutely hates eating healthy food and refuses to eat fruits or vegetables. He loves these. He says they taste really good and eats them on a daily basis. Thank god for products like these, they provide essential nutrients for picky children who are almost impossible to get any healthy food down.

Yummy gummies
by Jo

My daughter loves any kind of gummy candy. I was really surprised when she liked these healthy gummies. These are a candy that I am happy to buy her when she asks. I love the fruit and vegetable juices they are made with.

by Karen O.

Candy Vitamins is what my kids call them. They actually enjoy eating the vitamins, which, of course, is great for me since I don't have to plead with them to take the vitamins. I absolutely love them, and my kids do too.

Great Product!
by Ellisha

My daughter loves these because they taste so good. I love them because I know they are good for her! They are a little pricey, but they last a long time so they are worth it!

JP+ Gummies
by Elizabeth Schunzel

I have three young boys. To find a vitamin that pleases all of them is very difficult. My sons doctor gave me a sample of JP+Gummies to try out on the boys. My two oldest (7,6) loved them. My youngest(5) wasn't that impressed though. My youngest did say that he would be willing to take the JP+Gummies over the other vitamins that I have tried in the past for him.

JP+ Gummies
by Sandra Blake

JP Gummies is a great product. My fourteen year old son has been using this product for the past year since it is hard to get him to eat fruits and vegetables. My three year old still likes fruits and veggies but she also loves the JP Gummies. I would highly recommend without reservation.

by acmccollom

I originally bought these so that my kids wouldn't whine for the sugary processed "fruit" snacks and still take their vitamins. They loved them and I eat them too. (Who doesn't like gummies?) The taste is better than anything on the market and the health benefits make them well worth the cost.

Heathy candy!
by Jit Patel

Who ever though candy would be healthy? Well JP+ Gummies is what my family uses as a cost friendly substitute to other nutritious products. This is a product your kids will love!

by holly wilson

My son loves these! He says they taste great. They are also well worth the price because you get a 4 month supply of them. After reading the label, I was very pleased to be giving them to my son.

JP gummies
by L. Jones

I started taking these when I was in high school because I didn't care for swallowing pills. I know my immune system got better and I just didn't catch the same number of colds or sore throats that I did before. I now take the capsules but I'd recommend the gummies to anyone with kids. They taste great and I think Juice Plus is a great product. I also use the smoothie powder.

JP+ Gummies
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I bought the JP+Gummies for my son who hates fruits and veggies. JP+Gummies provides my son with a good source of vitamins and nutrition. JP+Gummies is by far one of the best products on the market.

JP Gummies
by Joan Jones

My daughter ate the JP Gummies all through grade school. She didn't like fruits and veggies very much, and I felt that these gave her some of the benefits of good nutrition. Now, my 3 year old grandson is also using JP Gummies, as he's a very picky eater also. I don't think the cost is prohibitive when you think of what you're getting for the money. The kids all seem to like the taste also.

My niece loves them
by Adam Paul

I got these for my niece for Xmas. She loved them!! Although the cost is prohibitive, there is no reason not to supply a child with a healthy product.

Great Quality - Way Overpriced!
by Big Nate

I like this product if you can afford it. Kids love the gummy vitamins, but its still hard to justify the cost.

Healthy and good
by Lori Strehle

I never let my kids eat fruit snacks, because they contain way too much sugar. These yummy little gummies are a great substitute that help my kids feel as though they aren't missing the treats their friends get. I feel great that they are all natural and my dentist likes that they only contain natural sugar...not all the processed stuff.

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