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Trust me this stuff is Amazing!
by Momof Eva

We had a very fussy baby on our hands due to gas when she was just 2-weeks old. We were so concerned this was going to be the norm after trying all of the gas drops on the market.We tried out the local health store and the sales associate who was a mother herself strongly suggested this product. We have never looked back. Eva is almost 11mths and we keep this stocked. It worked great for gas and hiccups as well as teething.

good product
by monica

I like this stuff alot better than Mylicon. I have to go buy another one because I didn't notice at the time where it said it has to be refrigerated after opening.

good stuff
by robin

I have not personally tried this, but I have a friend, a mom of 4 that swears by this stuff!

ok product
by Rosemarie

I first used this product a couple of months ago when my brother gave it to me because my baby was crying excessively. As soon as I gave it to her, I was thinking 'this is not going to work'. After ten minutes or so, my newborn stopped crying. I would suggest this product to anyone and everyone because this actually works.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!
by mona

I actually first bought this at the airport in England when my little son was crying like anything from gas pains. I had left my usual medication for him at home and bought this upon recommendation from the little "drugstore" inside of the airport. I was a bit reluctant at first, but the results were fabulous! I mixed it into his formula and in a bit he was so much more relaxed. Since then I have become hooked to this stuff and have used it for all my kids and recommend it to all of my friends as well! You really can't beat the results of this stuff!

great for babies
by maryam

If you have a baby in your house, this is something you absolutely must have at home. Many babies have gas and finding something to soothe them can be very difficult. But gripe water really solves the problem. Give your baby a tablespoon full of this and you will notice your baby get calm in just a little bit! Gripe water is like magic and any other mother with a gassy baby will tell you the same!

Gripe Water for soothing stomachs
by Amy

I tried this gripe water on both of my children. I really don't think it works. I don't think it soothed their bellies at all. My kids still screamed and didn't show any differences. My 2nd child had colic really really bad and I was willing to try anything. I tried this a second time but there still weren't noticeable changes in him. Some people say it does work. I think the changes come with the body functions become more mature.

Gripe Water
by HS

If you can't find the Baby's Bliss brand of gripe water, this brand works just as well. It's easy to find also. The best thing about this product, besides that it works very well for my babies upset stomach, is that you can give it up to six times a day. I will use this product again with my next child if they have the same upset stomach that my first child did.

Goodbye Hiccups
by NRK

When my son was born, he not only had gas, but hiccups frequently. I tried other products that cured the gas, but still left him with the hiccups. Everyone said that hiccups don't bother babies, but they seemed to bother him. I tried gripe water and it worked for both. He no longer suffered from long, drawn out bouts of hiccups. Definitely would recommend!

Gripe water
by Diana

My aunt told me about this, she said it was a great thing to have around to help with many sleepless nights. Her grandchild was constantly grumpy from gas, crying all the time and sleeping very little. She bought this on a whim, and now will not buy anything else. Truly a great product. She also mixed it in his formula and juice.

by stacy

Gripe water is a true lifesaver! My baby suffers from daily gas issues, and was awful listening to him cry in pain, I felt terrible for the little guy! After trying several different products and remedies, I gave Gripe Water a try, and it really does work! It's such a relief to finally have something that soothes his pains. To keep things easy I just mix it into his formula. One plus is that this brand is alcohol free (some others I've looked at do have alcohol in them).

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