f Nutraceutical Corporation Baby Bifidactyl Powder Reviews and Information

Baby Bifidactyl Powder

Baby Bifidactyl™, Dinosaurs® dietary supplements for kids. For infants, small children, expecting and nursing mothers.
Product: Baby Bifidactyl Powder
Brand: Nutraceutical Corporation (More Products)
Size: 2.5 oz
Dosage: 1/4 teaspoon daily
Retail: $10.79
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4 Customer Reviews

Babies need probiotics too!
by T. Danger

I am very happy with the results of Baby Bifidactyl. My homeopathic doctor recommended them for my colicky baby. There are several other things we tried, but this seemed to be the most effective and least invasive. Rather than a temporary relief from the fussing, this really keeps things in line so they don't need to fuss in the first place. Hooray! It is almost time to toss out the old earplugs at last!

Probiotics are a must
by Marna S

I have used both the powder version and, now that they are older, the chewable dinosaur version from this company. Any time either of my children have been placed on antibiotics, I always supplement with a probiotic to avoid stomach distress. The powder can be sprinkled on food or mixed with formula or beast milk for babies who are not on solids yet. We have also used the powder any time a stomach virus has hit and it seems to help shorten the duration.

Didn't work for my son.
by KimP

I tried this for my son when he was extremely colicky and it didn't seem to work for him at all. I couldn't tell any difference after I gave him this. He really benefited better from the gripe water.

Safe Even for Tiny Infants
by Kathy

After my niece had her baby and she turned out to be a colicky child, she searched the Internet for natural products that are safe for an infant. Her pediatrician had already suggested another product for colic, but she was looking for something to prevent it in the first place. She came across Probiotics and learned they aid in preventing lactose intolerance which can be a trigger for colic. She came across the Baby Bidactyl Powder by Nutraceutical Corp. She uses it in the babies formula and it seems to make the episodes of colic less frequent. A great product for any new mother with a colicky baby.