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Great Multi-Use Product
by Courtney

We used this on all kinds of things when my kids were little. Great in the bath water for kids who hate putting on lotion, on eczema; I have even put this on diaper rashes with great success (I put the Arbonne diaper rash ointment over it to lock in the moisture). No mineral oil and gentle and natural.

by vanessa

I use this oil after every bath! My son has eczema, and this keeps his skin silky smooth! I use about a dime size, and the bottle has lasted me 9 months! At nearly 10 months, I just started my second bottle...a little goes a long way with this stuff!
This contains natural, essential oils - no mineral oil (which doesn't moisturize, but is in a lot of name brand baby oils). I also like that it is not at all greasy, and has a very light, herbal (essential oil) fragrance. It is great for my sensitive skinned boy!

Great product for baby and adults
by Juli pickvet

This product is great for babies and adults alike. It makes the skin so soft and is a great moisturizer for dry skin. I use this product and I've used it on children I babysat. This product is a keeper.

very good product
by sumathi

Now my child is 3 years old. Since her first year I have been using this product. I am completely satisfied with it. It does not have any strong chemicals and is very good according to me. I can recommend this to any mother to use for their babies.

Nice Scent and not Sticky
by Carol C.

This is another in a basket I gave to a friend as a shower gift. She loved all the products, and I actually applied this one myself. Nicely scented - very subtle though. Rubbed in well and neither I nor the baby felt oily afterward. I recommend this one, though my friend says she thinks it is just as easy to get the supermarket stuff... might have to do another basket for her!

Regular skin product
by Eric Forbes

Baby Care Body Oil is a good product. My co-worker used it on her newborn baby. She said it was just like a typical body/baby oil. It made the baby's skin soft and delicate. "This works just like any normal baby/body oil" she stated. She also said you can buy a store brand for half the price and do the same job. This product lives up to what it states. But the price is kind of high. I would recommend this product, but also talk about the high price.

Excellent Product!
by melissa

I love this product. I use it for my daughter and myself. It is great to put on my daughter right after her bath. It smells great and doesn't leave her feeling greasy! It helps greatly for her dry skin. Lotions burn her skin when it is dry and this doesn't bother her at all. It is a great product. I highly recommend it!!

Highly Effective Product
by Violet

I have had this product in my home for a full year now. I have re-purchased it twice and will do so again. This oil is light, fresh smelling, and gentle for a baby's skin, a toddler's skin, and also for me (and my very sensitive skin). I prefer using products that are natural and delicate and this oil is just this-- it hydrates the skin, it softens the skin, and it reduces any irritation that may occur from diaper rashes, cold, or contact dermatitis that often afflicts the little ones. I recommend this product for it's effectiveness, integrity, and natural ingredients.

Good but Pricey
by Becky

I also received this at my baby shower. Arbonne has some of the most awesome products. This is very smooth and smells great. I don't use baby oil all that much on my baby. I use it more on myself for tanning, so that is where most of this went. But I will say great product. More expensive than most, so I will not be purchasing anymore of it. If it was cheaper, I definitely would buy more.

great product
by regina

I love using this product on my nephews after their baths. Instead of being greasy or oily, the product quickly absorbs into their skin. They feel and smell great after their baths.

Excellent for Skin Issues
by Jaclyn

My son has mild eczema. I put this oil on the trunk of his body after baths every once in a while & it helps the texture & appearence of his skin tremendously. I only use it 2-3 times a month or less so a little goes a long way. I thought the price seemed high but I am still using the same bottle over a year later. I have given this item with baby gifts to several friends that had children with severe skin problems & they all thanked me & raved about the results. I have also used this product on myself several times on extremely rough skin patches from the winter weather. It smells wonderful from the fruit oils too. I would definitely buy this again when I run out of the bottle I have.

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