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Incredible !!!
by Arvinder

This probiotic product is a real boost for my little one. He had a diaper rash problem and on my sister's advice I tried it. The diaper rashes are gone now and my sweet little one looks happy all the time without the pain of diaper rash. A very good product that every mom should use.

Absolutely wonderful!
by C Collins

Your child needs probiotics in order to properly digest his/her food. Not only that, but your child needs it to fight off infection. My son has been on antibiotics before. Antibiotics definitely kill off bad bacteria, but they also kill off the good bacteria that help the body fight infection. Pro-biotics put that good bacteria back in my boy's body, so I know he can be strong to fight off whatever tries to come against his immune system.

Works Wonders!
by Shannon

I absolutely love this product. I used it with my youngest son, based on a recommendation from our Pediatric Nurse. It seems to work wonders on stomachaches, and completely cures diarrhea in hours. Also, it helps a ton with diaper rashes, though they don’t fully disappear. I used the powder format, and it mixed very easily with formula in a bottle- just shake it a ton.

Get this product
by Jeff

My sister has used this with both of her children. It will help with many things. It helped with diaper rash, thrush, and stomach problems. It is very easy for young children to take.

Great product
by Jody

I keep this on hand and give it to my kids whenever they've got upset stomachs, the probiotics really seem to help digestion with no negative side effects.

by Caitlin

This Product is GREAT but not excellent! I would recommend other brands but my friend told me about Udo's. It is not a bad product. The ingredients just seemed kind of odd to be for a baby.

by holly wilson

My friend recommended this product to me, and now I keep it on hand at home. This works great, is fairly priced, and is not hard for my children to take. I would recommend this to anyone with small children.

Great for colic and thrush!
by Amanda

My baby had a persistent case of mild thrush that just wouldn't go away. A friend recommended this probiotic supplement to me, and my son's thrush cleared right up after a week and a half of use! His tummy aches and nighttime crankiness improved too.

Love it!
by Robin M

I have given this to all 3 of my babies. I increase the dose during and after a round of antibiotics or during any tummy distress. I have also made it into a paste and used it to quickly clear up a yeasty diaper rash.

My children use it
by Janet

One of my girls has had recurrent stomach problems. Since using this product, I have seen the symptoms diminish and almost go away completely.

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exciting product
by Kirsten

I didn't even know Udo made children's products. I'm so glad I found this! I have a 10 month old who has been on alot of antibiotics, and I've been looking for something speciffically for infants. I love the other line of udo's and I can't wait to try this!