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Awesome for adult use
by Jessica

This product is great for anyone. I use it on my own hair because leave in conditioners weigh my hair down too much. It helps my thick hair be manageable after a shower

by Elisha Miller

I love this product. My daughter and myself have very, very thick coarse hair and have to use lots of conditioner. I have tried so many different detanglers and none worked. This product did. I love it and will always continue to buy it.

Does the J-O-B!
by Linda

My hair can really get tangled at times and this product really takes care of it! And I love the natural ingredients, and of course the smell of it. Recommended.

Used for generations
by Jeanette Florio

My mom used to use a similar product when I was young. Now ilm following suite. Its a must have for summer, but great anytime. Smells wonderful, and works great.

by Mena Sekander

This worked very good on my daughters hair! It works well for the pool, beach, or just waking up with rats in your hair!

Does the job
by Natasha

This product is great since summer and swim season is here. Definitely a must after getting out of the pool or ocean.

very good
by lashundra

It really helps my daughter after I wash her hair. I even use it sometimes.

by Kimberly Carroll

My daughter has waste long hair at 5 .. just like my long hair.. It is very hard to manage her hair..
This product has really helped not only her... but it works great on me too! I spray it on my split ends and helps keep them from drying out as quick :-)

Good stuff
by Kat

This stuff works great! My kids hair straightens easily plus it is not greasy after the hair dries.

by Donna

This product is great for kids! Mine loved it not only because it worked because it smells good too!

not just for kids

I use this product myself and i have pretty long hair. it works great and i never have to struggle to get knots out of my hair after i shower. i love all the wholesome ingredients too.

by Elizabeth Whatley

This is a wonderful product to use on kids hair to make it comb out easy and be more manageable or adults hair.

suave detangler
by heather

This is good stuff and it very affordable both of my girls have long hair and it really helps get the tangles out!

great stuff
by carmanmm

My kid loves this stuff everytime she would cry and not even want her hair washed at all, got this and no tangles at all, brush goes right through, I always keep this on hand.

kiss my face is the best
by Amber

I love all of the kiss my face products! Especially this one makes combing hair easier, and good for your hair too!

nice on the kids hair
by dawn

I liked this product because my kids REALLY liked this product. There was another brand that we tried, but it was too fragrant. This is nice. Good buy.

kiss my face detangler
by carolyn

This product works great on my daughters hair. It's light enough to use every day. Also has a pleasant scent.

by Bridgette O

This stuff works great and smells great also. highly recommend.

no knots no tangles
by Deepali saini

My daughter has very long hair. She always cries when I brush her hair. After using this its a relief for her. Her hair always look smooth & beautiful. There is, now no difficulty for her to manage her hair.

Kid at heart
by alyssa

I have hard to manage hair. It's thick,curly and dry and I find its easier to get my hair up in a rush with the detangler. I get told all the time that my hair smells great!

by Rebecca Lemmel

This product works great. It never fails! Always leaves hair smooth for easy brushing.

Works Great
by Kat

This is a wonderful product! My Friend has 2 daughters who both have very course hair and this works wonders for getting out the tangles. And it smells great too!

by Hristina

It smells great and it looks kid-friendly and most importantly it works.
by jalanea briggs

This product is excellent. I have used it for many years when my children were small it even untangled my daughters very thick curly down to her waist hair and it never failed to untangle her hair and the bonus it was soft never greasy. When it dried it was not prone to tangling again till the next wash.

by kim

My child loves the smell and worked well for the tangles. Great product.

Works Pretty Well
by Jessie

This wasn't the best detangler I've tried, but it certainly wasn't the worst. It doesn't leave any greasy residue and it smells great.

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A Luxurious Hair Product
by Christine

I love this detangler. It works great on long or curly hair. I even use it on my daughter's hair as well as my own because it is all-natural. I recommend it.