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Wonderful Gummies
by Elizabeth

My little brother and sister love these vitamins so much, they are just like candy to them. When we switched to these gummy vitamins from our regular chewable vitamins, they were so happy! To them, they were eating candy! I think that this vitamin works for any age!

by Jenn

My boys take these and they luv that they are gummie!!

by Amy

Your kids will love them and they are at a really good price.

kids vitamins
by Tressy Anne O'Connor

what a great vitamin for kids. my kids will take vitamins that are gummy. it makes them feel like they are taking a piece of candy instead of a vitamin.
i feel good about giving them this product

by Barbara Moore

This is a great vitamin for children. The vitamin C helps to prevent and reduce colds. The zinc helps prevent insect bites. I gave these to my daughter for her children and she loves them. It is easy to get the children to take them and they work.

Wellness Consultant; Health Educator
by Michelle

I read a published article in which Consumer Labs, an independent "watch dog" for supplements purchased supplements from over 40 companies without them knowing who they were or what they were doing. The results were disheartening. Only seven supplements had what they said they had in them. The others did not. In fact, many of them contained harmful ingredients, especially L'il Critters Gummy Vitamins for children. The article said they contained harmful levels of lead!!! Yes, lead in children's vitamins. I wouldn't give this to my children if you paid me. I will never forget reading that article....In fact, I kept it to compare any supplements I purchase or recommed to my clients.

Good product
by Elaine

I've been giving these during "cold season" to my three children (aged 8 - 17 years) for two years. It seems to have helped prevent or shorten the duration of cold symptoms. The label says it also includes zinc, and that along with the extra vitamin C and echinecea is what I want in a supplement to their multi vitamins. Kids love the taste, and even ask for them on busy mornings when I forget to give them.

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Best Vitamin I've Tried!
by christine

My kids take these vitamins, and I do, too! They are healthy and delicious!

Great for Colds!
by Christine

I give these vitamins to my kids when they are coming down with a cold, and they really do shorten the duration of their sickness. I recommend it.