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by Lisa Snide

I really like this product! Although it is a little pricey, it is worth it!. I bought this product for my new grandson and hoped it would be a good investment. It was and I use it on my grandson daily. The mild fragrance is pleasing and the results of soft skin is all the proof I need that I made the right decision to purchase it. This prodcut would be highly recommended by me to anyone who has a baby and even if you don't it will work on your skin!

Best lotion out there!
by vanessan

I use this lotion every morning on my almost ten month old son. I love the light scent, non greasy feel, and smooth application. It has great, natural ingredients, and most importantly - my son has never cried when having it applied (He has had irritations/burns from name brand lotions). I am at the end of my first bottle, and have already ordered more!

Baby lotion
by Donna

I have been doing daycare for fourteen years and have tried many products for dry skin on the children in my care. I received this lotion in a gift basket from a friend. This is a very good lotion! I will be recommending this lotion to all of the moms.

Good stuff
by luvanimals04

I love this lotion. I have a two year old boy who has dry skin. This lotion works on him! I like it so much I've used it myself and works for me too! The lotion not only works, but it smells good also. I would definitely recommend this brand!

Totally Loving this product!
by Tiff

I have a one year old daughter that has rough skin. I tried several different lotions. This seems to be by far the best lotion that I have tried. It has taking away almost all her dry rough skin and making it look a lot better. It makes your body nice soft and smooth and smells good. I recommend this to all mothers that are looking for a good baby lotion it works great. I rub it on her head after a bath to keep her scalp from becoming dry and it works! A++++ product!

gentle on my baby's skin
by Arvinder

I uesd this product on my baby's skin on my friend's advice who used it already on her kids. Its a great product, there is no greasy feeling, the scent is also not strong. The baby's skin becomes very soft after its application. It contains no harsh chemicals so its gentle on my liitle one's skin.

Great for Mom & Baby!
by Carol C.

I gave a basket of Arbonne baby products to a friend as a shower gift. The feedback on all was great. The body lotion had a nice scent, and absorbed well - helped my friend's hand, too! I did not get a chance to use this one on the baby, but based on the Mom's feedback it is a winner. Price is only drawback...

by Becky

This product was given to me as a gift. It was a good lotion, made my daughters skin really soft. It is a little to pricey for me. So I choose to buy another brand, but if you can afford this, it is well worth it.

soft and gentle
by Ashley

I use this on my two year old niece when I babysit her. She gets really bad rashes and this works wonders. It helps sooth her dry skin and doesn't irritate her like some of the more well known brands. It doesn't have a strong odor either. I would use this with the wash for best results. It makes her skin extra soft!

Great lotion for both mom and baby's sensitive skin!
by Stephanie

I use (and love!) Arbonne face products and received this lotion and wash at my baby shower. It is wonderful! I only wish that more people had bought this product for me (instead of all of the perfumey lotions that tend to fill the shelves at the big box stores). My daughter and I have very sensitive skin, and I am particularly sensitive to strong fragrances, so this baby lotion is perfect for the both of us. I highly recommend Arbonne Baby Lotion and would also encourage anyone to buy it as a gift for an expecting mom who may not otherwise be able to afford it! The price is the only reason I gave it 4.5 stars, because it is more expensive than most brands at Target or Wal-Mart.

It's O.K.
by herm

This is a lotion that my sister had tried recently and it is a very good lotion for babies. Goes on nicely and isn't greasy. I just really didn't care for the scent. It was a bit strong for a baby. She actually stopped using it for that very reason.

Wonderful alternative to expensive brands
by Jennifer

My niece had a baby, but worried about using any kind of harsh lotions due to her daughters delicate skin. I bought this product for her because it ws reasonably priced, and was gentle and delicate to the skin. She loved it, and recommended it to her whole family.

Awesome Product
by Jaclyn

I have purchased this item about 4-5 times in the last two years. I use it several times per week on my son who has sensative skin. It has a very light but "baby" fragrance & goes on smooth & thin. I never liked the thick lotions I tried that would get all over his sleepers & this one dries quickly. I used this in combination with the Arbonne ABC Baby Oil for his skin issue - mild eczema- & saw great results. His skin felt more smooth & less bumpy & it lessened the red spots he would get when I used lotion from a regular store.

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