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Love, love love!!
by vanessa

My mother started selling Arbonne right before I found out I was pregnant. She purchased the baby care set for me. My son is now 9 months old, and I just started using a second bottle of this wash. You literally need a pea sized amount to wash the hair and entire body. With using big name brand soaps, I felt that I needed to use much more to get the same clean.
My son has extremely sensitive skin, and this has never once bothered him. I pour water over his head to rinse, and it doesn't bother his eyes one bit! I have purchased this for many friends as shower gifts, and they all love it! This lasts much longer than the big brands, since you use such a small amount, so it evens out the price in the end! A great product!

Love It
by luvanimals04

I love the lotion and body wash!! My mom got it for me to use for my son. It smells good and makes his body feel so soft. The body wash smells just as good. I'm still on my first bottle, but as soon as I'm done with them I'll have my mom get me some more.

Babies don't have much hair - so pamper it!
by Carol C.

My friend that I gave this to (as a gift basket) was quite happy with this shampoo. She liked how it had controlled suds so it wasn't drippy, and said it rinsed easily (important with a squirmy baby). I was there for a visit post-bath, and really loved the scent - very subtle and not strong like some other brands. This one was worth the extra money.

Love it!
by melissa

I use this product for my daughter and I love it! It smells great and works great, too. It is a little expensive, but it is well worth the cost! My daughter hates it when anything gets in her eyes, and with this shampoo, she doesn't even cry!

by An

Very expensive for bath products but totally worth the extra money! My aunt just had her baby a few months ago and I've seen her use this product when bathing my cousin. The smell of the product is comforting and it is so gentle on the skin. This is one of the best baby care products I've seen on the market so far.

Good but Pricey
by Becky

I received this product as a gift when my daughter was first born. I really did enjoy it. I used it for about 2 months, then it was all gone. I would have bought more, but it was very expensive, and as a mother of 3, I just can't afford those prices. Great product if you have the means.

nice shampoo
by tracey

This is a very nice baby wash. It has a very pleasant smell and is very gentle. When my baby accidentally got it in her eyes, it didn't seem to bother her at all! My baby has sensitive skin and there was no irritation to her skin, so I would use it again.

your baby will love this!
by Ashley

I babysit my two year old niece for my brother Monday through Friday, 6pm - 2am because he works nights. Thus, I have the responsibility of giving her a bath, which I don't mind doing at all. This wash is very soothing and smells wonderful. She loves to splash in the tub, so it's important when a wash says "tear-free," that it's actually tear-free. Many drug-store baby washes claim such a statement and then end up burning her eyes. Your baby will thank you for buying this wash! I promise you'll adore the smell and how soft it makes your already soft bundle of joy!

You and your baby will love this mild product!
by Stephanie

I received the Arbonne Baby Care wash for a gift at my baby shower. I wish that everyone had bought me this product instead of all of the other lotions and washes that I got. My favorite thing about the wash is that it is so very mild and does not have any fragrance. I am sensitive to fragrances and have very sensitive skin (as does my daughter), so I was disappointed to find that most baby care products are full of strong scents and perfumes. The Arbonne baby wash is tear-free, too, which is a must. I highly recommend both this and the baby lotion! I have been using both since she was born 15 months ago.

The only down side is the price, which is why I have to give it 4.5 stars. Much pricier than brands you buy at Target or Wal-Mart, but if you can request it for your baby shower you will save a lot!

no tears
by regina

When bathing 3 boys in the same tub, it is very important to be using a wash that doesn't burn the eyes. You never know when one is going to dump a cup of soapy water over the other's head. I have been using this on my nephews for 2 years now, and I haven't found really anything negative about the product itself. However, my nephews would appreciate more creative marketing for the bottle. It doesn't look as fun and isn't geared towards kids.

Still using it 2 years later!
by Jaclyn

I absolutely love this product. I bought the set of Arbonne baby care when I had my son over two years ago. I have re-ordered many times for the items I liked. I love the fresh non chemical smell of this wash & I love that you can use it on their hair & body. It washes off easily without a lot of extra rinsing too. The only downside is that it is a little expensive for something you use every day but well worth it in my opinion.

Good choice.
by Heather

This was a nice body wash. I have used it for about 2 weeks on my 8 month old. I tried this because it said it was ultra-mild, and I prefer to buy mild for my baby's delicate skin. My baby's skin did not seem as dry after using this product. I will probably buy this again, but I do prefer the lavender scent of another brand.

Pretty good
by Kalvin

I know a couple with two children who use this. They say it works considerably better than any of the baby wash products they've tried.

I've actually tried this as well while I was staying with this couple. I had ran out of shampoo, so I had no choice but to use this. While I can't compare the cleansing power to anyone else, the "tear-free" part is correct. Much nicer than the shampoo I usually use.

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