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this cream is excellent
by amber schneider

My son had eczema when he was born. His skin would peel and chap extremely bad. I couldn't find any diaper rash treatments that didn't irritate and worsen this condition. My mom is a nurse, and she bought me arbonne natural diaper rash cream. After that I was hooked. This cream did not irritate and even improved the condition of my baby's skin. Also, it didn't leave my hands feeling greasy at all.

Great for Sensitive Skin
by Courtney

My children had very sensitive skin, so this was a great product for us when they were babies. However, it is a bit pricier than other brands, so I would maybe try other things before I resorted to Arbonne if you are on a tight budget and your baby doesn't have very sensitive skin.

Arbonne diaper rash cream
by Julie

This product is amazing. My kids are grown, but we use it if we are bit by mosquitos. It completely nutralizes the bite and goes away. With and Arbonne account, the product is only $9 and well worth it for diaper rash or bug bites!!

by vanessa

I love this product because it contains no mineral oil, is natural, non greasy, and has been great with my cloth diapers. My nine month old had never had a diaper rash until about two weeks ago, when his teething helped create a bleeding rash. My doctor recommended a cream with zinc (this has 12%), and one with no mineral oil. Here we are forty-eight hours later, rash free! When even plain water seemed to sting on his bottom, this cream didn't even make him flinch! I am a user for life!

by Tiff

This is by far the best baby rash cream. My mom has used it on me and my brothers when we were little and now I use it on my daughter. It takes the rash away immediately and is great! I could never ask for a better product than this because it is the best. I recommend this product to all the mothers of young ones out there and expecting mothers. THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT!

I like this better than others..
by mona

While most mothers use over the counter diaper creams like Desitin or the like, I am not a big fan of those. I find them to be too thick and really hard to spread. They also smell really strong and I hate having that smell on my hands all day long. This Herbal Diaper Rash Cream is not like those. This cream is smooth and very easy to apply. I find it much, much easier to smooth onto my baby. It also has a very slight smell, that washes away easily with soap and water. While I do find it to be more expensive than other diaper rash creams, I prefer this one because it is easier and more convenient for me and it does the job just as well as others!

Glides on easily
by Carol C.

Used this when caring for a friends baby, was quite impressed with how easily it glided on - my recollection from changing diapers with my kids was that diaper ointments were quite thick and tacky - hard to get off the fingers afterward. This smoothed on easily, and was quickly wiped off the next change. I was impressed! I'd recommend using this preemptively, so that diaper irritation doesn't occur, especially in the summer when it is hot.

by christib

My mom bought some of this for me to try on my twin boys. They both have super sensitive skin and were very prone to diaper rash. They would scream every time I tried putting creams on them until we tried this. It didn't seem to hurt them and it smells a lot better than the other products. Definitely worth the cost!

Works Great But a Bit Pricey
by An

My aunt uses this product and the body wash for her new baby. She puts it on almost every time the diaper is changed and it works terrific! It has this fresh scent and goes on the skin smoothly and gently. If a diaper rash comes up, the product cures it in less than 5 applications. I totally recommend it. The price is a bit high but this is truly a great product.

Great Product
by Becky

This item was given to me at my baby shower a year ago. I love this diaper rash cream; it is awesome. I still buy it from time to time as my daughter doesn't get that many rashes. It is a little pricey, but for the quality, it is well worth it. I would recommend.

Only the Best for Baby
by Deanie

I use Baby Care Herbal Diaper Rash Cream for my 6 month old baby. I have used other products, but they are just not as good as this diaper rash cream. It does keep moisture away from her skin, and there is no more diaper rash. You can see the difference after 1 application. It does not smell like medicine, but has a pleasant, clean, herbal smell. It's really worth the price. No more looking for something better, I now have it. I would suggest this to anyone who needs help finding a good diaper rash cream.

Great Product!
by Jaclyn

I have tried almost every rash creme on the market. This one is in my top two choices & cheaper than my number one choice. It is not too thick & goes on nicely. It clears up the rash in 1-3 applications most times that I've needed to use it on my son. My son also has VERY sensative skin & this never bothered him where other brands I used he would cry as soon as I put it on him. I will continue to use this til our diaper days are over! It also smells nice & has some great ingredients in it!

baby care herbal diaper rash cream
by barbara

My daughter uses this on my 5 month old grandchild every time she changes her diaper. So far she has not ever had a rash or even an irritation. It has a clean, fresh scent and is very pleasant and also easy to apply.
Its a very effective product and I highly reccoment trying it for your baby.

This is GREAT
by Amanda Neff

I love this product. I have three children and I have used it on every one of them. I have not had to worry about diaper rash with this product because it prevents it before it even happens! That is so great, especially for the little ones that suffer. I HIGHLY recommend using this product. It also clears up diaper rash in about an hour if it so happens that your baby does get that. THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT!

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