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Works Great!
by Margi L

I keep a tube of this product at my lake house so my niece can enjoy the sun without me having to worry about burning her tender skin. The Baby Care works great but due to the cost I feel I have to use sparingly. The tube I had last summer lasted all season and I am going to replace for the upcoming season.

Easily Applied but Pricey
by Carol C.

Compared to other brands, this goes on easily and has no 'plastic' tacky feel. The drawback is that it wasn't waterproof (at least not last season) and so had to be vigilant during splash play once the baby was sitting up. In a northern climate, only needed it during the summer - babies up here are sun-deprived and need vitamin D supplements in the winter. Use it on sunny days even in the shade - you'd be surprised how much light is reflected by sand and water. Absorbed easily and sand did not cling to the skin - a plus when you and the baby get hot and tired!

Not my first choice.
by Pearl

First of all, I live in Texas and it is hot here! I keep sunscreen on my 2 little ones the whole time we are outside and I reapply 2 - 3 times, and at this price, this will break the bank! 6oz for $19.50 is a little much for me! Plus, the kind my mother-in-law gave us was not water proof so I ended up having to still buy something else because in the summer time, my kids are like fish. It did smell wonderful, and it didn't feel greasy or slimy on the kids which my daughter loved.

sunscreen effectivness
by tracey

I live in Florida so sunscreen is a necessity! I found this sunscreen to be very effective. I use it on all my children and I like that it isn't greasy and has a pleasant smell. It also seems to last long even in water and when the kids sweat. I would use this product again.

Not impressed....
by Jaclyn

I bought this product about a year ago. I ended up sending it to daycare with him as it is NOT waterproof & most outdoor activities we use sunscreen for involve water. If this was waterproof, I would love it as much as some other ABC baby products we have. I like how smoothly it goes on, the fact that it does not contain some harmful ingredients found in most sunscreens but I just could not be bothered re-applying so often due to the water factor. I would consider buying it again this summer for outdoor play use only like daycare, the park, etc., but I would not recommend this to bring on vacation.

Worked OK, Not Good Value
by Donna

My mother-in-law bought me this sunscreen to use on my little ones. It blended pretty easily, wasn't greasy, and did the job. I haven't bought it again because:

a) It has fragrance in it. Frangrance is the top allergenic ingredient in products, so why included it in something labeled "for sensitive skin?" I tried a little on my own face (which is very sensitive) and it made my skin itch.

b) The price. $19.50 for 6 ounces? You need to slather sunscreen on all exposed skin, and repeat it every two hours. Six ounces lasted less than a week when used on my two children.

In summary, although this product did what it was supposed to, the price and the fragrance should be taken into consideration before purchasing.

baby care sunscreen
by barbara

This is the product my daughter uses for my little grandchild. Living here in Florida you need to be extra careful of the suns rays. This sunscreen is awesome. Its non greay and non irritating. Perfect for baby's sensitive skin.I always have this on hand at my house too. Now we don't have to worry when we are on the beach or at the pool. Just slather it on and go with peace of mind.

Great Sunscreen for Babies
by maryam

This Baby Care Sunscreen was actually given to me as part of a baby shower gift set. Its a wonderful gentle sunscreen for little babies. Whenever I take out my little one to the park or out for a stroll, I always make sure to slather a bit of this on her! This sunscreen is nice and isn't very greasy. Plus, it has this nice, soft scent to it.
However, I do find this sunscreen to be a bit pricey. But it does the job well, so I have to give it props for that!

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