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by Viv

I love this Burt's Bees buttermilk lotion-it's completely natural, made in environment-friendly bottle, it smells GREAT, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft!

by Vivian

I got this Buttermilk Lotion for Christmas 2 years ago and it is great. I use for my kids and myself. It makes your skin beautiful and so smooth. It's not greasy and it smells very good too. I have bought several bottles of the Buttermilk Lotion since then. I recommend everyone who has dry skin to give it a try. It will not dry your skin out.

by Me and only me

This is great for anyone that has dry skin!

Burt's Bees ~ Simply The Best !
by Erica

This is just one of Burt's Bees' fabulous products that works like a dream! Great for both a baby's skin or my elderly neighbor's.

great thing for dry skin
by Deepali saini

i used many products for my baby.Her skin is so dry but one day one of my friend give a sample when i used it unbelivable its so good .my babys skin in now look smoth and glowy.

good stuff
by robin

As usual, Burt's Bees are good products and this one is great too!

The Best
by Erica Jane

Wow it is like butter. My baby's skin is softer. It has a very pleasant scent.

I started using this product because my baby had really dry skin. It worked very well. His skin hasn't been dry since.

I recommend this product

Surprisely wonderful
by Jess

I received a sample of this lotion from a friend. I was on a trip and needed something for my toddler's skin as it was really dried out. I used the lotion and was surprised how creamy it was. My child's skin was so soft and looked so refreshed. I set out on my search to find my own bottle. I am very happy with it.

Another great Lotion
by Juli Pickvet

This product is another great lotion by Burt's Bee's. It works great on adult's too. It has a soft silky feeling and relieves dry skin. I have used this and I love this product and I use it everyday.

Great Lotion
by Dorothy

Another great product by a fantastic company. This Buttermilk lotion provides instant moisture to your skin and lasts for hours. It has a pleasant smell and is non-greasy and gentle. Even if I sweat with this product on it doesn't start to smell stinky!

Excellent Product!
by Charlotte

We received this product after my daughter was born. It was in a gift set that she was given. We used all of the products in it and found that the lotion worked best on her very sensitive skin. She still uses it after 3 years and it helps soothe her eczema breakouts as well. It might be a little expensive but well worth it in my eyes.

Perfect for baby.
by Sharonrose

My husband and I love keeping our 4 month old goddaughter for a afternoon. We have a entire set of baby products for when she comes over to visit. In our collection, we keep this Buttermilk Lotion. It keeps her skin baby-soft without being too heavily scented or too think in consistency. We will definitely continue to use this product when we have children of our own.

Burt's Bees Winner
by Amie

I received my first bottle of this when my daughter was born. It was part of a gift package. It worked great. She has sensitive skin and will develop a rash if I use certain products. I love the smell of this and it always leaves her skin smoother and nourished. I can use this even on skinned knees and she doesn't complain of it hurting. It prevents dry skin just as it claims. It is soft and gentle on my daughter's skin. The only thing I don't love about this lotion is the price. It is a little pricey in comparison to some of the more main stream brands, but I tried those, and this product is significantly superior. It is worth the price and I have and will continue to purchase this lotion.

Wonderful for Adults To!
by maryam

I first began using this product with my first child. Now that she is all grown up - I still bring this product home! It is just as good for us adults as it is for babies. Its perfect to really soothe and smooth the skin. You will feel the instant softness as you rub this into your skin. And this lotion smells perfect. It has soft smell that lasts throughout the day. I love this lotion and I know it is popular because even our local bookstore carries it!

Buttermilk Lotion is the BEST
by Sam Wagner

I love this brand and the products it comes out with. After using Burt's Bees lip balm, I had to try some of their other products. So I got this product for my little one for bath time. It is a very soft lotion and it doesn't sting my little baby's eyes at all. A must buy for any parent out their with a little tike!!!!!!

Wonderful for babies
by BA

I recently gave my friend a gift basket filled with all sorts of Burt's Bees Baby Bee products to use on her little ones. I love Burt's Bees products and had heard rave reviews about the Baby Bee line. Of all of the products that I gave her, she loved this Buttermilk Lotion the most. She loves the scent and the fact that it has not been harmful to her baby's sensitive skin. Application is a breeze and the fact that this lotion is gentle and soothing is a giant plus for babies. Also, the effectiveness of the lotion should be noted. My friend's baby had several irritated sections of skin, but after daily use of this lotion, those problem areas had reduced significantly and some can't be seen at all. She applied the lotion regularly and noticed a difference in a couple of weeks.

Applying Lotion Keeps in Body Warmth
by Jamie's Grandma

Burt's Bees Products are always improving their formula's for superb performance for their consumers. Did you know applying lotion before going outside keeps in moisture and warmth?
Baby Bees Buttermilk Lotion is the best for moisturizing babies' skin. After a bath, or as needed, this is a must have for babies, especially those with sensitive skin. The texture of lotion is not thick, but it easy to apply and smells good too. What a great way of moisturizing with filtered water and natural ingredients! You get more than what you pay for in this product. I am very pleased with Burt's Bees fine products, and will continue to buy them regularly. It's also good for Grandma's hands.

buy this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ashley

Not only is this lotion almost 100% natural, it's absolutely wonderful and very affordable. I've been using Burt's Bees products for many years now, and decided to start using their products on my niece. She loves to play outside and is very active for a 2 year old, so after taking a bath, playing, or right before she is put to bed I apply a little lotion. The sun has a way of making her skin very ashy, so this lotion does a good job at moisturizing and protecting her from the sun. However, it should not be used in place of sunblock. The scent isn't too strong, which is perfect for babies. The last thing you want to do is gag them with a strong floral scent. There is nothing to dislike about this product. It does everything it claims and more! But this lotion if you want to make you and your baby very pleased! 100% recommended.

I love Buttermilk lotion
by michelle

This product is amazing. I love everything by Burt's Bee. This lotion doesn't lie. It does what it says. I've been using it on my baby sister for a year now. We used to use Jonhson's because that was more popular, but once I saw the ingredients in this I gave it a try. It's amazing. I use it on my hands sometimes too, and it does not even sting on the broken skins. TRY THIS~!!!

Great product
by Erika

Burt's bee's products have always been extremely effective for me. I had used their lip balms before, so I figured their lotion would be just as great!
Like most baby lotions, this lotion helps keep your skin extremely soft and smooth. I tried it on my dry skin patches several times while staying at my friend's house for vacation, and it seriously eased and helped my dry elbows and hands. It was not greasy and it dried quickly and comfortably. The scent of the lotion was fresh and pleasant -- the combination of the buttermilk, aloe and sunflower oil is such a clean smell! I would recommend this to anyone suffering from dry skin, or anyone with a child who has dry skin.

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