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Smells great
by tracy wilkins

This is good stuff. Smells good and is mostly natural. I wish it were 100% natural. It 98.47%, why not go all the way?! But im not a soap maker! It is gentle on baby skin which is important. Not drying at all.

A great soap
by Melissa

Love the smell and the way it leaves my skin feeling. buttermilk is one of the oldest forms of skincare so this can't be wrong.

Great Soap
by Jessie

I absolutely love the smell of this soap. Also it doesn;t seem to leave that film on your skin that a lot of other soaps do. I don't just use it for the kids, in fact it's mostly the adults in the house that use it.

Everybody in My House Uses This!
by mona

This soap is used by my entire household - not just the babies! It is a great soap that is perfect for not only cleansing, but for moisturizing skin as well. The buttermilk in the soap is not only great for taking all the dirt off of the skin, but it leaves skin really soft and moisturized as well. What I love the most, is the nice and soft smell it leaves on my skin. It lasts the entire day too!

by Dorothy

My little brother is two years old and we use this soap on him all the time. It smells fantastic everybody always says he smells so good. It's very gentle and soothing, it makes him skin so soft and it really locks in the moisture, everyone else in the house uses it too.

Good for Sensitive Skin
by NRK

I have been using Burt's Bees products since my dermatologist recommended them around five years ago. I have always had sensitive skin, so when my son came along I wanted to take no chances. Since I had no problems using this soap I decided to use it with him. It is all natural so I don't have to worry about soap residue or over-drying his skin. I would recommend this product to all ages!

Great smell and feel
by jennifer

This buttermilk soap is excellent for babies and adults alike. The smell is great, and it leaves your skin silky smooth and makes you feel so relaxed. My child slept all night after using this product.

Not just for babies
by Ivy S.

I've always loved personal care products that contain real honey, as it's ideal for sensitive skin like mine since it's very gentle, as well as being slightly anti-bacterial in nature. When Burt's Bee's first introduced this product, I was rather disappointed, as it clearly advertised as being intended for "babies". However, since one doesn't always have to follow product "suggestions" for use, and not actual directions, I decided to purchase a couple of the bars, thinking I could always just leave them out for use by visiting guests with children, if the soap didn't work well for me.
To my great pleasure, I found that the Buttermilk Soap with honey was perfect for regular daily use and left my skin very clean and soft after my shower or bath. The bar is especially good and easy to pack when one is traveling, as you don't need to worry about the leakage common to bottled bath gels or liquid soaps. I later decided to try the Buttermilk Shampoo Bar as well, and now both of them are staples for both home and travel. We also now keep one on the bathroom and kitchen sinks, as honey is a better choice for mild anti-bacterial effects while hand washing, rather than the sometimes dangerous, chemical laden germ killing products popular now.
Buttermilk is known to be very soothing for easily irritated skin or inflamed tissue, or for use to nourish and hydrate ultra dry skin. Years ago many parents used buttermilk as a mild treatment for insect bites, chiggers, and sunburn. Grandmothers and new mothers often used it for bath soaks and as a facial cleanser to prevent wrinkles and soften aging or delicate skin. Although considered an "old fashioned" product ingredient, it's a more natural, healthier, and very effective addition for soaps and bathing products. The soothing combination of buttermilk along with natural honey, makes it an efficient yet mild cleanser, but without the stripping of natural skin oils effect often found in most modern soaps or skin cleansers. The bar lathers up well, and rinses very clean, even in tepid or hard water, leaving the skin super clean. satin soft, and fragrant as a newborns. I really like that it doesn't seem to get gummy or melt away if left on the side of the tub, either, which often happens with bar type soaps.

Being a big fan of the many fine natural honey products from Burt's Bees, I'm especially pleased with this one, even though it' designed and marketed for "babies". Sometimes the more gentle products like this one are found to be actually the best overall, even for adults with sensitive or delicate "baby" skin like mine.

I Use all Burt's Bees Products
by BHall

This great soap is no only gentle, it has a good smell. It makes the baby's skin also feels great after bath. These products always have good, natural ingredients which is a must have, for babies, toddlers, and children. Knowing what the ingredients are is very helpful, especially if you don't know what baby may be allergic to. I have used this on my face as well, as it is very gentle to your skin. I think it is priced pretty well, and will continue to use it for the grand kids.

Good for the Whole family
by Carol C.

I like most of the Burt's Bees products. I first got this one when my teenager kept snitching my expensive facial soap. This soap isn't cheap (compared to grocery store soaps), but it is less than my special face soap!
Both my kids like it - seems good for both sensitive and acne-prone skin. Doesn't dry the skin like many bar soap, yet thoroughly cleans oily skin. They use it twice a day. Rinses easily. Would be nice if it was less expensive, but it is worth it.

Smells great
by Sam Wagner

My little one loves this soap. I also have used it and say that it is great and smells wonderful. I also love that it is all natural and not made out of harmful chemicals.

by Destiny

WOW! This is honestly the most relaxing, soothing soap my family and I have ever used! Talk about moisturizing! I think everyone in my household got dirty just to bathe with Burt's Bees Buttermilk Soap! Not only do I use it for my children, THE WHOLE FAMILY USES IT! $5.00 is a bit much for a bar of soap..but well worth the money!

Sweet & Gentle
by Violet

The Baby Bee line has been in our house for 1 year now. This buttermilk soap is so sweet and gentle but it cleans well. It's easy for me to hold and has no sharp edges to hurt the baby. I can clean in confidence knowing that it has no chemicals or synthetics and leaves the skin totally non irritated (a big plus for babies!). The scent is so subtle and sweet too. I really enjoy using it and the baby does too. A great little soap to keep on hand for babies and sensitive skinned people too.

This Burt's Bees is not for us
by M. Bradley

My son has very sensitive skin, and we are always looking for a better soap. I love Burt's Bees products, so I thought I would try the buttermilk soap with him. However, it broke his skin out. I don’t know what is in it that caused his rash, but we only used this product once. We are back to our Dove. The soap works great for me though. It is non-drying, which I love for the winter. It was expensive though, so I probably won’t purchase it again.

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