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by angela gillen

I tried this product years ago on my sister and we weren't pleased with the results.

by nikki

My son has very sensitive skin and often develops a rash when I try new products on him. I was very happy to finally find a product that not only helps his skin but also smells great. It's great to use in the shower, and also when he takes a bath we pour some into his water to make bubbles. He loves it, and I love it because his skin stays soft and healthy.

Bubble Wash
by Brandi

I have a toddler in my household who really didn't like to take baths, but when I used this stuff he really wanted to stay in. At first I thought he just liked it because of the bubbles, but then he started trying to rub it on me. I think he really liked how it felt on his skin. He liked how it smelled as well.

He also didn't mind taking a bath in it with his rash, which he's normally afraid of something getting on it and making it hurt!
by sheree urich

I have a handicapped son who is sensitive to everything that comes in contact with his skin. I found this product to be not only great for his skin, but it kept rashes from forming on his chin , making this product, a superior cleansing product, as other products I have used did not seem to keep the rash away. It also will not sting his eyes.He is happy now taking a bath

bubble wash
by Krista

I really do like this brand and this wash for my kids. The only problem I have is its availability and its price. Honestly, it seems a bit too pricey to me for a bubble wash, as do many of its products; plus it is hard to find anywhere else besides whole foods and certain specialty stores. I could not find this product in my local drug stores like RiteAid, CVS, Duane Reade, and Walgreens.

Kids love it!
by Kat

The kids want to take a bath when I say we have this!

kid recommended
by Linda

I used this when I was babysitting for my niece. She liked the smell and it was a lot of fun for her. It helped her sensitive skin as well. I recommend for kids.

by margarita

My son loves this bubble bath. It makes him want to take more baths plus his skin does not break out from using it.

kiss my face bubble wash
by heather

This is great it smells good and is affordable also.

great soap
by carmanmm

My kids love this and they want this in the bath every time, makes tons of bubbles and non irritant so I don't have to worry about allergic reactions.

kiss my face bubble wash
by carolyn

Great bubble soap, nice scent but a little pricey.

bubbles bubbles everywhere
by Deepali saini

This is great. Its make lots of bubbles & my baby love to play with these bubbles.

by Jessie

This stuff is great. Not only does it clean the kids, but it also makes a ton of bubbles when used as bubble bath.

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by heather

No problems here with bath time! They love it!

good product.
by sasha

Me and my little sister love this product, Its very gentle, and hypoallergenic. I am an adult and she is a little kid but we both love this product and can use it on our very irritable skin.

by Rita

My grand daughter saw me lookingat this & now is begging to try it for her bth. I hope I cna find it when I go shopping next time.