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great product
by Sarah

My brother has had eczema since childhood and he has tried everything. He was on medication for a couple months, but that didn't help. He started to use this product a month ago and now and he is starting to see some results. He is less "itchy" now and that is a great start. I hope this can be a cure for him.

Gentle yet effective
by J.Y

Although a newborn baby may have dry flaky skin, it is not immediately necessary to bathe them. This Mustela cleanser is convenient for cleaning specific areas without immersing baby in the tub. It also leaves a clean scent. I still use it on my 2 year old whenever she shows signs of irritation. It works wonders.

Try it!
by Cecilia

I forgot to bring a cleanser when I went on vacation a month ago and I borrowed my best friend's cleanser, which was this product. It was so gentle that it felt like heaven when I was using it. My skin felt replenished and refreshed after using this. I even wanted to steal it from my best friend! I liked it so much that she even gave it to me. So I use this product occasionally now. When I feel like my skin needs a little bit more TLC. I recommend this product, it cleans your skin and leaves it baby soft!

Stelatopia Cream Cleanser
by Pennken2009

My 2 year old gets dirty fast! and when it's time to give him a bath, I always turn to Stelatopia Cream Cleanser, it's great! I would recommend this to anyone with a young child!

Wonderful brand, wonderful product.
by Terra

This, along with the lotions and other Mustela products, are my holy grail when it comes to bathing my twin boys. When you bring babies home from the hospital, their skin continues to be very sensitive for months after. You do not want to use anything harsh on their tender skin. Medela products have been great for my babies sensitive skin, and it makes their skin so soft! Prepare for baby cuddles!

Wonderful for eczema
by Kathy

My two youngest children have such sensitive skin and have been diagoinosed with eczema. I tried creams from their peditrician and over-the-counter remedies and nothing seemed to help. However, with this product, it was like a miracle in a bottle! Now my 2 year old and my 9 month old no longer show the signs of irritated skin! It was a blessing in disguise!

its good
by renuka

My daughter has very dry skin. Her doctor suggested for me not to use any soap on her skin, so I found this cleanser. It is very useful for her, and doesn't dry her skin. Her skin is soft and shiny. I recommend this to my friends too. This is good for kids with eczema also.

Great for adults too
by Denise

I used this as a body wash for my youngest at the doctor's recommendation because she was prone to rashes as an infant. It worked great for her, and she has since grown out of it. I occasionally get dry, itchy skin and Mustela's products are the cure for me. Not only does it soothe the symptoms, it helps prevent them in the future. Highly recommended!

Good Product
by Roxanne Ranelli

I have looked for several products, especially cream based soaps to heal dry and itchy skin. This product was great for my children who had a problem with sensitive skin. We have tried other reputable cleansers in the past but all have caused rashes. The smell is pure and this product passed our "allergy" test!

Great Product
by Kyle

Great face cleanser for problematic skin. My skin easily breaks out and drys out very easily. This product was great at preventing both dry skin and acne. I'm a guy, so I liked it because it doesn't have a fragrance. Reasonably priced.

I love Mustela
by Christina Jadwisiak

My sons all have eczema. I couldn't find anything, including medicines, to take it away. I came across the Mustela site and they sent me some samples. It was gone within 48 hours. I have used it for 4 years, and will continue to keep using it. I highly recommend it for children that have sensitive skin. It works wonders!!!

I am hooked!
by tami

After falling in love with the moisturizing cream I just had to try this product. Since my sister and I have sensitive skin we are hooked! This cleanser is gentle but takes off all my makeup. I like how my skin feels moisturized after I wash my face. By accident I found that even when it gets in my eyes I was fine.

Gentle Cleanser
by Jess

This is a really gentle cleanser. I use it for the whole family and feel that it has even helped with my eczema. I would buy it again.

by wang

My daughter had fairly bad eczema when she was under a year old. It was great for preventing her skin from getting worse.

A++ product
by Tiffany

I will recommend this product for everyone that has sensitive skin or allergies to other cleansers because this is such a terrific product. It has worked great wonders on my daughters skin. She is 4 years old and this product worked great it helped her a lot and nothing else would ever help her. I used it as body wash on her to! A+ product!

Works Great
by Louis

I sometimes get itchy skin so I need something to moisturize and clean my skin. I tried out this product and it worked wonders. My skin was smooth again and there was no more itchiness. I definitely recommend this to anyone with dry and itchy skin. Works great!

Great Cleanser
by DAV92683

This is a great skin cleanser if you are in the market for a cleanser. It is a cream, not water like others. I saw a great improvement after a week of use. The cleanser not only protects the skin but it also softens it with moisturizers because it contains sunflower oil.

5 stars
by nazm07

I have tried various types of cleansers before, because my skin is very dry. But after my friend asked me to try this, my skin has changed a lot. It gave me a nice, smoother look, which I waited for so long. I love the product.

Treats dry skin very well
by SP

My skin is very dry and I feel very itchy and irritated most of the times. Stelatopia Cleanser worked well for me to treat my dry skin. It retains sufficient moisture and the good part of it is, it is not very oily. It is a nice cleanser, altogether.

Great for extra-sensitive skin
by J

This (along with Stelatopia moisturizing lotion) was recommended by my pediatrician for my son's VERY sensitive skin. Up until the age of 1 year, this was THE ONLY cleanser I could use without irritating his dry, eczema prone skin (I also used it as a shampoo).
I highly recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies to other cleansers.

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