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Soft Baby Skin Again
by Angela Hood

I use Stelatopia Mosturizing Cream by Mustela on my 2 1/2 year old daughter's skin whenever she has skin irrations. This is great on roughed up skin from playing on scratchy carpet or from skinning your knee on concrete. I also have found that it soothes her skin very well if we have spent a bit too much time out in the sun. This is a wonderfully versatile product.

Great product!
by Kyle

My youngest son has extremely dry, flaky skin on his arms and legs. I tried lotions, vitamin A&D ointment, and nothing seemed to work. I got a free sample of Stelatopia from the pediatrician. By the time the sample was gone, his dry skin was much improved. Not a bad price for a product that delivers.

Try it!
by Stephen

I forgot to bring a cleanser when I went on vacation a month ago and I borrowed my best friend's cleanser, which was this product. It was so gentle that it felt like heaven when I was using it. My skin felt replenished and refreshed after using this. I even wanted to steal it from my best friend! I liked it so much that she even gave it to me. So I use this product occasionally now. When I feel like my skin needs a little bit more TLC. I recommend this product, it cleans your skin and leaves it baby soft!

Great Alternative to Steroid Based Cream.....
by Margaret Vannell

My son is now 4 years old. As an infant, we frequently used Elidel and other similar products to ease his Eczema. Within the past year, his skin has become more and more harsh and dry. A neighbor of mine, recommended this product and after one week of use, we have not yet stopped utilizing the Stelatopia Cream. It has taken away the red blotchy skin and irritable itching sensation, which at one point recently was resulting in huge scratches from excess scratching. My son doesn't even complain of that "leftover greasy" feeling either anymore. In other words, we could not have been happier to have found this product, and will continue using it from now on!!!

by liy

I have had this for the past few years, but it has been manageable. Since July, however, I have been struggling with a massive outbreak of it. That's over 5 months! I finally tried this cream, and instantly felt relief! It was like a miracle, and I will now have this cream wherever I go. To those who are disappointed in this cream and are looking for a facial moisturizer, you should look for a product made specifically for the face. This is a heavy cream meant for the body, and for those with extremely dry skin. Anyway, I highly recommend to anyone with severely dry skin...I LOVE IT!!!

Great Product
by Az

Our toddler has terrible dry skin, especially on his knees and elbows. We use this twice a day, regularly and find that his skin is much softer. This is gentle enough to use more often (and we do when we're traveling). There is no annoying, medicinal smell and it is not overly fragrant. The best part is that it is just the right amount of moisture- it is neither overly greasy nor drying.

Great for Kids & Adults
by Laura

This is a great product. My 19 month old has VERY Dry skin and breaks out from the dryness. This is the BEST Moisturizing cream I have found to use on him. I put this on him once a day (can be used twice) but with one application the dryness is gone. I also use this for myself when my skin gets dry and itchy and it works GREAT!!! It is expensive, but well worth it!

Smooth product
by PT

My kids have sensitive skin and are very prone to dryness and rashes. After using Protopic and Elidel, I wasn't comfortable with the products being steroid-based. I tried other lotions such as Eucerin and such but found that Stelatopia had the best results. The product works well and I would recommend it as an alternative to more expensive prescription creams.

I recommend it
by rachel anderson

My daughter suffers from horrible dry, red skin. A friend of mine recommended it. It definitely helps with her skin. It is hard to find a cream that works and doesn't have a bad smell, but Stelatopia works and has a great smell. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Good stuff
by J.Y

Mustela is known for their lotions, creams, and washes. We received a well baby care kit from our co-workers when we had our first child and many of the products were from Mustela. They make great maternity care products as well, and all are safe for babies and mommies. This moisturizing cream is specific to problem skin, and is delicate just the same. Rest assured this will soothe the skin on your precious baby.

by Jane M.

Two of my children both suffer from eczema, a trait that I unfortunately passed on. I have tried several other treatments, but once I tried this on both of them, it was the best that I have used. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but when it comes to the health and welfare of my children, I cannot put a price tag on it. It has definitely helped and I will not stop using it.

may be kids but I use it
by brandyn

This may be for kids, but I use it and works like a charm. Because it's winter, my face peels and so does the sorrounding area of my nose. This works great. I use it 3 times a day, when I wake up, when I get home from work and before sleep. Works like a charm!

by terra

I received this, along with other Mustela products at the baby shower of my twins, who I just gave birth to 3 months ago. When you bring home a newborn baby, their skin is just so sensitive and you don't want to put anything harsh on their skin. I received many other brands but this is the lotion I continue to use, and will for a long time to come. Your little ones skin is worth the extra dough!


My daughter had dry, itchy skin for two years. Nothing I purchased seemed to help. One day at the pharmacy a woman recommended Stelatopia moisturizing cream. I purchased it and have been so happy that I took her advise. My daughter's itchy, dry, flaky skin is gone now and we continue to use this product daily. It is a wonderful product!

Great for my son
by James Zitzmann

I use this product for my son as he has very sensitive skin on his face. It used to get red and peely a lot, but ever since I started using this product, it has improved tenfold. I wouldn't ever use anything else.

Wonderful stuff
by Karina Reed

This stuff is amazing and I don't say that lightly. I was not too pleased with their cradle crap shampoo. This moisturizer is wonderful if your baby has problem skin like mine does. They sadly inherited overly sensitive skin from me. They were prone to itchy and very dry skin. Mustela is always gentle. It is very expensive but skin is just one of those things that are worth spending money on. Frankly, one bottle goes a really long way as it is meant to be used on babies and kids, though I am guilty of using it on my legs after a shave. It is really wonderful product and I promise that you're children's skin will positively glow.

Great for adults too
by Denise

I used this in combo with the cream cleanser for my youngest when she had rashes. I occasionally have dry and itchy skin and this is the cure for me. Sure it's expensive, but I haven't found another product that works as well for sensitive skin without any fragrance. I will continue to use this product for myself and my kids, and will recommend it to anyone.

Very good for dry skin
by nazmul07

My son has had very dry skin since he was born. It became drier in the Midwestern climate, so our pediatrician recommended this product. We tried other lotions like Eucerin, but it always irritated his skin. It is not greasy, so he likes to rub it in with his hand. The best part is, it worked and improved his skin.

This product is great!
by vmvdmd

My infant son is prone to bouts of eczema. He really needed the best, and with Stelatopia, we found it. I think it works better than eucerin, and costs just a bit more. Since using the product, his skin is remarkably clearer and he isn't as rashy. A great product!

by Sarah

Both of my kids suffer from eczema and their doctor suggested using Eucerin on their skin. I was unhappy with Eucerin as it was so greasy and my kids hated that greasy feeling. I stopped using it and found Stelatopia. This product is like night and day compared to Eucerin. The cream is not greasy at all and it absorbed quickly into my kids' skin so they didn't have that greasy feeling. The smell is very nice and my daughter wanted to put it on her legs all of the time! Finally a product that works! I will definitely be referring this product to my kids' doctor so she can spread the word on this product!

Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream
by Sandy

My 2 year old has terrible problems with chapped cheeks. This product is a wonder for her. It doesn't burn like most lotions and it keeps her cheeks from chapping in the winter.

Soft, soft skin
by Sara

Mustela skin care products for children/ babies are worth the money if your child had extremely sensitive skin/ eczema or gets dry skin with regular baby soaps. The difference after using this moisturizer is notable almost immediately.

May cost a little more but it is so worth it
by Christina Jadwisiak

I recommend Mustela Stelatopia products to all my friends for their kids. I know it costs more then the store bought products for kids, but it works. I have been using it on my kids for 4 years due to sensitive skin and eczema. I wouldn't use anything else. It definitely works!

Great product!
by Herman

My nephew had a bad problem with eczema and I bought this cream at the local pharmacy. I really have no knowledge about this product, but the pharmacist recommended it to me. After a while, my nephew told me how great the cream was and how he is a lot less worried about his sensitive skin.

Excellent Product
by BusyMommy

My youngest son has very sensitive skin and I could not be happier with the results of using this cream. It doesn't irritate his skin at all and even though it is a bit on the expensive side, it is worth it.

excellent for babies!
by Cady

My son has extremely dry, flaky skin on his arms and legs. I tried lotions, vitamin A&D ointment, and nothing seemed to work. I got a free sample of Stelatopia from the pediatrician. By the time the sample was gone, his dry skin was much improved. Not a bad price for a product that delivers.

Love it
by tami

My doctor referred me to this product when my little sister was having reactions to many of the other cream/lotions we were trying. I found that warming the cream up in my hands first allowed and easier application. The smell was light and fresh and this cream moisturized very well without leaving a sticky residue. Her sensitive skin loves it!

by rao

Another review with 5 stars seems over the top with so many others, but I can't help it--this product is that good. My skin is prone to breakouts, and if I use Complex 15 regularly, I don't have a problem. My guy and my son both like it, too--they first thought it would smell "girly", but were surprised at how well it worked without smelling "feminine." Terrific product.

by Mandy

I really liked this product! My son has a big problem during the winter and gets extremely chapped lips along with the area around his lips getting very red and chapped also. When he is sleeping, I put this on at night and by the morning time, he is ready to go for another day!

Great for Sensitive Skin!
by Katelin

When my son was an infant he had rough, dry skin behind his ears and on his ankles and knees. The pediatrician recommended Eucerin, but it always irritated his skin. In fact, his skin was so extremely sensitive that just giving him a soft kiss on the cheek would make him break out in a horrible rash.

Thankfully, I did some searching around and found Stelatopia. It wasn't greasy or sticky, went on smoothly and didn't bother my son's super-sensitive skin one bit. Within a week of using this cream, there was significant improvement in his dry skin and a few weeks after that his skin was completely clear.

I showed this cream to my pediatrician and from then on it was what he always recommended to his patients. This cream is a must for anyone with sensitive skin!

One of the best moisturizers on the market
by Tonya

Stelatopia Moisturizing cream is one of the best products on the market. I've tried many moisturizers for my daughter. She has very dry skin in the winter. I apply it in the day then again at night. She no longer complains about her itchy skin.

Excellent for Summer - Bikini Area
by Beth

Stelatopia is AWESOME to use in the Bikini Area during the summer! I tend to get severe razor burn in this very "sensitive" area - and this is the only product I find that cures the nasty "RAZOR BUMPS"!

Worth every penny....
by J

My pediatrician recommended this lotion for my son's VERY sensitive skin. It worked wonders on his eczema and was the only thing that didn't irritate his skin. Now that he is 2, he can tolerate some other products, but I am sticking with the Stelatopia. It may seem a little expensive, but if you or your little one has sensitive skin, it is worth every penny.

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