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Your baby will thank you!
by Ashley

This is one of the best baby shampoos out there. I was very skeptical as to whether it would lather to my satisfaction being a bar instead of liquid, but it definitely did. In fact, I found it easier and quicker. The only downside is that it tends to be watery, so if you're looking for something incredibly rich this isn't it. Super sensitive for babies in mind, you won't regret buying this product. You'll probably start buying it for yourself. Can't complain about the price either.

This is great!
by mona

This is the perfect shampoo bar to use for little kids. I used this for my kids when they were babies. It was much easier to use than baby shampoos. It was easier to lather and it was easier to apply to their hair. It got easier as they got older because when my kids first learned to bathe, I let them use this bar for shampoo. It meant less worries for me because I did not have to worry about them using too much shampoo or spilling it. It smells great too!

Excellent quality mild shampoo in a bar
by Ivy S.

This product from Burt's Bees, Baby Bee Shampoo Bar, is one I purchased, along with the Buttermilk Bar Soap, even though they were both clearly intended for use on infants. However with very sensitive, delicate skin myself, and being a long time fan of Burt's Bee's honey products I just couldn't resist. Now, both my daughter and my husband are both regular users of the Baby Bee Shampoo Bar. My husband has very thin, fine hair, with a tendency to dryness and flaky scalp, and he really likes that the bar is compact and easy to carry along on boat trips or just for use in the shower as a daily shampoo. It's perfect for those with fine hair who shampoo frequently, and is not just suitable for kids or babies. I've used it myself and it provides a nice gentle cleansing without leaving behind any product residue. My daughter uses it on her 13 month old baby, and finds it doesn't cause tears, and doesn't build up on her delicate little scalp, nor cause skin scaling as many shampoo products do.

My daughter loves that she doesn't have to worry that if she leaves the bar on the side of the bath tub that it will get knocked over and spill as most liquid shampoos would, or that if her inquisitive 5 year old dumps in on his head while in the bath, that it will sting or burn his eyes or damage his tender skin or scalp. We even purchased a separate bar, and then later found a brightly colored bumble bee shaped soap dish to store it in, so that my grandson could have his own personal Baby Bee Shampoo Bar, separate from his little sister's!

My husband says the bar lathers up really well in his own daily shower, and is excellent for use to remove odors from his hair, such as those from perspiration after being outdoors in hot and humid weather, or the smell often clinging to his hair after cleaning fish on his boat, or mowing grass. Non-drying to the hair, and healthy for even the most delicate scalp, as well as being easier to use than liquid shampoos, Baby Bee Shampoo Bar should get high ratings for both quality and efficacy, whether used by adults or for infants. If I could give a higher rating than the five stars allowed, this product would get this honor.

Great Product!
by Sara

This stuff is great, but a little pricey! It's much easier to use a bar of "shampoo soap" than to lather up with regular baby shampoo. It is definitely worth the money! This was always much better for my children because they were allergic to the other major brands (Gerber, etc.)

Great Help for Grandma
by Sally

Sometimes, it's a little rough to get little ones together and get them bathed when they have come to stay with me for the weekend.
This helps wash hair and body easier. It is good for older children to use as well, but still soft and gentle. I like the smell, and the kids do also. It lathers well and they can help by cleansing themselves without spilling shampoo all over. It does both jobs of cleansing without the mess. Hurray! I love it, plus it has natural ingredients. I will keep it on hand for them and myself.

Clever Idea
by Mandy

I always had trouble with bottles and liquids when helping wash my baby cousin, but with this soap bar the mess is so much less. It's so much easier to avoid getting soap into her eyes with this bar. The soap smells wonderful and works great. I would recommend this bar shampoo to everyone.

So helpful
by BA

This product is so handy. I recently purchased a variety of Burt's Bees Baby Bee products for a friend of mine. This shampoo bar was included in the those products. Well, I recently offered to baby-sit for my friend and her husband as part of her birthday gift. One of my duties as babysitter was to bath the baby. My friend had mentioned how useful the shampoo bar was, but that night, I got to experience it for myself. Bathing her beautiful little boy was a breeze with the shampoo bar. There was no fumbling for the shampoo containers or needing two hands to extract the shampoo. I simply used the shampoo bar like a bar of soap on the baby's head and a lather started appearing. Because there was no shampoo liquid involved, no shampoo ran into his eyes and I had total control of the entire process. It was wonderful! I would highly recommend this product.

Great idea!
by Herm

This is a great baby shower gift. It looks absolutely darling and smells wonderful! The best part is that, this makes washing a wiggly baby so much easier! And because it is in a bar form it tends to last and last. Very cute design!

Great soap
by Christie

I love this soap. I don't use it on a baby, but I use it to baby my skin! I also don't use it in my hair. However, it's a great cleansing soap and very gentle. It's perfect for dry winter skin!

Great for pets!
by Carol Covello

Though it sounds odd, a friend recommended that I try this on my dog - who has sensitive skin and gets itchy after baths (even with special pet shampoos). I tried this on her last bath, and her skin stayed calm (no redness).

We wet her down, then lathered the bar in our hands. Her fur was lovely to look at - nice, soft, and glowing. I was a bit worried that a 'bar soap' would leave a residue, but it rinsed beautifully.

I can't say how it works on human babies - but worked great on my dog-baby!

A must have for babies.
by mamma_nee

This Baby Bee Shampoo Bar not only gives you the all natural products we look for in a product but so much more. I wish I had found this product with my 2 older sons but I only found it when my 6 yr old was born. It made his bath time so much fun. Anyone who has kids, knows how hard it is to try and hold your infant with one hand while trying to open the shampoo bottle and having it slip onto the floor...making you feel like a total klutz! This product makes it so easy to give the baby a bath and less stress on mom or dad. I highly recommend it to anyone with a small child in house.

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