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Infants and toddlers can be finicky eaters. That's why it's comforting to know that, no matter what their food preference of the moment may be, you can help ensure your child's daily intake of essential vitamins with Kindermins®. The convenient, tasty liquid can be added easily to juice, stirred into cereal or taken directly.

Essential vitamins support healthy development.*

An herbal base helps soothe the digestive system.*

Pleasant-tasting formula has no artificial flavoring or color.
Product: Kindermins
Brand: Herbalife (More Products)
Size: 1 floz.
Dosage: Infants 6 months to 3 years of age one dropperful orally.
Retail: $15.25
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3 Customer Reviews

A great alternative
by Melissa

My daughter, who refused anything that was in pill form, even if it was chewable, had no clue when we put her vitamins into her drinks with this great liquid vitamin. There was no arguments or refusals to take vitamins anymore. I fully suggest this vitamin for any child who is picky or refuses, like my daughter, to take any type of medicine. It did not alter the taste at all. Although slightly more expensive, it's worth it then opting for no vitamin. Not to mention the company is a reliable company and very well known.

Five year old fan.
by Jo

My five year old half-sister is a terribly picky eater. She seems to have tastebuds of royalty, but she has no idea that her juice every morning is spiked with this nutritious treat! I bought it for her before that side of my family moved away, and I am told that she happily gulps down her juice every morning with this product in it.

Liquid Vitamins for Kids
by William Duong

When I babysat for my cousins, I had to give them multivitamins before breakfast. Instead of seeing the small tablets that some kids will refuse to take, I was told to slip some of this inside their breakfast. It worked like a charm, as it is good tasting, and does what it needs to do. It has all of the vitamins and nutrients you would expect, so you are not missing anything if you take the liquid form.