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Juice Plus+ Chewables

Juice Plus+ Chewables is a kid-friendly solution to getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Chewables contain the same nutritional ingredients as "regular" Juice Plus+ for anyone who doesn’t like to swallow capsules.
Product: Juice Plus+ Chewables
Brand: Juice Plus (More Products)
Size: 4 month supply
Dosage: Refer to product label
Retail: $89.00
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19 Customer Reviews

Adverse Effects
by Maylee

I hoped JP would have been the answer to all my prayers, healthy skin, heathly hair, etc I ordered the orchard blend and garden blend chewables for myself and after taking them for a month both my hands and feet started to get pins and needles, so I stopped them. A few months went by and I felt terrible b/c I knew the rep who sold them to me and she seemed happy and healthy, so I tried them again. I now ordered all three chewables. The vineyard blend immediately made me break out and after a few weeks the pins and needles started again and I also had an eye twitch that lasted for 3 weeks after I stopped taking them. On another note, I tried to give them to my child, before I started to get any reaction of coarse, and he refused to take them. He did not like the taste at all. I would not suggest this product to anyone. Also, does anyone know why these are not sold in the store? why hasn't a distributor picked them up after such a long time?

by Connie
by Faithful User

My husband and I have used Juice Plus for years. Before he started on JP, he was an always exhausted airline pilot. After 1 month he felt better than he had in years.
I started taking them hoping to have one winter when I didn't have a cold/bronchitis/laryngitis for 6-8 weeks. Since I started on JP, I have been healthy every winter with only occasional sniffles! I stopped taking them one winter just to evaluate and was sick for 4 weeks. We believe in this product!!

Owner Serenade Music Studio
by Barbara Stout

My husband and I have been taking Juice Plus Orchard, Garden and Berry blend for almost 3 years now. It is the first three years of my life that I haven't had a cold, flu or any illness at all. My nails and hair grow like crazy and my overall well being and energy is the best it's ever been--and I'm 54. My husband who is 67 had many problems, taking high blood pressure meds, cholesterol, etc. After JP came along--this all went out the window!! We don't plan on ever living without this amazing, whole food supplement!!!

Some people need to get real!
by Matt Wagner

I have been a user for years and my kids have taken the gummies and now the chewables for over 3 years. They consistently get sick less often than most of their fellow classmates and have NEVER gotten sick from the chewables/gummies.
Those of you who say your kid got sick or the flu after taking Juice Plus should have your head examined. Is it possible they had already been exposed to a flu bug before taking the JP+ product? I love people who make random conclusions based on incomplete information.
If you have the discipline than purchasing fruits and vegetables and getting your kids to eat them is a far superior idea than eating chewables. However, this is a SUPPLEMENT and can help get a childrens recommended daily allotment. You should encourage your children to eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
I only give 4 out of 5 stars because Juice Plus is on the expensive side but I believe it is worth the cost.

by Cathy

My grandkids love the new Chewables! What a great way to add some extra fruits and veggies to their daily diet. It's a great gift.

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1 Customer Opinions

Great Quality!
by Amy

Juice plus + makes you feel great and makes you less hungry. I use to be pretty fat, but now I lost weight and feel GREAT! Juice + really helps people out a lot!

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