f Lil Critters Vita Beans Kids Multivitamin Reviews and Information

Vita Beans Kids Multivitamin

Multi-vitamins that look and taste like jellybeans. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
Product: Vita Beans Kids Multivitamin
Brand: Lil Critters (More Products)
Size: 60 beans
Dosage: 2 beans daily
Retail: $6.39
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20 Customer Reviews

Kids love them!
by william

Your kids will love these SOO much that you'll have to make sure they can't get their hands on them. Never has taking vitamins been so much fun and so yummy for your kids! Oh, and by the way they are loaded with all the necessary essentials needed to keep your angel healthy and strong!

A vitamin they believe is candy!
by Amie

When I went to buy my normal gummy vitamin for my daughter they were out. Stuck and not sure which one to go with, I checked Nutritional Tree and saw this vitamin looked like a jelly bean, and it had good reviews. I purchased these and then waited for the battle to begin because I was trying to slip her something new. I told her they were candy and she took it and ate it with no complaints. I was thrilled. I tasted it and was impressed that they tasted good. The price is great. The amount of the vitamins it provides is excellent. I think we have a new winner in our household!!

makes vitamins fun
by victoria

I bought my daughter these vitamins, and she loves them. I never have to argue with her about taking her vitamins, she always takes these willingly. I tried these out myself, and they really do taste just like a fruity jelly bean. The only thing I wish these vitamins had is calcium. It would really round out these as a complete supplement if they did have the vitamins and minerals for a growing child's bones.

Nothing but the Best.
by mar438

My grandkids were always getting colds. If one got it, they all did. They hated taking vitamins. Their parents bought vitamins for them and they would hide them. They just would not take their vitamins. I came across Vita Beans Multivitamin for kids. They look like jelly beans and my grandkids love those. They love these, and no more hiding vitamins and fewer colds.

Great Taste, enjoyable to take
by Bryan

These Vita Beans are a novel idea, taken after the gummy bear vitamins, but, I think they are much better. They are less chewy than gummy bears, which makes it easier to take, and they taste better too. I've tried these on more than one occassion, and now I understand why my kids are always asking me whether it's time for vitamins yet!

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