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Children's Multiple

Children's Multiple is as complete as the Daily Multiple without the ginseng or honey. Essential Fatty Acids are added for brain growth, along with Elderberry and Ester-C for the immune system. Your kids will love this great tasting formula. You'll love it for its completeness. Children's Multiple is an amazing blend of whole foods designed to provide the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids for growing bodies. The base of pure aloe vera juice is loaded with digestive enzymes. Sea vegetables - dubbed nature's perfect food - provide most of the nutrient in this well-rounded formula. Our Aloe Vera juice is cold-pressed, leaving the nutrients intact and the enzymes active. Stevia, a naturally sweet Paraguayan herb, is used for its beneficial properties. Because Children's Multiple is comprised of whole foods, it is appropriate for the youngest child who eats solid foods.

Intended for use by children who eat whole foods.
Product: Children's Multiple
Brand: Liquid Health (More Products)
Size: 36 oz.
Dosage: 1 oz.
Retail: $23.20
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9 Customer Reviews

Liquid Health
by patricia

I had bought this item for my children because every other type of vitamins or liquids with vitamins in it, they refused, and didn't like the taste of any. I bought this and it turned out they really didn't like the taste at all. So I wouldn't recommend this item to children who only eat what they think tastes good.

Lots of vitamins, bad taste
by Laura

I purchased this liquid vitamin for my kids who are really picky. I like that it is really complete, including good immune system stuff which is nice this time of year. The only problem is that my kids think it tastes "like medicine" and they won't take it on their own. I've found that if you mix it with something strong tasting (like OJ or grapefruit juice) they don't really notice it. Just be careful if you have picky eaters!

Too Expensive!
by drew

Overall this product was horrible, don't get me wrong though, it contains many nutrients. This bottled liquid was not able to fool my kids into trying it as they are aware of the awful taste they will soon face. I practically saw my money go down the drain as this bottle of Children's Multiple would sit in my cabinet for years. Overall, this product was horrible. I wouldn't recommend this if your children are picky.

Great for the kids
by Josh

This is a life saver. After spending minutes of my day battling with my kids to take a vitamin, I needed a better solution. This product has all the benefits of all other multi-vitamins but is easier to take. Anything that saves me time in my day is a plus. I know my kids are getting the proper nutrients with less hassle.

They'll take it!
by Elizabeth

I give these vitamins to my kids especially since both of them are under 6. Why? Have you seen how much junk food kids are exposed to everyday! We eat well at home but they eat at places where I can't control the nutritional value. So, for peace of mind, I started with vitamins that are liquid and that also have essential minerals which a lot of kids don't get. I mix it with orange juice and they have no complaints. They love it. For a mom that's one thing you want for your children....to be healthy. Kids love it and mom approves.

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