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Herbasaurs Liquid Multi Vitamin with Iron

Herbasaurs Liquid Multiple Vitamins Plus Iron [Vital Nutrition] is for children who would rather take a liquid than a chewable. It contains 12 essential vitamins (including vitamins A, D, E, C, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, biotin and pantothenic acid) plus zinc, iron and antioxidants. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, sucrose, starch or preservatives, and is sweetened with fructose.
Product: Herbasaurs Liquid Multi Vitamin with Iron
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 4 oz.
Dosage: 1 teaspoon
Retail: $19.10
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2 Customer Reviews

It’s A Herbavore, It’s A Carnivore, No It’s A Herbasaur!
by Sarah

Herbasaurs Liquid Multi Vitamin With Iron is a liquid multi vitamin. If you have ever tried to give children liquid medicine, then you will not disagree that struggling with a child to get them to take a liquid is almost more trouble then it’s worth at times. Add to the fact that they did not add any of the stuff kids love like artificial flavors, sucrose, and artificial colors, and you get a liquid multi vitamin that you will have a difficult time getting your children to take. For children 1-4 years old, you give them 1 teaspoon a day, and children over 4 take 2 teaspoons a day. This medicine has to be taken with meals, stored in the refrigerator, and shaken well before each use. You get approximately 24 teaspoons out of a bottle, which makes this an extremely expensive way to give your children their multi vitamins, especially if they are over 4 years old, and take 2 teaspoons a day. I do not purchase this product on a regular basis, because purchasing vitamins every 12 days seems like a lot to remember, and a high cost to boot. They do sell larger bottles, but I have found them to be just as expensive. This multi vitamin does a really good job of giving children 100% of the daily dose of some key vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin B 12, and Vitamin E. In addition to these vitamins, they have also loaded this multi vitamin with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B 1, Vitamin B 2, Niacin, Vitamin B 6, Folic Acid, and Pantothenic Acid. In addition, the multi vitamin formula contains minimal amounts of Biotin and Zinc. The flavor of the multi vitamin solution is strong. Identifying it with a single flavor is difficult, all though strong citrus orange juice is a pretty accurate flavor description. Flavor hints of lemon, lime, orange, and mango are very strong, and it’s a bit sour in flavor, but not overly sour thanks to the sweetener fructose. The most important thing for parents to know about Herbasaurs Liquid Multi Vitamin With Iron multi vitamin solution is that there is a great deal of iron in the multi vitamin solution. In fact, there is even a warning label about “enough iron to harm a child” which means you need to keep it well out of the reach of children, and pay attention to how much you give your child. As with all vitamins containing iron, there is a chance that this vitamin could constipate your child, so pay attention to your child’s bowel movements while he/she is taking this multi vitamin.

Brining Up Baby
by cynthia

You can start kids on this from birth. Just add to formula or juice and you know the nutritional needs of your children are met. Most baby formulas have less nutrition in them than pet food does. Make sure your kids are not malnourished with Herbasaurs great products.