f Nature's Sunshine Herbasaurs Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Chewable Reviews and Information

Herbasaurs Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Chewable

Herbasaurs Chewable Vitamins and Minerals [Vital Nutrition] is designed especially for children. Getting your kids to eat their veggies might be a struggle, but you’ll never have to beg them to take their Herbasaurs. Not only do these tablets taste good, they contain 12 essential vitamins plus iron that children need to grow strong, healthy bodies. They’re sweetened with fructose and contain natural fruit flavor. Contains no sucrose, starch, preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors. Each Dinotab is stamped with an Herbasaurs character.
Product: Herbasaurs Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Chewable
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 90 Chewable Tablets
Dosage: 1 Tablet
Retail: $16.85
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5 Customer Reviews

Not a bad choice
by Nathan

I just got these for my kids. They eat them fine, however if I give them a choice between these and gummy vitamins - they always choose the gummy.

by Brian

It’s nearly impossible to get kids to take their medicine, or in this case their vitamins, but I’ve found that this particular flavor of chewable multivitamin is no problem at all. My kids actually want to take them, and more than once I’ve had to remind them that these are not candy and you only need one a day. The complement of vitamins they contain is above average when compared to the competition.

Daily Multiple Vitamins for Kids
by William Duong

When it comes down to Multiple vitamins for kids (I take an adult daily now), the key is how good it tastes. Most places have generic vitamins which are good as well, but make sure that they taste good. Being characterized, such as dinosaurs, also help do the trick. In fact, thats one of the reasons I take daily vitamins now - because I have been taking them since I was a kid. I took the Chewable Herbasaurs vitamins when I was a kid for its gummy sweet taste, and didn't think of the health benefits. I recommend this to all parents who want healthy kids.

Health Assurance
by cynthia

I use this product with adults who cannot swallow or tolerate the taste of liquids. It helps replace the missing nutrients in most of our diets.

Never forgotten
by Chrislyn

One of my sons reminds me every morning to give him his Herbasaur. I buy this kind because it doesn't have iron. He has sneaked the bottle before and ate all the vitamins left in it. Since it doesn't have iron, the only thing it did was keep him from being constipated.