f Ola Loa Kids Mult-Vitamin Reviews and Information

Kids Mult-Vitamin

Ola Loa multi vitamin drink mix is a daily multi vitamin. Just add the contents of the single serving packet to a 4-6 oz. glass of cold water or juice.

Ola Loa Kids multi contains Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc for a healthy immune system; B Vitamins for energy production and nervous system maintenance; Electrolytes for hydration and enhanced coordination; the amino acids for growth and stress adaptation; and Vitamin D and Calcium for strong bones.
Product: Kids Mult-Vitamin
Brand: Ola Loa (More Products)
Size: 30 Packets
Dosage: 1 Packet daily
Retail: $17.99
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5 Customer Reviews

It's OKAY...
by drew

I've been using this product for my kids for over 2 months now. It's not that great as the taste disgusts the kids I serve it to. They barely drink it, only when they come back from playing a sports game and are too tired to complain. It's a quick way to mix up a vitamin drink, but the main problem is to get the child to drink it. Overall I do not recommend this product as it can not fool any child's taste buds.

Easy and healthy
by Omer Miller

I was having trouble getting my two kids to take their vitamins. My kids are very active with a busy schedule, so It was important to me that they got the nutrition they needed to stay mentally alert and healthy. Ola Loa Kids multi is 100% all-natural with no preservatives or artificial colors. They think it tastes great! They look forward to drinking their vitamins every morning with breakfast. Now I can concentrate on getting them off to school without the added stress of making them take their vitamins.

Promoting health the sneaky way!
by Gordy

For some parents (like me!) it's often a losing battle to try and convince your children that eating healthy and taking vitamins are great ways to live a long happy life. I tried everything from the usually reliable Flinstone vitamins to CentrumKids (rugrats!) to no avail - always got the raspberry tongue and a thumbs down from my son. While browsing the vitamin aisle at my local pharmacy, I came across Ola Loa Kids Multivitamin Powder packets. I decided that the on sale price of $10 was enough of a reason for me to give it a shot.

Ola Loa states that these small packets contain nearly all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a young, growing body. It contains many of the usual suspects - from Zinc for your immune system to Calcium for strong bones. I compared it to Flintstone Kids and it contained all the same nutritional values. The directions tell you to add one packet to a 4-6 oz. glass of water or juice and enjoy!

I went the sneaky route, as any indication of a vitamin tablet would scare off my son before I could say a word. So I mixed it in with his OJ before school - bad idea as it didn't mix well with the acidic taste and made it kind of foul tasting. I then just gave him a glass of water with the contents mixed in - the water stays mostly clear with a slight cloudiness, but nothing too noticeable and he drank it right up with no real qualms about it.

I highly recommend giving this a try if standard vitamins and tablets aren't the number one choice of your child. It is very important for every child to get the recommended daily serving of these vitamins and minerals, so don't give up hope! Give this a try if you are looking for a way to get them to start taking vitamins. I don't condone lying to your child, so make sure that you let them know after a few servings about the vitamins - it just might change their pessimistic view on the subject!

Awesome Taste
by carolyn

This is a really good vitamin for kids. I gave some to younger kids that I baby sat and they loved them. They said it tasted so much better than any other they have used before. I was shocked by how much they liked it.

My Son Didn't Like the Way it Tasted
by S. Grevious

I wanted to try something new and different, so I picked this vitamin drink mix up. I mixed it with my son's juice, but he didn't like that. He told me it was nasty. I didn't think you would actually taste it as the juice would cut the taste, but evidently you were able to. I think my son was just saying that because he saw me mix something in his juice. I think it could be worth giving a try and especially with juice that will win the flavor over. The price isn't that bad, although I think it could be a little cheaper.