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by Vanessa

This makes a great product for your children that make a fuss everytime it comes to taking any sorta of vitamins. My son tried many and this one stuck , he likes that they don't taste like a chemical.

by Shaffer

My son is now 10 and refuses to eat these. he complains that they stick to his teeth, when he chews them. i can't see to convince him to try and allow them to disolve in his mouth. Otherwise, i like them we did purchase them for a number of years.

Their Great!
by Elizabeth

My little brother and sister enjoy these Flintstones Vitamins so much! They love that there are multiple choices (orange, grape, strawberry), so much that they try to sneak and eat more! I even eat these because they taste great! My mom has been buying these since I was little and they have never failed our family!

by Amy

Son loved these - but they were too pricey

Contains Red Dye 40
by Doreen

I was always questioning my children's behavior after eating these vitamins. I recently found out that these vitamins have many different food colorings in them (specifically red dye 40). These food colorings act as stimulants and make my son crazy! I've taken him off of them and after only 48 hours I see a notable difference. I would never use these or most kids' vitamins again...I think I'll make the all-natural switch.

by Mary Kate Dudley

This is a great product for kids. They taste good and the kids love the characters.

flintstones vitamins
by wendy

I grew up taking flintstones vitamins, but I can't get my kids to take them.

by Lashundra

These are so GREAT! Nice flavor. Reccomend!

by Jennifer

My boys love these!!

Old fav
by michelle

I used this when I was a child & I now give it to my children. It is like an old trusted friend. My kids love them too!

by Kat

My Mom gave me these as a child and my friends give them to there children now. The kids love the flavors and my friends love that they are good for them.

by Cecilia

This product is great! I like it because both kids and adults can take it since many pregnant women who cannot stand vitamins are being prescribed this one.

Kids love them!
by Leigh Taylor

Flintstones vitamins are kind of hard in texture. I think they taste terrible! But, they are not for me, they are for kids, right? And kids love them. they say they are "yummy". and the cute shapes, kids love that about them, too!

Simply the Best
by Leah

My children grew up on Flinstone vitamins and ironically my oldest, who is now pregnant with her first child has been perscribed these vitamin during her pregnancy in lieu of prenatal vitamins (which she cannot swallow). How cool is that! They take you chidhood to adulthood.

love it
by kathlene

Getting my son to take vitamins is much easier with these. He loves the taste of it and he will even remind me that he needs to take his vitamins if I have forgotten.


My children enjoyed these as they said they taste like candy. I do not think that is the idea that I want them to have though.

Terrible. Bleghh
by lizbette

These vitamins are awful. Although they are the chewable vitamins, these Flintstones are pretty hard, and when you bite on them they have a bit of a grainy crumbly texture. Not to mention the flavors are absolutely puke-worthy.


My kid's really love Flintstones vitamins. Everyone should get a free sample.

tried but my son did not like

i would not say these are a bad choice but for some reason my son did not like the taste of these so it was next to impossible for me to get him to take them. i am sure they are palatable to some children. i tried them and i did not like the taste either so i do not blame him for not taking them.

by April Arceneaux

My four and five year old absolutely love Flintstone's vitamins. They would eat more than one a day if I would let them!

Not so great
by AmyT

These are a good source of vitamins, but my kids hate the taste of them. It's kind of hard to get your kids to take their vitamins if they refuse to eat them. My children like the "gummy" type best.

As a mom
by Amanda

I buy these for my daughter. She is 3 years old now and as healthy as ever. I won't by any other brand of vitamins for my child. My pediatrician actually recommended these vitamins for my child. They are great!

Great, not just for kids.
by Melissa

I have had to search for vitamins for myself for a while. i was actually told, by 3 Doctors and a nurse that these are great, not just for children. Adults seem to lack more nutrients then kids, and since these offer more of those suppliments than some adult vitamins,it is great. Also the easy chewable tablet is easier to get into the system compared to the caplets that have to disolve and you have the nasty reminents that take longer to digest.

by Pam Cook

I buy these for my grandson. He is now 5 and has helped his immune system because he doesnt' always eat balanced meals and this has helped him be healthier! He enjoys them and asks for them if you forget to give him one!

2 year old loves these vitamins!
by Jennifer W.

I searched for a children's vitamin for quite a while before I decided on Flintstones. In other words, I did my research. They are indeed recommended by pediatricians, I made a point of asking my daughter's pediatrician. So after finding out that they have the essential vitamins my daughter needs and that they were right for her age, we did the taste test. Wow, how she loves them! Right after dinner she immediately says "Vitamin Please!"

by Heather Casasola

My daughter loved them. Never had a problem with her taking them.

Love it!
by Holly Sanchez

I use these for my children. They love them and I do too. They are good tasting and gives them a complete vitamin dose.

I Still Love These!!
by Jessie

Flinstones vitamins are great! They've been around for so long. I took them when I was a kid and I still snag one from the kids bottle now and again! I think these are the original chewable kids vitamins. They taste great so kids don't mind taking a vitamin every day!

by Lisa Downs

My 6 year old son loves these vitamins. He reminds me to give them to him everyday!

No aftertaste or heartburn
by Melissa thrower

My 20 year old daughter takes these. She has acid reflux and these vitamins don't upset her stomach. They are not just for kids.

fun way to get kids to take vitamins
by Linda

As an adult who has trouble swallowing vitamins (or any pills for that matter) I take these and they are great. A great way to keep healthy and avoid the bitter taste that chewing other vitamins will give you. As far as kids, they will like the flavor and probably have fun choosing the different Flinstone characters every day. Recommended.

by Fayee1234

I will admit I even as an adult still LOVE these vitamins they taste sooo GOOD!! Have you ever tried them?? I have tried a lot of vitamins and these are by far the VERY BEST tasting vitamins i have EVER tried. Just thinking about them make my mouth water the best part is that their good for you and are providing all the essential minerals needed for your body. Im sure every child will who tries the Flinstone vitamins are sure to love them and you wont have to FORCE them to take this vitamin they will probably remind you that they need their daily vitamin, they really remind me of delicious candy!!!

Rating pending until researched
by Brittany

I used to take these as a child and of course I loved them. They taste like candy. So, I started giving them to my three-year-old because he only eats a few bites out of every meal and is sick all of the time. They haven't really shown any major improvements yet I keep giving them to him just so I can sneak me one every once in a while. One day, someone pointed the label out to me and now I'm wondering what exactly sugar and salt and some other ingredients that are questionable really are providing for my son that a little V8 splash juice won't fix. Has anyone taken the time to research what exactly these "vitamins" are doing to our children. Personally I would like to find out before I give my son anymore. Wouldn't you?

Ignorance or Irresponsible? Check the ingredients!
by Anonymous

As an adult, I've tasted and researched the ingredients in this product. Tastes like candy, therefore children like it. Problem arises when you begin to look at the ingredients. Parents, please stop taking the easy road of giving into your childrens wants...give in to their needs. Educate yourself. You will find vitamins, minerals, etc supplements that your child will like and you can, in good conscience, give them. Don't fool yourself, by giving your children Flintstones you are putting into their little bodies more harmful ingredients than good.

Read the Ingredients
by Parent's Opinion

The product may seem good for you, but have you read the ingredients? Artificial colours are bad for you; it has added sugar to make them taste like candy; it has artificial flavours aside from the sugar. This product does not take into consideration the co-vitamins and minerals that are necessary to make the vitamins/minerals in this product work properly within the body's system. For example: Vit A needs to have the precursor betacarotene, as well as Vit E to have maximum performance within the body. Neither of these co-vitamins is listed as included in this product (the Multi formula)...

Candy masked as a multivitamin, is all this product is. Parents, you need to be more diligent on making sure your children are getting natural flavorings, natural colors, and read up on vitamins/co-vitamins. You'd be surprised at how deficient this vitamin supplement really is--as well as most adult vitamin supplements. ... ((check out the book called The Nutritional Digest of Essential Nutrients for an excellent guide on vitamins, minerals, EFAs, and more))

by Mike

This is just candy with some vitamins added. I would suggest getting another product that will actually improve health.

Read the label
by John

How can something with a label that looks like a candy wrapper be good for kids? Come on people. Make your kids eat something that is actually good for them.

by Terri Lynn

These vitamins are great! I have three children. My oldest son is 11, my daughter is 8 and my youngest son is 8 months. My two oldest children take Flinstones multi vitamins and love them! I have tried other vitamins and they would not even touch them, but they love these. They have been taking them now for about 4 years. I finally choose these at the insistense of my son. Ever since my kids have taken these, they very rarely get sick. They tell me they love the taste, and Okay I have to admit, I've tried them and they are right, the orange ones are fantabulous! I would and will keep buying this product and definatly recommend it to all other parents out there for your children!

Wonderful Multivitamin
by Mary Hartford

I have a picky eater son and I started giving him Flinstones Children's Complete Multivitamin about a year ago on a recommendation by his doctor to make up for the lack of vitamin intake. This really is a complete multivitamin and my son loves the taste of them. I would highly recommend this product. I have and will continue to purchase this product for my son not only is it a good value it is for his health.



Easy to convince kids to take!
by Joel

When I was younger, I was a problematic child as far as taking any kind of medicine/vitamins go. My mother decided to try these one day, and lo and behold I scarfed them down like candy. They're colorful, aesthetically pleasing to kids, and they taste great! What more could you really ask for in a children's multi-vitamin? They've been around for years so they must be doing something right.

my children are luckey to have it
by suamthi

I am a mother of a child who is 3 years of age. I am giving him these vitamins every day along with his diet. Since I am giving him the Flintstones Children's Complete Multivitamins, I really don’t worry so much even if he is refusing his food. I strongly believe that the intake of these tasty and yummy multivitamins will keep my child fit and fine.

by Cody

My kids love these a lot and beg for them every morning! I highly recommend them.

I still love them!
by JoDean Roberts

I am 30 years old and have been taking Flintstones since I grew teeth and could chew them. During my last pregnancy I took these instead of regular prenatal vitamins and it was less expensive and has about the same number of things me and the baby needed. I did get permission from my doc first :)

Yummy vitamins
by Juli Pickvet

My mom gave me this type of vitamin when I was younger. My brothers, sisters and I really liked the taste. People of all ages need vitamins. Why not start with something that tastes so good?

Great For Kids
by H. Rogers

My son loves these vitamins. Every day he comes up to me and asks me if he can have his vitamins. I know my son is getting his daily vitamins and they have a great taste (to him).

The Best
by Maudrey

These are the only vitamins my children will take. I was given Flintstones Vitamins as a kid, so it was the only one that I considered giving my children. It has all the essential vitamins that they need to help them grow and stay healthy, in fact I'm 32 years old and I still take Flintstones vitamins.


As a grown adult, I should switch to normal vitamins, but I can't do it! These taste so good! They come in cute shapes that remind me of the fun cartoon. They taste really good! They have the vitamins that you need. As an adult, you just have to take 2, instead of 1. They are always on sale and are a great product.

Awful Taste
by Christy Ward

My three-year-old will not take eat these. They taste awful and leave a chalky feel and aftertaste. He spits them out every time. Total waste of money. If your child likes them, then go for the Walmart brand (equate), they taste the same and have the same exact ingredients for half the price.

Flintstones Children's Complete Multivitamin
by Christy R.

I checked these out before purchase and bought them because they had 15 different types of vitamins, which seems better than most other brands out there. The best part of them is that kids actually like to take them. I actually have to keep them in my medicine cabinet out of reach or I will find the kids eating them like candy. They are fun shapes and good tasting. They have a full selection of vitamins so I think any parent should be advised to buy these for their kids to help them to learn that being healthy can be fun too.

My kids love them
by Bethany

I have tried other multivitamins in the past. I have found that my kids like these the best. They are great tasting and they don't feel gross in their mouth, or leave a nasty aftertaste.

Great for kids
by shilpi tandon

My niece takes it regularly. My sister tried a lot of multi vitamins but has stuck to Flintstones now. She loves the taste and the fun shapes. I remember eating them when I was younger, and plan to start giving them to my daughter after a year.

by Cara

My kids actually ask to take their vitamins in the morning! They say the "orange ones" are the best. :) I recommend the Flintstone Vitamins to any one!

Makes me feel better about my kids diet
by Tammy R.

I have 2 autistic children who are very picky eaters. Giving these make me feel better about them not liking vegetables at all. They enjoy the taste and ask for them if I forget to put them next to their breakfast plate. I also saw Flintstones on the Today show in a report that says they actually contain what is on the label, unlike some other products.

A classic, must-have for kids!
by Jody

I grew up taking these, and now my kids take them. They've got all the vitamins and minerals that kids need, packaged in a colorful, easy-to-chew form. Kids love the recognizable characters and actually look forward to taking them every morning.

Always a great choice
by Sheila

I have five children and all have loved these. One problem was that I had to hide them since everyone always wanted more than just one. The red was the favorite color. Purple was the last to go.

great vitamins!
by Steve

These are really great children's vitamins. I took them all the time when I was a kid, and now I know a lot of other kids who still take them. They taste pretty good and come in fun shapes, so it is easy to give to a kid and get them to actually want to take it.

Gotta love the Flinstones!
by Krysta

I absolutely loved these vitamins when I was a kid; my son actually loves these as well. They taste good enough to where kids don't know that its actually a "vitamin." You know how some kids are with medicine. The best part is, these are made by Bayer, which happens to be an excellent brand. I would recommend these to anyone who has children and wants them to take vitamins.

by carolyn

I love this item, especially for my young relatives. They usually hate taking the vitamins that need to make them healthy, but they love to take this type. "If the Flinstones eat 'em, then I'm gonna eat them," said my little bro.

Great buy
by J

I remember growing up as a child and taking these vitamins. My mother said I never complained once. They tasted good and weren't chalky at all. They even came in different flavors like grape, cherry and orange. Now that I have a child of my own, I immediately decided to choose Flintstones as his vitamins. He doesn't give me a hard time at all eating them and he never complains about the taste. I know that he is getting the essential vitamins he needs daily. Of course, his pediatrician reccommended them as well.

Still a wonderful product
by JamesN

I remember back when I was a kid 12 years ago and I never liked taking vitamins or any kind of medicine. But I loved cartoons and the flintstones vitamins did the trick for me. They got me to try them because I loved the Flintstones back in the day.

Gotta love Fred Flintstone
by Donia

I took these as a kid and have passed them down now by giving them to my own son as well. He actually likes taking these vitamins. He mentions them to me rather than me to him. This is a classic brand with an excellent tried and true reputation. We all remember Flintstones and they are still here!

My son loves these
by sandra

I have a three year old who is a picky eater and does not care too much for fruit and vegetables. I give him these vitamins which supplement as well as possible for those picky eaters. These are great for there bodies and bones.

Good taste is a positive!
by Barb W.

We've tried a number of multi-vitamins with our children and Flinstones Children's Complete ranks high on the taste-o-meter. My kids will actually eat these without grimacing. I'm comfortable that they are getting the extra boost of nutrients from a quality company. Overall, this is a quality product!

I love em!
by somemom

My daughter LOVES taking this vitamin. These taste so good she still believes they're candy! They're good for her and she loves them. Perfect combination.

by fmodi

This is the best vitamin brand out there. It tastes yummy and children love it. For the first time, they want to take the medicine. It has over 15 different types of vitamins in it and helps children grow into healthy and strong adults.

I love this vitamins
by LT

I grew up on these vitamins and now I am able to give them to my six year old. He loves them too, and I am glad. I wish they had them for adults.

My Nephew love these.
by Dav926

My nephew is such a hard kid to feed. He is very picky; extremely picky when it comes to medication. We worry about him not getting enough vitamins in his diet so we tried buying different types of supplements. We did not realize some of them were just less than what was advertised. We were recommended Flintstones Children's Complete Multivitamin by a co-worker. We realized that the product was very successful. He gained three whole pounds just after a month on it. But, the most important thing was he actually took it. My family is very happy with the product.

Flinstones Vitamins
by Albert

As a kid my mom would give me these and I had no problem eating them. Today my children are going through them just as easy as I once did. This is a great product for children to start at an early age and is very affordable. I've tried it myself and the quality and the taste of the product hasn't changed. Two thumbs up.

Thumbs up
by NTReviewer

My nieces and nephews put up no fuss whatsoever when I give them these. They love the taste and I love the memories that come flooding back when I see the Flintstones. Win-win.

Great for kids and others!
by heather

I loved these when younger and was suprised to have a doctor tell me to take them while pregnant when I couldn't keep my prenatals down. ( Please ask your own doctor before doing this!!) Anyhow, I was happy to find a vitamin that still worked for me!

Family favorite!
by Sara

I remember taking these as a child, and now my son takes them. They taste more like candy than a vitamin, which makes children more likely to take them. I am glad these are still around!

Who'd have guessed?
by D&Q'sMommy

Our pediatrician advised us to try getting our 3-year-old daughter to take these as she refuses to eat any vegetables at all. I couldn't believe that they were still around since I took them as a kid myself. She loves them & asks for them every night before bed. As a parent, I feel much better about my daughter's health now that I know she is getting vitamins that she may be missing due to her lack of interest in vegetables.

Great for kids
by HS

These vitamins are great for children. They taste great and they have different shapes and colors and flavors in one bottle. Also, if you are an adult with a sensitive stomach, I would recommend these, but take two a day instead of the one a day for children. They are gentle on your stomach!

Flintstones Children's Complete Multivitamin
by Betty D.

I used this for my son & daughter when they were kids. They really loved them, so it wasn't a problem to get them to take them. I am now raising my grandson, & he also loves them.

Kids love them!
by Stephanie Malcolm

My oldest daughter who is 3 is a very picky eater. I feel better giving her Flinstones Vitamins because she is at least getting some nutrients in her little body. Plus, there is the familiarity of a product that has been around for years. She loves the taste and getting them is a treat!

by Emilia

I agree, this is the best vitamin a child could take. When I was a little girl my mom use to give me this vitamins, and I love taste. Now I give it to my daughter, and she loves the taste. The best part is, I know she is getting her vitamins.

by Marquette

I remember when I was a little kid eating those! They made me wanna barf. I just hated the taste of it. Maybe its just me cause everyone else seems to like them

Flintstones Multivitamin
by vmvdmd

I personally love the taste of these multivitamins and my children love them. I did have a reaction in one of my children to one of the ingredients, so one must be cautious of this when giving to children.

Still the same after all these years
by allismom

I loved these as a kid and now my kids love them. They actually enjoy taking their vitamins! I find myself sneaking them after I give them to my kids. The generics may be cheaper, but the taste of the Flinstones is unequalled.

by Blueberry

My kid wasn't getting enough vitamins through his diet because he is a fussy eater. So, my Doctor recommended Flintstones Vitamins. They are a blessing in disguise. Now I can rest assured that my kiddo is getting what he needs to be active and healthy!

always a family favorite!
by Amanda

Flinstones vitamins have been around as long as I can remember! I took them when I was a kid and now I enjoy giving them to my son. He may not know who the Flinstones are but he knows what he likes and when it comes to taking his vitamins he always wants Flinstones vitamins!

by lala5

My youngest daughter especially loves these since she loves watching the cartoon. She says they do not taste as bad as the other vitamins that I make her take. I'm also satisfied with the price as well.

by Kim

Out of all the vitamins that I have bought for my three kids this is the only brand that I can give them without a fight. They love the taste and the characters on them.

good for you
by Jessica

This isn't just a product for kids. This can be used by adults and it was used recently by myself. When I was first pregnant taking the prenatal vitamins wasn't something I could do, but I could take two Flintstones vitamins to make sure I (and the baby) were getting what we needed. I would be more than happy to give them to my child when he gets old enough.

Fun but not too tasty
by Henley

I used to love these Flintstones vitamins when I was younger. It used to taste like candy before, but now the taste has changed. Some kids may like it , but my stepdaughter and stepson did not like it. They liked the shapes of it, but when they put it in their mouth, they spit it out. I think they have changed the ingredients over the years. I don't think these work quite well because my stepkids don't like to take them. I wouldn't recommend these vitamins. I suggest you have your kids eat fruits and veggies every day.

Kids Love Them!!!
by Joyce H.

These vitamins are excellent! My children's doctor recommened these because my children like to eat a lot of junk food and don't get the nutrition they need. That was two years ago and I've been buying them every month since. They are packed full of vitamins and my children love them!!

by Jason G

Even at the young age of 33, I still have my Flintstones vitamin every morning. I know that there are adult vitamins I could take, but I just can't bring myself to it. Besides, we have to buy them for the two kids anyway. My son always wants more than one. My daughter loves the taste of all execpt the purple one (but she just doesn't like grape flavor).

Cool Vitamins!
by Rashmi R.

These chewable tablets are great for kids. My 3-year-old just loves them. He not only loves its great fruity flavor taste but also the fun character shapes of these tablets get him all excited. So it’s real easy to make him eat them. These tablets have lots of different vitamins and minerals including calcium and iron which is good for strong bones and overall development of my kid. Especially at this age when kids are very active, running, jumping etc they need a lot of energy for that. I believe proper diet along with these vitamin tablets will not only keep them healthy but also strong both physically and mentally. I would definitely recommend these to any parent who is looking for a multivitamin for their kids.

Children's favourite
by hari

My son used to like these a lot when he was little. These are very cute and good to taste. My son looks at the picture on the box rather than what's inside and I'm the other way around. Anyway, it worked for both of us.

Great for kids
by Michael Hoard

They taste great. They don't have that nasty aftertaste that most chewables have for kids. My kids love them and take them everyday.. well they try to.

Great for all kids
by Robyn

I have four children ages 8, 7, 6, and 4. All four of my children have no problem taking these vitamins each morning. Flintstones vitamins are a brand name that parents can trust and kids love.

Excellent Stuff!
by Kathy

My son, who is 2.5 yo, LOVES these. At his 2 yr check up his doctor suggested giving him vitamins. I figured it would be a nightmare since he just hates taking any sort of medicine. He loves taking these since he thinks they're candy. I'm so glad that I was able to find something good for him that he'll actually take!

Kids love these
by Amanda Rhoads

This is a complete vitamin that is recommended by our pediatrician. It is very easy to get the kids to take so we buy these more than any other vitamin.

by Patty

My daughter loves these vitamins. We've tried several other kinds and none even compare. The Flinstones are an old classic and I recommend them to any mom.

Great vitamins!
by Amanda

These were the only vitamins that I would eat as a child, and they are the only vitamins that my cousins will eat now. I find the Flintstones vitamins are great quality, have a great taste and they are made to help support a lot of important things (strong bones, eyes, teeth, etc..). Great product that I'd tell anyone with kids to try!

Perfect for everyone!
by Jaime

I've taken these vitamins since I was a small child and I have continued to take them into adulthood. Most oral vitamins make me sick, but I've had no problems with these. They contain exactly what is mentioned on the label and the flavor doesn't put me off from taking them.

Great for Children & Adults!
by L Thomas

My Dr. recommended these vitamins while I was pregnant with my first child because every prenatal vitamin made me sick. I have taken them every since and feel great. They had everything I needed to have a healthy baby and as soon as my son is old enough to chew them, I will give them to him as well. I highly recommend them!

I would never give these to my kids!
by Renea Champion

Not only does Flintstones contain Hydrogenated Oils (trans-fats) but they also have Aspartame! There are far better vitamins out there with fun shapes and great flavors that don't have these dangerous ingredients.
I'd much rather have my children have a little sugar in their vitamins than a man-made chemical with so many adverse health reactions linked to it.

4 Customer Opinions

Yabba dabba don't
by Diania

I remember these from when I was a kid and they were so bad then, I won't even buy them for my children today.

yummy vitamins
by britt

the best the original flinstones. love the taste since i was a kid.

by Rita

These are hard vitamins but I liked the taste when I tried them out. They have what is needed.

Recommended for Kids
by Liz Theobald

I don't find these vitamins to be especially effective as supplements to good diet and exercise for adults. My son takes Flintstones daily and is as active and as healthy as any other kid on the playground.