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by Jwright

My kids love Flintstone vitamins because they taste great but I love them because they are good for my kids. And now with vitamin C. WOW ! thats great.

flintstones vitamins
by lynette

My 10 year lod son loves these - we have used them for years-i even like the taste of these-the price is good also.

by Bridgette O

This product is great. Kids love the Flinstones.

Love the Flintstones !
by Carol

Any that will get the grandkids to take their vitamins willingly is aces in my book. And these are so cute too. I trust the company and the product.

flintstones vitamins
by patti spear

Our grand kids love the flintstone vitamins because they taste great. I love them because they keep them healthy and strong.

by Sheryl

My kids love these. I don't have to argue with my kids to take them every day.

by carmanmm

My sister and I had these when we were growing up and I give them to my kids they love them too no hassle here and they work great.

mrs.lisanne lewis
by lisanne

Hi I am a mom of a three year old and 7year old and I myself have taken these vitiamins and so have my kids. Great stuff and great taste and great price too. Try some today.

very good
by Alicia

I took these when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter. Now all three of us are taking them. They always take.

Great Choice!
by Elizabeth

I took these as a child and I am now very confident that my children are receiving vitamins that they might be missing in their daily food intake. I sometimes take them and they taste great!

Loved It
by Lynette

My children both loved these vitamins. I used to have problems with my one child throwing up after she would take a vitamin, but she took these very well. I even tried one myself and they were very tasty.

by Montana

This product is great. I took this product as a kid and my 3 yr old takes them now and loves them. I also took them while pregnant because some prenatals would make me sick so this was a great way to get my vitamins.

Flintstones Vitamins
by luvanimals04

I remember Flintstones vitamins from when I was a child and I loved them! Now that I have a child I give him one daily and he loves them. Now that I'm a mom, I love the vitamins that he is actually getting from them also. I would recommend Flintstones vitamins to anyone, child or adult!

Wonderful as always!
by JoDean Roberts

Just as great as any other Flintstone vitamin. I only gave it 4.5 stars because it's not complete, just a lot of great vitamins the body needs. I still recommend it to anyone who has kids that need the extra vitamins in their diet. They are great and affordable.

Delicious and Nutritious
by Andrew

I have been eating these since I was a young child and I must say they are the most tasty of all the kids vitamins. I take these because most adult vitamins upset my stomach. I also like the vitamin C boost.

I like them, but my daughter doesn't!
by mommyof2

I tried to get my toddler to take these, but she winds up spitting them out. She doesn't like the taste. I think they taste really good and wind up taking them sometimes. They are a bit expensive. I will try to give them to her again, when she is a little bit older.

The classic kids vitamin still at it!
by Matt

I remember as a small child the Flintstone vitamins being great! Now with even healthier advantages with these vitamins, kids still love them! They are super easy to chew, and not too big, so no worries when giving them to your child. Your child will also love the taste of them. It helps ease any parent's or adult's mind knowing their kids love their vitamins! Great for the wallet, and great for the kids. Now with extra Vitamin C, you will also feel more at ease knowing your child will not be so prone to the common cold and illnesses!

Great Buy
by shirley

Like most children, my 3 year old has one favorite dish- candy, so I am always worried that she doesn't get enough vitamins. I purchased these from the recommendation of a friend. I must say they are excellent. My daughter loves to take her "medicine" everyday. The price is great and the taste even better.

They Love 'Em!
by Kyle

My two kids love this. They don't even know what they are taking. My kids say that they taste like candy. Give them a try.. they are worth the few bucks.

Very Good Chewable Vitamin
by Tonya

These are the only chewable vitamin my kids will take. They taste very decent and the kids love to pick out their favorite character from the bottle. They offer all of the essential vitamins a kid needs and the added Vitamin C helps keep their immune system strong. A lot of vitamins have come and gone but Flinstones have been around for a very long time, that says a lot!

Not as good.
by Jessica D

Though not as good as Flinstones complete, but they are still quite useful. When my kids were under the weather, I liked to give them these, for that extra oomp of vitamin c, for their immune system. They like the taste almost as much as the completes one though.

by Karla

I bought these for my brother and I. We liked them a lot. I know I'm probably out of their target age range, but I don't care to swallow pills. I'd rather chew them. They are tasty and have extra Vitamin C, which is great because those tablets are small. Great price, also.

Hey Dad you forgot our vitamins this morning.
by Mike

This is a familiar phrase around our house. Having these vitamins makes my Kids age 7 and 9 remind me that they need them. By the way, did you know that there is no "Betty" vitamin? Oh, well, my 7 year old likes Dino because they studied Dinos in class. My 9 year old doesn't care. The best thing is, no fighting to get them to take them and that just makes life a little easier!

Keep your kids healthy
by Cindy B

I always had Flintstone Vitamins in my house when my children were small. I especially liked the extra Vitamin C. I still continue to buy them, even though they are now older. We all take them. We figure the vitamins are a great multi-vitamin, without too much of any extra ingredients. The extra Vitamin C is something we all need, especially during the winter months. If we want to take any other supplements we know that the Flintstone Vitamins will not have too many other vitamins in them and will mix well with the supplements. And they are cute, cute, cute.

Yummy for the Tummy
by Andi

Flinstone's with Vitamin C are great! They taste yummy and have the Vitamin C that everyone needs. I never worry about my daughter getting enough vitamins- I worry about her eating too many. She says they taste like candy. So be sure to keep them out of sight.

Just what the dr ordered
by r

My daughter is 17, and still to this day takes these vitamins. She hates trying to take bitter, hard to swallow pills. The doctor said to keep taking these, and they have made a difference in her health.

Good for most kids
by Alle G.

My daughter enjoyed the shapes of these, but not the taste. I think she's probably in the minority as she does have some eating issues at age 3 1/2, but she will take them every now and then. I think they are the best out there, as they have a very good balance of nutrition for children. The extra vitamin C helps out with colds, etc. in the middle of winter.

Great vitamins, but can get cheaper
by Staci H.

These vitamins are great. I used to eat one (or two) everyday when I was a kid and I still take one everyday now as an adult. I can tell the difference when I don't take them for a while and I start getting a cold. My only problem is they are so expensive. The off-brand names have the same vitamins and taste but are much cheaper.

A Classic Product
by Jose

When I was young, I would take Flintstones vitamins and they were great. Now, as a parent, I find myself buying these for my kids. It's a great product, and it helps kids lead a healthy childhood with the right vitamins. I think Flintstones vitamins are the best vitamins for children.

Simply the Best
by Jenny Morton

These vitamins are the best! I have three kids and it is never a problem getting them to take their vitamins with these in the house - we spend more time choosing which Flintstones character each one wants to devour each night. The kids love the taste and I love the fact that I know these are helping to keep my kids healthy and strong. These are the same vitamins I used to take as a child, and I love the fact that they are still around and better than ever!

Kids like them!
by Amanda Tresidder

These are the vitamins of choice around my house. They are fun shaped and great tasting, and you don't have to beg the kids to take them. They are very decently price and are always on sale at one of the few local drug stores. If you are having a difficult time convincing your kids to take their vitamins, I would try these as my kids say they taste better. They actually ask to take them.

Adult Use.
by Sarah K.

I am not a huge fan of taking adult vitamins, but I know I should be taking some kind of supplement. To this day, I still take Flintstones vitamins with extra C. As a child I would take these (the regular Flintstones vitamins) everyday. There are just the right amount of vitamins for me without me thinking I took vitamins.

Great for Kids
by Joe

I have tried a lot of different Multivitamins for my son, and this one is about the only one that he doesnt mind taking. He told me it tastes better than the other brands. It also offers all the vitamins a growing boy needs.

Swear by these
by Terasa

My daughter was constantly getting sick from the other kids at school. She missed a lot of school. The doctor suggested vitamins with extra vitamin C. I got these and she's taken them ever since. She doesn't get sick half as much as she used to. I would suggest them to anyone. They seem to work great for my daughter.

Pretty good
by Jennifer Bell

Just started the boys on these and they like them. I don't have to fight with them to get them to take them, and they taste good enough I might start taking them myself!! They aren't that cheap, but since the boys are happy to take their vitamins, it will be ok.

Always been good
by Brian N.

Flintstones brand vitamins have always been purchased in my household. I always ate them when I was a child and enjoyed them. My family still purchases them for my younger siblings and I still find myself having some every now and then. They taste good and never do anything else but make you feel good!

Flintstones Children's Multivitamin
by Dorene

I remember loving these as a child and now I give them to my kids. Even my older high schooler likes to take them. This really is a great product. They have a great taste and provide all the right vitamins and mineral kids need! This product is timeless and will probably be on the shelves for years to come!

My Little girl loves them!!
by Paula

I really like Flintstones Children's Multivitamin plus Extra C for my kids. I have no problem with my child taking them. I am thrilled that there is a vitamin that I don't have to fight and bribe my child to take. Sure the packaging of the Flintstones is eye catching, but she loves the taste of them and that makes a parents job easier. Knowing that not only do they taste good, but I can be assured that she is getting the vitamins needed to have a healthy immune system. She reminds me to give her them. If I forget to give her one, she says 'mom I need my Flintstones vitamin'. I highly rated Flintstones children's vitamin plus extra C a 10 in my book!!

Great Choice
by Hayley

Even as an adult I find myself sneaking these vitamins over my own especially with the extra vitamin C, it gives them such a great taste. I find the kids like these better and the shapes are a great way to get them to eat them, they think they are eating candy and not something healthy for them!

Yaba Daba Dooo Terrific
by Jennifer Tyler

These are one of the greatest inventions ever thought of, I believe. I can remember as a little girl, picking the purple or red one out each day. Now I have two little boys who enjoy them as well. I think they are a great way to take care of a picky eater as well as provide the nutrients every child needs. I can honestly say I have two very healthy boys, thanks to these vitamins.

A vitamin kids like!
by Roberta

My daughter is a very pick eater, and I worry about her not getting enough vitamins and especially vitamin c. I have tried other brands of vitamins and she won't take them, because of the taste. I was pleasantly surprised when I bought the Flinstone's brand and she liked them!

Love these!
by herm

This is a favorite of my kids! They love the taste and I love the extra added Vitamin C. I actually give my husband these because he will happily chew them up without me pesstering him to "take a vitamin". Excellent flavor!

Love these!
by Angela

My siblings and I all grew up on Flintstones vitamins, so it seemed only natural to continue the tradition when I had children of my own. I know they are of a good quality, the kids love the taste, and the extra vitamin C, especially in the winter months is an added extra bonus. y son is very happy to remind me that he needs his vitamins in the mornings, and enjoys the fun shapes and colors. I feel good knowing he is getting his recommended daily values and is taking an active approach to his health even at an early age.

Good and Good for You
by Melissa

These are chewable vitamins in Flintstone shapes. My kids like the taste and the shapes. It's nice to know that they are getting all the vitamins they need everyday because we don't always get to eat properly when we are taking the kids to sports practices or dance class or other school activities.

We love these
by KM

My kids love these. When I forget to give it to them they remind me. I have tried them myself and the taste seems fine to me. My kids never complain when they have to take them.

I still get these occasionally
by Troy

I remember that my mom used to buy the Flintstones vitamins all the time when I was a kid. I guess some things never die...I'm in college now and I still buy them. Not only do they give you the vitamins you need, but they taste a lot better than many of the adult multivitamins that are out there. I recommend them!

Everyone loves
by Melissa

My children give me a hard time with the foods they eat, so I tried Flintstone vitamins. I remembered them from when I was little and always wanted to take them because they tasted like candy. My kids love the flavor as well still today.

A Family tradition
by Phil

The Flinstones brand of vitamins are a tradition in my family. I remember taking them when I was a kid, and now I have my kids take these. This is a quality brand of vitamins with some vitamin C, which is very necessary especially in the wintertime.

Even my Husband takes these!
by J

You can't go wrong with the classic Flinstones Vitamins. I love these with Extra C to give the kids' immune systems a little boast. They also taste great, so there isn't a battle every morning when I pass them out.
My husband, who gets sick to his stomach every time he takes an adult multivitamin, also takes the Flinstones with Extra C. The people he works with think it is hilarious that he keeps a bottle on his desk.

Orange tastes good.
by Shreyas Patel

I loved to take these when I was a kid. The ones with extra vitamin C were the best because they tasted like oranges and I used to try to sneak in and get more like it was candy.

Kids love the Flintstones
by Annie

This product was a great way to get the kids to eat their vitamins like candy! The kids love the Flintstones so eating their favorite characters made it all the more enjoyable. It does have a bit of a bitter aftertaste but the initial taste is great and the kids love it.

Nostalgic Vitamin
by Jason S.

The Flintstone's Vitamins are a blast from the past. I remember growing up having to take a vitamin every day after dinner. The only way I would eat them was if she gave me a Bam Bam or a Pebbles. Great Product! Great way to get kids to eat something healthy for a change!

My kids love them
by Lori

Flintstones chewables are the greatest. My kids do not eat well at all times, so when I looked into a vitamin for them, I tried a few different kinds. It was hard for me to get my kids to take their vitamins before I found these. I have to say they are willing to take these without any arguments, and thats always a plus for a mommy on the go! ( the extra C makes mom feel better too)

Still the best!
by K. McIntosh

My youngest child is a very picky eater, and I always worry about his vitamin intake. He loves the taste of these vitamins. I like the extra vitamin c during cold season. His blood work is always good when he visits the pediatrician, and he has not had a cold this year, so I feel like he is getting the extra vitamins he needs using this supplement. Still the great vitamin I remember from my childhood!!

Keep the kids healthy!
by Dan

I remember when I was a kid that I looked forward to taking vitamins, thanks to Flintstones. Now as a parent, I give these to my child. They taste great, so my son has no problem taking them. My son also refuses to drink orange juice, so this Flintstones with Extra C is absolutely perfect and so beneficial to keeping my kid healthy.

Flintstones fan
by NTReviewer

My family loves the Flintstones and the newest additions to our family are no different. The taste, the package, and the effectiveness have kept us loyal all these years.

Extra C for Sick Kids
by HS

Kids love these great tasting vitamins. They are a brand that you can trust. When your kids are sick give them Flintstones Children's Multivitamin plus Extra C instead of Flintstones Children's Multivitamin to help boost the immune system. Vitamin C is a great help when kids are sick.

The best of the best
by Jit

Every time I go to the grocery store, it is a priority to go through the aisle 's looking for vitamins. However, there is one brand of vitamins that both appeases me, as well as my kids, and that is Flinstones. Not only are they a great bargain, they are chewable, and they taste great.

Yabba Dabba Great!
by Bradley

I've always taken these Flinstone vitamins when I was a kid. I would recommend these great tasting vitamins to anyone who asks about them. They're healthy and taste great!

My daughter LOVES these
by Lois

My daughter absolutely loves these. She knows in the mornings she gets her vitamins and its not a fight to take it, like with her other meds. I love that it has the extra vitamin C since she needs all she can get. It is hard to give a child extra things without being cautious.

Generations have grown up on this product.
by Julie Moore

Generations of kids have grown up on this product, and now it's added Extra C. That is a big plus if you have a little one who is a non-juice drinkers like mine. It's a great product and she enjoys her vitamins. She usually wants more.

Flintstone vitamins
by melissa

A fun and easy way for children to get the all the vitamins they need!! Great flavors and characters!! This is a classic multi- vitamin that will never die!! I like the extra vitamin C, and they are constantly improving!! A leader in multi-vitamins for children!!

love the classics
by Annette

My daughter is 7 yrs old and Flintstones is the only vitamin we buy in our house. Not only do they taste great (my daughter loves them) but she is getting all extra vitamin's she misses because of her picky eating. I love the Extra Vitamin C!

by carolyn

I think this is an awesome item which really gets kids to want to have them. They are a delicious vitamin that is extremely healthy for you. It also helps kids who dislike juices and other foods that your body needs to get the right amout of nutrients.

Still the best after all these years
by Justin

I remember taking Flintstones vitamins when I was little, and always wanting to take more than the "one a day." Now, I have several nieces and nephews who take the vitamins, and it looks like they are keeping the same high quality product that I grew to love when I was younger. They love the vitamins, and I know they are being provided with the kind of nutrients they need. I hate to admit I even sneak one or two once in awhile! There is no better product out there for children's vitamins.


I have been giving Flintstones vitamin's to my daughter for years. She loves the taste and characters, but best of all this brand contain extra vitamin C to help her fight off cold/flu viruses. I have noticed a decrease in the amount of illness's she's had with since I started giving her the Flintstone's with Extra C.

It was ok
by Dawnaic

I used this as a child. I can not swallow pills, so this was a good option. It didn't have a horrible taste, although it was not a pleasant taste. It did not help give me any extra energy or a boost to my immune system.

Love the Flinstones!
by allismom

So I was always excited with the old Flinstones, I was tickeled to see the extra vitamin C, since my daughter hates Orange Juice. What a great boost during the winter months. You also can't compare with Flinstones on taste! Yum!

Classic Vitamin
by B. Tittle

We all know that the Flintstone vitamin is the classic choice when you're choosing a children's vitamin. My daughter enjoys the fun shapes and different flavors. I know when I'm giving her Flintstone's that it is a safe, well known product that I can trust.

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