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kid approved
by kristin

Its so easy to get my son to take these. He loves scooby doo and the great tasting vitamin. Good thing he doesnt know its good for him!

by Clay Brown

This vitamin is okay. I have found the price reasonable to most other national brands. I have two girls and they think Scooby Doo is cool, but do not care for the vitamin. They just sit on the shelf.

by christina cyphers

My daughter asks for one every day. This is the first vitamin I have found that she likes. She says it is not gritty and the taste is fruity and not sour. I am pleased!

love it
by Kimberly Carroll

my daughter loves taking these. Not only are they full of flavor and not sour.. she loves that they are scooby doo :)
Your kids will love them!!

My kids Love em and so do I!
by Christina F

These are some of the best vitamins I have found for my children. My kids love taking them they actually get upset cause they can only have one. I have seen a difference in their energy levels also. Plus my daughter had low iron a few months back and when she returned for a checkup her levels had risen. I would recommend these to any parent looking to keep the health of their children in good standing.

by Louisa Ritchotte

I care for the healthy habits of my grandchildren and ensure that the one a day is taken on a daily basis. My grandchildren are ones that tend to pick up every germ that goes around, I found that by taking a vitamin a day help with some of these issues.

by mellisa

I try my very best to make sure that my kids are getting what they need from the foods they eat, but I feel better knowing that they are taking their vitamins. The best part. They actually remind me about their scooby snacks as they call them.

one-a-day kids scooby-doo! Multivitamin plus calcium
by barbara

My granchildren are fussy eaters and could survive on chicken nuggets, french fries and peanutbutter. Getting them to take vitamins was worse than trying to get them to taste something "green". When I came across these at the store I knew they would be a winner and I was right. There is no longer any complaints about taking their vitamins and they look foward to a "Scooby-Doo Day". I feel better knowing they are meeting their nutritional needs.

Not One Per Meal !!!
by Stacey

These vitamins have totally hypnotized my otherwise not wanting to eat healthy 4 yr old into wanting to take a vitamin after every meal. I constantly have to remind him," Its not one per meal ;it's one per day." These are words I never thought I would have to say. This is so much easier than the whole Popeye eat your spinach routine I use to try. I mean bottom line, the spinach is a vegetable and green at the end of the day but these vitamins are colorful with different fun Scooby characters that kids love. They just need to learn to choose one friend per day. I will definitely keep buying more of this and less spinach.

Just Like Candy
by Christine Martens

I have 3 children and if they didn't know any better (or know how to read) they would think they were eating a piece of candy. I tried the mulitvitamin myself and they are pretty tasty. My children aren't big veggy eaters or healthy eaters to say the least so every little bit helps. You only want the best for them.

Kids of all ages love these
by CN

I bought these for the younger kids, but the teenagers love them too! The only drawback is that it's a little pricey for 50 tablets. It's worth the price when the kids are small and eagerly take these. I also like the extra calcium, since none of my kids were big milk drinkers.

I love it!
by An

My little sister is a very active and crazy 7th grader. My mom makes her take these multivitamins to increase her bone strength in case she has accidents in school.

I find that this vitamin is great as a supplement in diet, even I ate some when I was home from college. It works great for me too especially since I don't drink milk. It is inexpensive and I love it!

Picky Eater Approved!!
by Lisa C

As a mother of a 7 year old who is a horribly picky eater, I am so excited that I found a vitamin my son happily takes! He loves Scooby Doo and enjoys picking what character he will take today. It is fun for him to take these vitamins. As a parent, I feel that I am doing something positive for his health. His diet isn't great and at least I know he is getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. Occasionally, I forget about giving him his vitamins, and he is the first to remind me that we forgot his "Scooby Snacks"!! I will definitely be buying this product again!!

Wonderful Disguise
by drew

The children loves these! These vitamin tablets are the perfect disguise as it is loaded with vitamins and a great taste kids won't complain about. I will anticipate on purchasing more over time, as I do want to benefit the health of the children.

by Joyce H.

This is a very good vitamin supplement. My children used to take these along with the Flintstone vitamins before I got them the gummy ones.The taste is ok at first ,but has a bad after taste. Overall, they still keep children healthy .

by Jen

I will be the first to admit that I haven't taken that much time to educate myself about all of the nutritional needs of my nine-year-old. I figure as long as he eats a fairly balanced healthy diet he is probably doing all right. I aim to make sure he has some calcium, some vitamin C, some... All right, I just feed him whatever I am eating. But, I also read parenting magazines that tell me I should be doing all I can to maximize his potential and give him the best and make sure he has the exact and perfect daily requirement of everything or I might just be the worst parent in the world. This is my compromise. He takes a vitamin and all is right in his nutritional world. I feel better and he... well, I am not really sure if there is a difference for him, but the packaging says there is, so there must be. They don't taste that bad either. He doesn't "love" taking it like some of the other reviewers, but he also doesn't make a fuss.

great vitamins
by Gerry Arquillo

These vitamins are a great product. My son absolutely adores Scooby Doo, and so as long as I buy these vitamins, there is no problem getting him to take his vitamins. They also have great flavors to choose from. My son always saves the Scooby one for last!!! As with most kids, my son doesn't always eat what's good for him, but if he takes these vitamins every day, I worry less about him getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs.

Calcium a plus
by mdickon

These work great, my kids love Scooby-Do so we treat these as "Scooby snacks" and they don't mind taking them. The added calcium is great because my son doesn't like to drink milk.

Taste Great
by Kristy

I have taken these since I could remember. I cannot take the taste of regular vitamins so I take these; also as an attempt to help my calcium problem. These are one of the greatest vitamins you could buy, children or adults. They have a great taste and the characters are one that everyone knows. I will continue to buy these.

chalky, but bearable
by Cynthia

I used to take these chewable vitamins when I was younger. They are definitely not the best vitamins I have ever taken. The first half of the bottle was okay, but once you get to the bottom of the bottle, you start to notice the chalky texture and nasty vitamin flavors. If your kids are not picky about what they eat, this would be a good way to get them to take their vitamins. But, if they are picky, I would stick with jellybeans and gummy bears.

A favorite because of the characters!
by Alicia Bunner

These are great--my kids like them because of the characters. If I can't get the gummies, they like it when I get these. These are some of the better tasting vitamins for kids that I have tried (sorry can't resist trying them myself--who could resist Scooby-Doo!!).

by tndj143

My son loves these. He loves the taste, and is so excited about taking his vitamin. I find him reminding me sometimes to give him his Scooby vitamin in the morning! I've tried these too and they do taste good. I would recommend these if you have no idea what vitamin your child would like.

Try them soon!
by Jana

These multivitamins are amazing. My kids love them, I feel like they are getting what they need, and the price is great.

My daughter liked the fun shapes, and even made a game by trying to guess what character she would get each day. She said they tasted "pretty good," but I imagine that's because of her lack of a strong vocabulary. Her actions and expressions match up with more of an "exceptional" taste.

I'll admit it, I tried one (for the sake of this review)! It tasted really great. I loved it. They were fruity, and didn't have the overpowering "powdery" taste that is common in such vitamins.

'Awesome!' as my daughter says
by Angel

I always gave my daughter a multi-vitamin to help with her growing up.
She is now a teenager and still makes me buy these for her.
She loves the taste and thinks they are the best thing on the market.

by Denise

My kids love Scooby, so it was natural for me to try these to get them to round out their diet. They like to make up little stories about the characters before they take the vitamins. I would give this 5 stars but I recently had trouble finding them (searched four stores) and the kids put up a stink when I tried to give them Flintstones (what I grew up on).

Nephews love them
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I babysit my nephews a few times of the week and they can't go a day without their Scooby-Doo vitamins. This is a great multivitamin that is not only very good in taste and healthy, but also fun. They enjoy the cartoons and I thank God because they are never without vitamins. I remember my younger days and even teens with the Flintstones vitamins, and this is exactly how my nephews react toward these. Just make sure that you are always around the kids since it is possible to choke on any vitamin/pill.

Scooby Snacks!
by Shannon

I have a four year old that LOVES these! She thinks they taste great, and make her "big and strong." She remembers to ask for one every day, even when I forget to offer it. I think they are a good product for the price. The vitamins must be pretty easily absorbed, because she always has tons of energy and hardly ever gets sick. I would still suggest making the kids eat their veggies, though!

by Emilia

I gave this product to my daughter, and she did not like it so much. She said that the vitamins did not have a candy flavor to it. I try it myself, and the flavor is not very good. It is important for me that my daughter takes her vitamins without making her.

Not Just for Kids Anymore
by Lisa

As an adult, I eat generally well, but I like to take a multivitamin as added insurance. Rather than take in the mega-doses offered in some adult-targeted vitamins, I decided to use children's vitamins. One-a-day is a known and trusted brand, and I admit it, I love Sccoby-Doo!

Kids love this
by Carrie

My kids love these! My youngest always asks if he can have more. LOL We also love Scooby-Doo at our house.

by JJ

After trying other children's vitamins for my 7 year old daughter, I purchased these because I often buy one-a-day products for myself. She enjoyed the Scooby Doo characters and said they didn't taste bad. I would definitely buy these again, especially for the price, and sometimes you can find coupons for this product.

Just What The Doctor Ordered
by Kim

I have a four and a five year old. Both of my kids love to take them. I have tried them myself and thought that they were disgusting, but thankfully they appeal to kids. My kids stay pretty healthy through out the year, so I must say that they are just what the doctor ordered.

Ok for chalk
by Jessica D

My kids tended to spit these out quite often, even when I would change around characters. Said they tasted like sand, and they wouldn't take them anymore. Even with bribing them. They were also a bit harder than other vitamins they had tried.

One-A-Day Kids Scooby-Doo
by carol1560

My kids love Scooby Doo vitamins. I like buying them because they were around when I was a kid. My kids say they taste good and I don't have to fight them to take their vitamins. Price is right as well.

My son loves them
by jordan

My nine-year old son takes a One-A-Day Kids Scooby-Doo! Multivitamin plus Calcium every morning. The box and label on the container are purple, distinguishing it from the regular Scooby-Doo! Multivitamin that has green box and label. The calcium is as much as a five ounce glass of milk. The percentage of daily value for the nutrients are broken into two sections. One is for children 2-3 years of age with the other option for four years and older. The value for younger kids is 100-150% for all nutrients, while the rest of us get 50-100%.

Scooby Vitamins
by Laura

My son wanted these because he LOVES Scooby Doo, but that is the ONLY thing he likes about them. He spit them out at first, so I tried one and they do taste terrible. I ended up giving ours to my sister for her daughter and she is taking them, but doesn't really like them either.


I am the mother of a 5 year old daughter who is VERY picky. I worry that she does not get the nutrition that she needs from her everyday meals, so I tried to supplement with vitamins. Needless to say that was harder to do than getting her to eat! I bought the Scooby-Doo plus calcium thinking here we go, another waste. Boy. was I wrong! She begs for more than one. No, my only trouble is keeping her out of them!

A Scooby a Day
by Milf

When shopping for vitamins, my daughter told me to buy these because they were Scooby Doo, which she is really into. The price and vitamin values were comparable to similar products so I bought them. She was a little disappointed that they didn't taste like candy and were a bit gritty. Good news is that she still takes them and knows she needs to take a Scooby every day.

Kids won't eat
by Kelly

These were great looking, but tasted gross. The kids ate them for maybe a week just because they were Scooby-Doo, but the love of Scooby just wasn't enough. They stopped eating them soon after, and won't even touch them now. I tried them myself and I would have to agree, they are pretty gross. I'm sure they have all the important things they need in them, they are just lacking in flavor which is a huge factor when it comes to kids.

Yeah I still use them
by Troy

Yeah, I'm in college and I still buy these vitamins and others like it. Go ahead, laugh, I know you want to. The only downside to these vitamins is that its taste isn't the best but it's not the worst of the vitamins I've tried out there, either. Try it from a friend who has them first, maybe, before you go out and buy them.

they were ok...
by Danielle

My son enjoyed the Scooby-Doo vitamins, of course he likes anything to do with Scooby. He said he liked the red ones best and refused to eat the orange ones. He said they were too chunky and he couldn't get rid of the taste in his mouth. My fiance also takes the children's vitamins and he said that they were not as good as the Flintstones.

Kids didn't like
by Bethany

I had bought these One-A-Day Scooby multivitamins for my kids. They thought the shapes were great, but the taste was nasty. They complained that it was gritty and gross in there mouth, so I tried one and I experienced the same thing. Needless to say, I tossed them. From then on I have bought only my normal vitamins for them.

Just okay
by Robyn

These vitamins are so-so. We ran out of Flintstones and one of my sons likes Scooby-Doo so we gave them a try. He did not like the taste too much. The vitamin content seemed to be comparable to Flintstones, but the because of the taste, we could not get my kids to take them. My other three kids spit them out. We are back to using Flintstones.

Who doesn't love Scooby???
by Nikolas M

Everyone loves Scooby right? Except when you take a bite out of him. The price was right in line with other similar vitamins, its benefits were also. Everything seemed good until we took a bite. We ended up returning these because they were just downright nasty. I think I'm the only one who finished one, the wife spit here's right back out as well as the kids too. Avoid unless absolutely necessary

My kids love them!
by TMCole

My children love these. It's never a problem giving them their vitamins in the morning because they are so tasty. They love the fact that they come in the shapes like Scooby Doo and if I accidentally forget to give them their "Vites" in the morning, they are surely asking for them. "Mom, can we have our vites, did you forget"? I take more comfort in knowing that with my picky eater who eats nothing but oranges and peanut butter and crackers, that he is getting the nutrients that he needs.

Stick to the cartoon, skip the vitamin!
by Barb W.

My middle son, who is a big fan of the Scooby Doo movies, begged for these vitamins after we ran out of our last box of Flinstones vitamins. I gave in. What a BIG mistake! He took them once and told me how icky they tasted. The next day he cried when I tried to make him take one. I tried it and had to spit it out. They were bitter, chalky, and sort-of stale tasting. Needless to say, the box hit the trash and I made a return visit to the store to pick up a box of Flinstones. The characters may be appealing, but it's no indicator of what is in the box. It's surprising that a children's company would manufacture something so yucky tasting.

Despite their nutrient/vitamin value, I do not recommend purchasing these vitamins.

by cooldan

As soon as I fed them to my children, they said they didn't like it. Scooby Doo may be one of their favorite cartoon characters but these "scooby snacks" aren't all that great. I even tried one myself and it was horrible, the taste and texture feels bad inside your mouth.

horrid taste
by Noah Bratvold

These are the first type of vitamins I tried with my son, he loves scooby doo, and he's old enough to start taking vitamins, made sense in my head. He screamed the first time he took one, I thought it couldn't taste that bad, and I tried one, very sour and unpleasant taste in these vitamins, not for kids.

We liked the Character, but..
by Mindy

We picked these vitamins out because of the Scooby Doo character. As soon as we got home, they wanted to try them. I let them pick out the flavors they wanted, and after putting them in their mouths, they made a funny face. I asked them what was wrong, and they told me these tasted funny. I won't be buying these anymore since they didn't like them.

Vitamins are awesome.
by carolyn

This is an awesome vitamin and very tasty. It also helps children want to eat them because of the Amazing Scooby Doo on the cover. My little cousin tried it and loved it.

Love the character, hate the taste!
by Betty D.

My 5 yr old grandson loves Scooby-Doo, so we while shopping for vitamins, he saw it & wanted to try it. We really expected it to taste good, but honestly, he didn't like it AT ALL! Sometimes looks to deceive us. I am not saying it wasn't a good vitamin, it just doesn't TASTE good!

Tastes yukky
by Blueberry

We bought this for my niece just because of the Scooby Doo character that she loves so much. She tried to eat them everyday but she just didn't like the taste so she kept avoiding it. She is now taking Lil Critters and thats what she likes the best. I personally wont buy this for my kids because taste is the first thing that really matters when it comes to eats for kids.

not my child's favorite
by Amanda

When my son saw these at the store he begged and cried until I agreed to buy them for him. When we got home I let him have one. He immediately spit it out and said that it was gross. The idea of a known character appealing to kids to buy something is a good idea, but they need to at least make the taste appealing to the kids as well.

Kids did not like
by Jaime

My kids did not like these. They said they tasted too much like chalk. They are very gritty. I had to try one, too. They do come in cute shapes and a lot of flavors, but I would not tell anyone to run out and buy Scooby.

Kids love it!
by mari Hermann

My kids have tried alot of vitamins. Mostly due to the fact that one of them dislikes the taste of vitamins. In an effort to make this daily ritual easier on all of us, we have gone through almost all the kid vitamins out there. This one was a hit though and now vitamin taking is easy and painless at our house. My daughter, says these taste REALLY good. I'm happy because the Scooby-Doo vitamin has everything my kids need!

Not a great tasting vitamin
by Christine M.

My son didn't care much for the taste of these vitamins. He would let it sit on his tongue for only a second or so and spit it out. The one he did try to eat took quite a while to chew up which he didn't care for, either.

Good for Kids
by Sandip

These are good. My children love Scooby Doo, so they take these without any problems. They should come out with some Spongebob ones or one of the newer cartoons that kids really love today.My children feel good for the whole day when they take them.

Great Vitamin
by Laura Frost

These are great. My kids love Scooby-Doo so they take these without any problems. They should come out with some Spongebob ones or something like that. One of the newer cartoons that kids really love today.

Great Way to Start the Day!
by Robin

I have always had a difficult time getting my youngest son to take any kind of medication or vitamin. That is, until I bought these! He loves Scooby, and the fun of picking out which character he will munch every morning makes vitamin taking a breeze!

One-A-Day Kids Scooby-Doo! Multivitamin Plus Calcium
by pamela

I bought these for my grandchildren, who were always getting colds. They have been taking the vitamin now for about 8 weeks and they now have fewer runny noses!
I recommend this vitamin; very good quality!

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