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Yummi Bears
by Hannah

All 6 of my children LOVE these vitamins and I do too! They are delicious and fun to take. They like to take them much better than a hard chewable tablet. I also like the amount of each vitamin it contains! I highly recommend this vitamin!

No Maintenance Required!
by Kris

Finally, a vitamin that my kids want to take on their own, no reminders, no threats! Yeah!

by yummy yumm bears

My son has taken these before but they are not his favorite.

My son LOVES these!
by Joel

I used to have a problem giving my son vitamins, but that has been solved! My younger son always
thinks that they are candy.

by caroln

I gave the vitamins to my kids. They ate it and said they tasted good. None of them gave me a problem takeing their vitamins.

The Best!
by Amy T

We got some samples of these vitamins and my kids love them! They say that they taste better than any others I've ever bought, so now it looks like we will be buying Yummi Bears from now on!

love them
by carmanmm

My daughter loves them, taste great and I don't have to argue with her about taking them everyday like I had to with the others.


My son is pretty good at taking his vitamins but he really likes the taste and texture of these. He told me if i keep buying them he will not give me any trouble taking his vitamins. I tried one and they really do taste good so I can see why he would want to take them.

Great Tasting
by Lyn

My children loved the taste of this vitamin. They also liked the little bears. They wanted more, but they had to wait until the next day.

Yummi bears Multi- Vitamins
by Donna Albright

My son loves these. I ordered these a little bit ago, and thought it would be good because my son has a hard time swallowing vitamins. He loves the taste, and says it taste just like candy.Taking 3 of these a day,he thinks hes getting 3 pieces of goodness.

by carole adams

My son now loves to take his vitamins because as he says he gets to choose the color and he loves the tasty flavors. there is no more hiding the vitamin because he does'nt like it. Sure makes my morning easier.

My favorite!!!
by Kyle

I have a 2-year-old who gags at the slightest idea of chewing up anything that resembles medicine, so getting her to take a vitamin was beyond hard. These are great. She doesn't argue, and actually reminds me in the morning that she needs her vitamin. Love that these are around!!!

Easy and Yummy
by MJ Ferruzza

My daughter has been a fan of gummy bears since she first could chew them safely. I always wondered if they could come out with a vitamin in this form that didn't have an aftertaste. The first time a child tastes something that seems off, you have a wasted bottle of full vitamins. They taste great. They seem to have the additional supplement of daily vitamins needed in active kids. I will use these Yummi Bears for quite the conceivable future.

by leo lee

These gummi 'Yummi Bears' are so great! I have two sons. Before trying Yummi Bears, my youngest son (now 7) would hide his vitamins or just leave them on the table. He can be a picky eater so I was concerned because he wouldn't take his vitamin. Now since taking Yummi Bears, he asks to take his vitamins right when he wakes up!

I Love It
by Aileen ZH

It's easy to get them to take vitamins with these tasty bears. My son will simply NOT take any other vitamin and, believe me, I've tried!

love the Bears
by Tami

I have always had a hard time getting my disabled son to take his vitamins. With his condition, texture of things that go in his mouth is a big issue. Other vitamins I purchased, no matter how it tasted, he wouldn't eat it as it was too hard. I purchased the Yummi Bears, thinking that what the hang if he doesn't eat the vitamins, I'll eat them myself. He loved them. I now get him to take his vitamin daily.

Yummi Bears
by Mark

These are great products! My two daughters (ages 9 and 7) both look forward to eating their yummi bears! The flavor is great and they have all the essentials needed for young kids. The bears come in different colors which the kids love too!

Yummy tasting and good for you
by M. Bradley

My children never wanted to take vitamins. Even the flavored children’s vitamins had a bad after taste to them. I was thrilled to find Yummi-Bears! Now I have a vitamin that they look forward to taking. They like it, because it tastes good and leaves no yucky after taste. I like it, because I know my children don’t always get the proper amounts of nutrients in their diet, and I feel it is necessary to supplement. They take Yummi-Bears daily with no fussing. And -- even I like the taste of them! Great product.

Yummi Good
by Green

My three year old reminds me “I need my Yummi Bear!” every morning and night. What more do I have to say about taste? She loves them! I’ve tried one too, just to see how it is. Nice cherry flavor, and no aftertaste. Easy to chew and not chalky either. Price is good for 90 bears, especially for younger ages, since they only take two a day, so it is a two-month supply. Childproof lid eases my mind too. You can’t go wrong with this product.

Made With the Child In Mind
by Cathie

My grandchildren, ages 7 and 10, loved these chewy bears. They would remind me at night to not forget to give them their vitamins. They had a good taste and the smell wasn't bad like a vitamin smell.

Like eating candy!
by Rachel

These vitamins are like eating candy! Finally, a multi-vitamin that I know my kids will take. Before I could never find a vitamin that my 3 children would eat but they love these vitamins because they are almost like candy! It's candy time kids, I tell them and they come running. They love the taste and I love that I dont have to worry anymore!

Child Friendly Vitamins
by Delnetria Marks

My son has always given me problems when it came to taking his vitamins. I tried to find something that made it easier. When he tried this product he smiled and asked me if he could have another candy. That's when I knew it was a hit.

Yummi Gummies
by Anna Hazard

While these aren't the kids favorite type of vitamin (that would be the variety of gummi vitamins that are 'sugar' dipped), they like these well enough that we don't have to chase them around the house to take their vitamins. (They might actually like these a bit *too* much, in that we have to hide them after the three gummi bear limit, else they snarf more up and inadvertently poison themselves.)

The biggest drawback for this particular brand is that it's really rather pricey compared to the other kids gummi vitamins available out there.

Not the Best
by melissa

My daughter did not like these gummy vitamins at all. We tried every color/flavor and she didn't like any of them. I compared the nutrient value to that of others and I was disappointed. Not only did my daughter not like them but they lacked in the nutrient area also.

These vitamins will never be refused!
by Marisa

If you have a toddler, you know what a battle it can be some days, trying to get them to eat healthy meals. This is where a good multivitamin is so important. My son loves these vitamins because they're tasty and fun. He even has a little song he sings to the bear. On the other hand, I like them because the ingredients are straightforward and all natural. I feel secure that he's getting what he needs without any added sugar or other potentially harmful ingredients.

by whitney

Finally, a MULTI - vitamin that I know my kids will take. I could never find a vitamin before that satisfied my children's needs and tastes,not to mention my worries! I no longer have to worry that my children aren't getting enough nutrition thoughout the day. This health food, exercise, and a good life style will have my children set for a great future!

Vitamins Made Easy
by Amie

My toddler loves these. I don't have a single problem getting her to take her vitamin - I hand it to her, she takes it! These taste great (yes I tried them) and they are great for her. I give her one bear a day.
Bottom Line - these do a great job of getting your child the vitamins they need in a good tasting treat. Thank you!!

Fantastic idea for kids!
by Heather A.

My kids used to hate taking their vitamins,mainly because of the taste. But Yummi Bears has cured this problem! I no longer have to beg my children to take their vitamins...they ask to take them every morning! The flavors are great and I love that my children are getting all of their daily vitamins and minerals without the nasty taste of the chewables that they used to take.

kid approved
by C

My two little ones (3 and 6 yr olds) look forward to eating their gummy bear vitamins. In the past, I've tried chewable hard vitamins but the kids disliked them. They view the Yummi Bears more as candy than vitamins so it's gotten to the point that I don't need to remind them to take them. Thank goodness for these vitamins- they ensure my kids get the right amount of nutrients.

My daughter loves these
by Tina

My daughter loves these vitamins. I don't have to worry if she won't take her vitamin because they taste so great! I also like the fact that they don't have a bunch of unnecessary junk added to them. They only thing I can say that I'm not perfectly pleased with is the directions say to give 1-3 bears per day but it doesn't really give an age range as to when they should have 3 bears per day.

Excellent For Kids
by Joyce H.

I used to give my children the hard, bad tasting vitamins and my children hated them. I saw these one day and thought I might give them a try. My children have been using these for a little over a month and love to take them. Every morning before school, they wait to get one. This product is an excellent alternative to other hard children's vitamins.

Yummy gummies
by J.Y.

I love giving my children vitamins, and I have always given them vitamins since they were infants. In the past, as infants, they only received liquid dispension, but nowadays I have more flexibility in choosing which to give them because of all the wonderful assortment to choose from. Gummies are an all time favorite because they really taste like gummy candies! Its also an added bonus when my kids get to choose which vitamins they want to take such as these.

Easier to Give
by Jennifer Heath

I have a three year old who gags at the slightest idea of chewing up anything that resembles medicine, so getting her to take a vitamin was beyond hard. These are great. She doesn't argue, and actually reminds me in the morning that she needs her vitamin. Love that these are around!!!

My favorite!!!
by Cynthia

Why would anyone want to take a boring chew/swallow vitamin when they can have a Yummi Bear? I've taken vitamins all of my life, and I'd say gummy bear versions are the best! Even as a college student, they are definitely my favorite vitamins. They taste great, the texture is just like a gummy bear. They are good for people who are allergic to things like eggs and milk. I've recommended them to all of my friends. The only drawback is the cost, but it's worth it for good health!

My Kids love these
by Alicia Bunner

My kids really love the gummy vitamins. I had used the immune booster ones before and they were always preferred over the regular chewable ones. They say that they taste just like a gummy and they were excited when I found the vitamins in gummy as well!

Nephews Love it
by Julie

I do not have any children, but I do have three nephews who take the gummy bears and love them. It is hard enough to slow children down to take regular medicine, much less a vitamin, but my nephews love the taste of these and ask for one everyday. Great Job.

Gummy Bears for Kids
by Jennifer Tyler

I give gummy bear vitamins a 5. I haven't came across another vitamin easier to give to my children. They think it's candy and take it without a second thought. It has all the vitamins and minerals they need supplemented and taste great.

Gummy Bears
by Jarmelia Ladson

I liked that fact that my children were taking vitamins, but when it came time for them to take medicine they wanted gummies! It tastes great to me as well. My daughter actually doesn't like any vitamins and no matter what it looks like she won't take it. She takes these!

yummy gummy
by Kennedee

I was hesitant to let my children try Yummi Bears multi-vitamins, but, to my surprise they really, really like them and look forward to taking their yummi bears daily. They remind me each morning that it is yummi bear time. This is a good product if you have small children.

by Ryan

I bought these for my kids just to try them out because my kids never liked to take vitamins. I sort of tricked my kids by telling them they were gummy bears and much to my surprise they ate them and actually believed it. I tried one and they do taste like gummy bears and I highly recommend these!

Ease for Picky kids!
by Kristina Richardson

Two out of 3 of my kids really like these and they think they are getting treats in the morning for making their bed! My daughter won't take them but my boys really enjoy them. It's become a routine for them daily to make their beds then tell mom that they have done their chore and want their reward.

Don't Deliver
by Stacy

The idea of Yummi Bears Multi-Vitamin and Mineral is a good one but they just don’t deliver. These vitamins are missing some important vitamins and my child thought they tasted really bad. They are cute little gummy bears though.

Great Invention
by Nicole A

My kids LOVE these vitimins, they have a great taste and appeal to kids because well who doesn't love gummi bears! I have to admit sometimes I even take one or two! In the past when Ive tried giving them other kinds of vitamins, they don't like them nearly as much.

by Ali

I used these when my kids were smaller and they just loved them! They thought they were candy! It was an easy way to get the vitamin to appeal to a younger child. I tried one and they are GOOD!

by Kathleen Marler

We thought that trying to get our children to take vitamins that were either GUM or GUMMY BEARS
would make it easier, they did not like them.

Plus, I did not like the thought that if they had really liked them, maybe they'd climb up into the cabinet and eat a whole bunch. Plus, try explaining to little ones, the difference between gummy bears, worms, etc that's a vitamin and gummies that are a treat.

Too Many
by Sarah K.

I have tried these in the past (because I like taking children's vitamins. better then adults) and I have to admit I liked the taste and idea. What I didn't like is the dosage amount. You should take 2 to 3 Yummi Bears every morning. If they can't put all those vitamins in one gummy, how do you know you are getting enough with three? It is just a little shady as to why you need 3 and not one.

So fun to Take !
by dee

The cut shape and candy like appearance of these vitamins makes them a fun way to get a child's much needed nutrition. My son loves them as he feels they are a reward! Wow! It has been an absolute joy to have this product because it makes both mom happy and kid happy alike!

Yummy gummi!
by suzanne M

This is the easiest way to get your little one to take their vitamins! My little ones think these are candy and always want more! Better keep these in a safe, out-of-reach place to avoid over dosing, 'cause your kids will be looking for them!

Yummi Bears
by carolyn

I think this is a great product. Kids who don't like the taste of vitamins will love this item. They have a terrific taste and they look like candy gummy bears!

Have to hide these!
by Candice

My baby girl loves these! Only three a day?!?! Are you crazy? I have to hide these away where she can't find them. She thinks they're candy she loves them so much! A great way to get your child to take all the much needed nutrition they need to grow up healthy! My daughter didn't like the hard ones such as Flintstones, the soft gummy types are much more to her liking!

It’s A Gummy Bear, No It’s A Yummi Bear!
by Sarah

At first glance Yummi Bears Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Children’s Gummy Multivitamins may look like gummy bears. They are in fact not gummy bears, but yummi bears, a special children’s multivitamin in gummy form that is meant to make taking vitamins fun for your child and painless for you. Yummi Bears are a leader in Children’s Multivitamin products, and they make sure to exclude ingredients that some children may have sensitivities or allergies to. Yummi Bears are free of artificial colors and flavors, egg, glutens, milk, preservatives, salicylates, salt, soy, wheat, and yeast. What this means is that Yummi Bears are basically “all natural” and that even children who are allergic to some “add ins” in multivitamins should be able to handle Yummi Bears without an allergic reaction. So, how does a children’s multivitamin make something that looks like a gummy bear, but without adding all sorts of harmful ingredients? It’s simple. They use a gelatin that is derived from pork hide, and they use only natural colors including annatto, black carrot, and grape skin liquids. What results are multiple flavors of Yummi Bears multivitamins in a variety pack, along with watermelon and cherry flavors. The box recommends 3 Yummi Bears a day, but you should always check with your child’s pediatrician as many vitamins vary in how much you should take based on a child’s weight and/or age. Adults can also take Yummi Bears as a multivitamin. The Yummi Bears provide your child with a pretty wide range of vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Iodine, and Magnesium just to name a few. Even with all of these vitamins added to Yummi Bears, they aren’t perfect. First of all, they don’t taste much like gummy bears, which is a good thing to keep children from eating them as “candy”, but a bad thing if you expect to pass them off as candy to get your children to take their vitamins each day. Second, don’t think your children are getting all of the vitamins that they need just from taking Yummi Bears. Yummi Bears provide very little calcium and magnesium, and while children under 4 receive the recommended daily value of each vitamin through most of the ingredients in Yummi Bears, children over 4 will receive on average 50% of the daily value of each vitamin they need and less that .5% of calcium (one of the most important vitamins, in my opinion). Are Yummi Bears the best vitamin on the market? Probably not, but they will definitely help you get some vitamins into a really picky child.

by Loretta

My children love these. They love the taste, they love the bear and they love that it does not remind them of a vitamin. Although I did not realize they needed to take two at a time, it is worth the extra expense to have vitamin taking time...enjoyable!

nice concept
by Patty

My daughter and I have been through the whole gamut of vitamins searching for one's that she likes. I bought these after chucking the liquid form thinking "she likes fruit snacks, maybe she'll like these." Nope. She liked the idea of them, obviously making the connection between the vitamins and the fruit snacks. But she soon learned that the vitamins were no comparison. We've switched to the regular chewables I grew up on and she likes them, but I would say try these, especially if your child has never had the real fruit snacks!

Great for the kiddies
by Tiffany

If your kids don't like to take regular vitamins because they think they're medicine, try these. When my son was younger these were the only way I could get him to take vitamins.

So yummy I take them!
by Valerie M.

These are perfect for the young'uns in your life. I bought these for my brother, who won't even try to take pills (and that's okay) and I am totally addicted to the taste of these! One for you, and one for me :)

When kids are young, you know how important vitamins are for their development. Here's an easy way to get them to take them!

Ok, but...
by L. S.

These are good, solid vitamins with a lot of important ingredients and seem nutritionally sound. My problem with them has been that kids don't understand the difference between these and candy. They beg for more of them and don't understand why they are only allowed one or two. I don't like buying them for that reason.

My Kids love these
by Lori Strehle

My older kids don't fight me about taking vitamins anymore. These taste so good, that they actually ask for them. One of my children is allergic to milk, so I was glad to learn that Yummi Bears are milk free.

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Yummy Yummi Bears
by Christine

My kids think these vitamins taste great! They are as yummy as their name promises. A great way to get kids to eat their vitamins!!