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Adverse Effects
by Maylee

I hoped JP would have been the answer to all my prayers, healthy skin, heathly hair, etc I ordered the orchard blend and garden blend chewables for myself and after taking them for a month both my hands and feet started to get pins and needles, so I stopped them. A few months went by and I felt terrible b/c I knew the rep who sold them to me and she seemed happy and healthy, so I tried them again. I now ordered all three chewables. The vineyard blend immediately made me break out and after a few weeks the pins and needles started again and I also had an eye twitch that lasted for 3 weeks after I stopped taking them. On another note, I tried to give them to my child, before I started to get any reaction of coarse, and he refused to take them. He did not like the taste at all. I would not suggest this product to anyone. Also, does anyone know why these are not sold in the store? why hasn't a distributor picked them up after such a long time?

by Connie
by Faithful User

My husband and I have used Juice Plus for years. Before he started on JP, he was an always exhausted airline pilot. After 1 month he felt better than he had in years.
I started taking them hoping to have one winter when I didn't have a cold/bronchitis/laryngitis for 6-8 weeks. Since I started on JP, I have been healthy every winter with only occasional sniffles! I stopped taking them one winter just to evaluate and was sick for 4 weeks. We believe in this product!!

Owner Serenade Music Studio
by Barbara Stout

My husband and I have been taking Juice Plus Orchard, Garden and Berry blend for almost 3 years now. It is the first three years of my life that I haven't had a cold, flu or any illness at all. My nails and hair grow like crazy and my overall well being and energy is the best it's ever been--and I'm 54. My husband who is 67 had many problems, taking high blood pressure meds, cholesterol, etc. After JP came along--this all went out the window!! We don't plan on ever living without this amazing, whole food supplement!!!

Some people need to get real!
by Matt Wagner

I have been a user for years and my kids have taken the gummies and now the chewables for over 3 years. They consistently get sick less often than most of their fellow classmates and have NEVER gotten sick from the chewables/gummies.
Those of you who say your kid got sick or the flu after taking Juice Plus should have your head examined. Is it possible they had already been exposed to a flu bug before taking the JP+ product? I love people who make random conclusions based on incomplete information.
If you have the discipline than purchasing fruits and vegetables and getting your kids to eat them is a far superior idea than eating chewables. However, this is a SUPPLEMENT and can help get a childrens recommended daily allotment. You should encourage your children to eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
I only give 4 out of 5 stars because Juice Plus is on the expensive side but I believe it is worth the cost.

by Cathy

My grandkids love the new Chewables! What a great way to add some extra fruits and veggies to their daily diet. It's a great gift.

by LilMizMargi

I am a firm believer in Juice Plus. Hubby and I have been taking the supplements since they first came on the market. We are far healthier than we were before. I have not had a cold or flu in over 6 years. My brother in law also takes Juice Plus. He is close to 75 and is in excellent health thanks to the great grains, fruits and veggies in JP. He had a bout with cancer recently and came out a winner. His recovery was amazing! He claims it was thanks to his faithful ingestion of JP. To those referring to JP as toxic ripoff, you need to know more about detoxing and nutrition. All your body was doing was detoxifying itself. You were putting in the good stuff and it made the bad stuff come out - in your case the outbreak of zits.

by Rita

These are OK but my kids would rather drink juice or eat fruit.


My kids would not eat these because they said that they have a chalky taste.

by Jenny Cudworth

I didn't realize that my payments for Juice Plus were coming of my credit card and when I tried to cancel was told by my bank that this is a very hard transaction to cancel. I have to write directly to them and they then need to confirm in writing My bank said this is often a problem and they can take a long while. I was advised not to do this again. I do not know the name of the original rep who sold me these and I cannot find details on the bottle. I have sent an e mail and now await a reply. I am not holding my breath. Direct debit or standing order is best!

Awesome product for my 3 year old!
by Kimberly

My 3 year old loves the chewables and as a mom, it gives me such a peace of mind to know that I'm helping him get a wide variety of nutrients into his diet without resorting to multivitamins. I do try and get him to eat as much fresh veggies as I can, but having a hard time with things like kale, spinach & beets so this is a God-send for us :) He's been on the chewables for a year and before that, the gummies. He's the healthiest kid I know and even my doctor asked what I was doing at the last wellness check-up.

Also to address the last reviewer's symptoms - I too experience the breakouts for the first month I was on Juice Plus but I was very lucky to have read some information about detoxing that helped me understand that my body was using the nutrition to get rid of toxins that were stored in my body. My breakouts went away after that first month and now I've been on it for about 2 years and my skin color and health is better than it's ever been and I haven't had any blemishes whatsoever. I think I was detoxing from all the vitamins that I used to take. I've since learned that individual vitamins eventually cease to be effective and actually become toxic to your body. So, now I just take Juice Plus because it's simply food and it's got the research to prove that it's doing something good in my body.

Toxic Ripoff
by Amanda

I wish I had never heard of Juice Plus. I took it for a while and all it did was make me break out and feel nauseous (and it is way too expensive). Seems these reactions are not uncommon. After doing some research, I really regretted ever paying a dime for this junk. I feel like such a sucker.

Juice Plus Chewables Work!
by Tanya

My five year old son takes these everyday upon the recommendation of our chiropractor. I have tried these myself, and while they are slightly chalky tasting, but they work for those of us who don't get the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables in our diets.

it was okay
by Alex Grossman

My cousin and little brother have been taking these for a little while now and they seem to be a good source of nutrients for them. My only complaint has to be the price it's a little steep for my budget but there health is worth every cent.

by Victor

My kids have tried this for a week but it was horrible. They did not like the taste of Juice Plus and it made one of my kids sick for a day. I would not buy this ever again.

by ashley

I have been taking Juice Plus for almost a month now, everyday. It was endorsed by Dr. Sears (who I trust) so I chose it. I like the concept of being able to have all my veggies/fruits everyday. Without these I wouldn't be able to get in my 5-a-day. However, the fruit tablets (chewables) were slightly bitter. I would purchase this product again, because it helps keep me healthy.

by Jen W.

The concept is great, but the taste is not. I bought these for myself because a friend recommended juice plus during my pregnancy. I hate to swallow pills, so I thought this might be a nice alternative. I hated the taste. I stopped taking them after the third day. However, I am picky, so other may not feel the same way.

Juice Plus
by carolyn

When I first bought it, I figured my kids would eat it. However, when I took them home and gave them one, they refused to eat them. After days of convincing, I got them to eat them. After eating them, my youngest daughter got a stomach virus and was sick in bed for 2 days.

Expensive but worth it
by Julie Moore

These are pretty expensive, and you have to buy them in four-month installments. My acupuncturist uses them with her son, so I decided to try them on my daughter. They are such a great way for kids to get their fruits and veggies, and my daughter is a fan of neither. Now, I just give her a few gummies and she doesn't even know she is eating something healthy. I liked them so much that I tried to get her into a study, but they only do studies for kids over six. Call the company, maybe your child will qualify. It would be a great way to check out how wonderful they are.

Not just for kids
by Candice

I was first introduced to the Juice Plus brand when they had a stand at a local street fair, I took a brochure and then ordered online. I love chewable supplements and although my kids did not care too much for these because they missed their favorite cartoon characters I ended up taking them and I loved them.

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Great Quality!
by Amy

Juice plus + makes you feel great and makes you less hungry. I use to be pretty fat, but now I lost weight and feel GREAT! Juice + really helps people out a lot!