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Not to sure
by Lauren

My kids love these as they love any thing that taste like candy. They are great supplements but you need to keep them under lock and key. My kids as I'm sure most kids would do like to sneak candy when they can. So if you have small children you need to make sure these are in a place where they cannot find them. vitamins can be very toxic if you take to many.

by Alanna

I have twins and only one of them likes these. Looking for one that they both will like. Downside, they need to eat 2.

by Amy

Son liked these too! These were easy to get him to eat because he likes gummie bears! The only down side, is you have to eat 2 of these instead of just one.

by Sarah

These things are great i've been taking them for 2 years and have worked perfectly

by nikki

This is the only gummi vitamin that my children will take for me. They love the way the bears taste. I have tried other gummi vitamins only to be disappointed that my children would not eat them. I would highly recommend this product to any parent that has young picky eaters.

These Are Fabulous!
by Jessica

I've been taking these vitamins 2 times a day (like it says on the label) for over 1 year now. And I have to say...oh my gosh! These vitamins taste very good- I could probably eat the WHOLE container! Very kid-friendly appearance; they look just like regular gummy bears. Definitely recommend buying!

by Regina

I bought these for my youngest daughter. She liked them at first, but then she got picky about which colors she would eat.

by casey

My son took these for 6 months and loved the taste. I have to say I did too.

A very good product
by Lisa

I first started buying L'il Critters Gummy Vites last year. My then 16 year old son had just gotten Invisilign braces. He didn't want to remove them & wasn't eating lunch at school. I couldn't get him to take regular vitamins so I went to Walmart for a better option. One year later and I buy them in the large 190 qty because he takes them everyday. They are nearly identical in ingredients to other gummy vitamins but better priced. Although there is sugar used in the process which gives it its yummy flavor, there are no dyes used for coloring. This is extremely important to me since I'm trying to reduce the amount of man-made dye in our food. For those interested, the colors are made from annatto extract, black carrot juice extract and turmeric. If they come out with a Teen version, I'd give it 5 out of 5.

I love these
by Lorianne

My little girl hated vitamins. No matter what kind or flavor I got she would always say they tasted nasty. Then my friend came over with her kids, and she is always running around so she carries them with her. She was giving her children one and asked if she could give my daughter one as well. I said sure, but she might spit it out. But she didn't. She thought they tasted good. I went to the store and bought them right away.

by Alyson

Our daughter who is 28 mths, loves these vitamins, so I encourage moms and patients I work with to use these at home too. Every morning our daughter begs for one, if I forget to put one on her plate!

Alyson Lerstang RN

by Tammy Watson

My son is very picky. He has never been crazy about the regular chewable vitamins. I saw these Gummy Vites and decided to try them and they were a fantastic purchase. He loves these vitamins so much that I don't have to remind him or talk him into taking one. He gets up, eats his breakfast and then gets his Gummy Vite. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

by margarita

I love these vitamins and I also try to sneak some without my son seeing but he loves these vitamins and he likes all the flavors that they offer.

we love these!
by mom of 5

All my children love to take these! I've had to take them when my vitamins ran out, and they are rather tasty. I also like that there is nothing artifical.

Good Choice
by Leah

They are in the kitchen pantry as we speak. My 3 year old takes one a day and they seem to give her lots of energy. I only have one gripe, they stick together. But overall, I'm really satisfied.

a hit in my house!
by dawn

My kids love these and actually REMIND ME to give them their vitamins every day. It's great. What better way to create a good habbit, than to do it with something they like!

my kids love these
by Becky

My kids will not take any other vitamin because of the terrible aftertaste. THey love these gummy vitamins. They do not know that they are good for them. They just think they are eating a gummy bear!

gummy vites
by lynette

my daughter bought these just last week - my grandkids love them-every night they remind us that they need to take them-my granddaughter says the red ones are the best

by Tanya

My son really likes these gummies!

Vitamins that don't taste like Vitamins
by lizbette

These Gummy Vites are amazing. They are gummy bears that have all sorts of vitamins and nutrition in it--and they don't taste bad either! Another pro is that they do not stick to your teeth (they have beeswax in them to prevent sticking) and they come in great tasting flavors.

My kids love these!
by Inna

My girls love the taste of these vitamins but I don't know how beneficial they are...

These are Great!
by jennette sigler

My kids absolutely love these! They take their vitamins everyday regularly, and their friends request them also. I'm not sure if I can post specific store names, but I can buy the bottle at my neighborhood store for $4.00.

by kim

My kids love these vitamins. They ask me everyday if they can have one. These are a great product. Your kids are sure to take them if you buy them.



by Kimberly

My kids love these and love them because they are good for my kids.

My kids love them!
by Renee

It's the only vitamin my 6 yo son doesn't argue with me about taking and my 16 yo begs me to take them instead of the grown up vitamins!

by renee

My youngest loves this vitamin. He thinks they taste like candy.

my daughter loves it
by susana clark

What a great product. My daughter loves it, she thinks it's a treat.

by Maggie Y

My daughter has been eating this for almost 2 years, it's pretty cheap and a great product!!

good stuff
by robin

I give these to my kids and they love them. My littlest won't take the chew-able (hard) children's vitamins and these work great!

by theresa siedleck

kids think they're great! taste like reg. gummy bears

Tasty and good for you!
by Pauline

My daughter doesn't mind eating other vitamins, but this is her favorite ! They taste good and don't look like regular vitamins, which help a lot if you want to encourage your kids to take vitamins.

This is not candy!
by Q

I am a big proponent of vitamins for all ages especially young kids. While it is difficult to provide them with all the nutrition from traditional foods, these assist in complementing their diet. My kids really enjoy these gummy type vitamins. They are reasonably priced and, judging by my kids always wanting them, they probably taste good too. There are similar products available and you really can't go wrong with any of them if they are good for kids and the kids like them.

L'il Critters Gummy Vites
by aya

My 3 kids love these.
They tried many other vitamins and hated the taste. These taste great, and it feels to them like they are having candy. We have been using these for the past year or so.

Gummy vites
by L.M.

My daughter won't take many other brands of vitamins due to the unpleasant chalky and "medicinal" flavor. She does however, love these. They have a fruity taste that isn't unpleasant at all. The only drawback is that a bottle doesn't last as long as other brands with tablets do.

My son loves these vitamins!
by Julie

I have tried to get my son to take a variety of vitamins, but it was a hassle to get him to eat them. However, these L'il Critters Gummy Vites are the ones that he takes without fussing -- in fact, he asks for them every day! I tried them myself and found they taste great! So far, he has taken these vitamins for almost a year and I feel they have strengthened his immune system. I have noticed a drop in number of colds and fever episodes he normally gets each year.

However, I do wish they would change the dosage amount to show dosage by weight rather than age since my son is very thin for his age and I worry about overdoing the amount of vitamins he takes.

Great taste, and pretty good price
by Bryan

These Gummy vitamins taste amazing, so amazing that you would not be able to tell the difference between one of these and a regular gummy bear. The price is pretty good too, and they have many vitamins in them, so they are extra healthy. But you have to watch out, as kids may sometimes try to take more than the recommended amount (2), and that could be potentially dangerous. However, if your kids want them that bad, how bad could they be?!?

Looks like candy but good for you
by Christina Jadwisiak

My kids have issues with medicine. I tried this product and since it looked like candy, my toddlers were more likely to take it. Now, getting them to take their vitamins has never been easier. I completely recommend this product.

Love them
by victoria dawson

This is the only vitamin that I can get my 3-year-old daughter to take. In fact, if I forget to give her the Gummy Vites with breakfast she will remind me. Kids will not be able to tell the difference between Gummy Vites and a regular gummy candy, they taste that good. I would keep them up on a high shelf to make sure kids don't try to help themselves to seconds.

It Makes the Kids Happy
by Melissa Zee

My little nephews, ages 3 and 8 refuse to eat their vitamins but they will not refuse these gummy bears filled with vitamins. I think this is a great product! It attracts kids and they want them too. I have tried them too, and they are good. Sometime they think its candy so they want more. I have to hide them now before they overdose on vitamins.

by Robert

This is not an average-tasting vitamin. I tried these for a week when my 'adult' vitamins were gone and couldn't tell the difference between a gummy bear. It also seems to be as effective as any other multivitamin I've had.

L'il Critters Gummy Vites
by Paula

I'm 40 years old and I have had trouble digesting adult vitamins my whole adult life. There is some ingredient in them that does not agree with me. It was suggested that I try these gummy vitamins a couple years ago. I thought, I love gummy bears anyway why not? I eat 4 L'il Critters a day. I have no upset stomach. I am finally getting the vitamins I don't get with food, and they taste good too. I have to hide them from my husband. He swears they are just gummie bears. L'il Critters brand is the closest texture and taste of the real gummy candy compared to other brands.

We Love These
by Sharon

This was an great idea. I didn't think that it was possible to get my son to take a vitamin without all of the fuss that we usually go through. He actually looks forward to getting this every morning. Gummy Vites has taken away the morning struggle to get him to take his vitamin. Now what to do with that extra 10 minutes every morning.

Great Gummies!
by drew.amp

These gummies are the greatest vitamins! I have tried many vitamins for my children, and they will not eat them. They usually leave a chalky taste in their mouth. However, these gummies do not! These are a must-have if you are having trouble getting your children to take vitamins!

Vitamins are like candy
by Sara

I love that these are all natural vitamins, and they truly do taste just like real gummy bears. I've tasted these, but personally don't like the idea of giving them to my son because they look too much like candy. I wouldn't recommend to children under age 3 since they could be a choking hazard.

Love them!
by Jill

When I was pregnant with my third child, my pre-natal vitamins upset my stomach, so I switched to Gummy-Vites. I love the taste of them and was able to hold them down with no problem. Also, my other two children look forward to their "gummy bears" every day!

My daughter loves these!
by mommyof2

I have a hard time getting my toddler to take any vitamins...except for these! She loves these and thinks they are candy. I am glad she likes them and she makes sure to remind me daily to give one to her.

Great for kids
by S. Lee

It used to be a struggle to get my 5 year old to take her multi-vitamin. My child has no problem taking these Gummy Vites. The only downside is that they look so much like gummy candy that I'm afraid she might confuse them.

by Laura

My children absolutely love these. I have three, ages twelve, ten and seven. I have always had a difficult time getting them to take vitamins. My ten year old is a picky eater (why we are not sure since we all seem to eat whatever, whenever), but she is. The doctor finally recommended vitamins and I looked and looked and couldn't find any that she would take, nor the others. Well, we found these and they love them. I don't have to fight with them about taking them and it is the first thing they get in the morning. Any medicine, vitamin or product period that is good for your child, doesn't taste bad and they will take without having too pull their teeth is great too me. This product has definitely made my mornings easier and made me less apprehensive when it comes to my ten year old not eating what she should in the way of veggies, etc. I would have to say a big Thank You to the makers of this vitamin. As I am sure many parents are already doing.

I forgot to mention, that any adults that have a difficult time with vitamins would enjoy these also. I tried them and was very impressed with the flavor. Vitamins in general normally have a really nasty taste and smell (even adult ones) and these do not. One of my biggest gripes is the smell. If you have ever opened a bottle and didn't want to take them just because the smell was so horrible, then you know what I mean. These have definitely been a god send in our household. I hope these vitamins stay around for a long, long time, because I will never need to purchase another brand.

All kids will take their vites
by mckanglar

I have tried many vitamins with my 5 & 6 year olds. Nothing, I mean nothing, else like this product makes them want to take them everyday. They are the ones asking for them if I forgot for some reason.

Pretty tasty!
by Jessika Abramson

Although I am a fully-grown adult, I still have trouble swallowing big pills. Chewable vitamins are the easier route for me, and these are my favorite! Albeit, they don't have enough nutrients for someone my age, but if I take a few I'm fine.

Very Good!
by Tonya

My children both are very fond of these vitamins. Both of my children like the taste and it is easy to get them to take their vitamins if these are in the house. Any vitamin that I can get my kids to take without a bunch of "drama" gets two thumbs up from me! If your kids do not like regular chewable vitamins then try these, I think you (and them) will be pleasantly surprised!

Highly recommendable
by Jessica D

This are great for small children. They are so easy to chew, and my kids don't tend to spit these out as often as their old one a days.

Candy? Vitamins?
by CRStrom

It's always quite the task getting my 2 and 4 year old sons to consume anything that even SEEMS healthy. I knew I had to find a good vitamin that tasted good so that they would actually take it. They have never once fussed at me about taking their Gummy Vites!! I feel a little better about their health knowing that they are taking a vitamin every day.

Gimme more Gummy Vites!
by kvantol

Even though I'm not a child, I still struggle to take my vitamins. Most of the "grown up" versions make me gag because they are just too strong tasting, or they have 500% of everything which can be dangerous! The only ones I have found that are okay are Centrum's, but I still don't love how those taste. I've had to get rid of whole containers of vitamins because they practically made me throw up after taking just one. My stomach gets upset if I take certain brands as well, so I have to be picky about it.

I spied The "Lil Critters Gummy Vites" at Costco and picked up some. A container of 220 Gummy Bears costs about 10 dollars there, and they have the other versions available as well. I'm not sure how much these are elsewhere, but I know Costco usually gets deals on the things they sell and often times has larger containers available.

The Gummy Vites taste and look exactly like the candy version of themselves, except that there are no artificial flavors or colors. The colors of these gummies are translucent berry, yellow, and orange instead of the opaque primaries the candy comes in. Also, these are not sticky or too sweet.

I find that taking these is completely painless. Unlike the grown up ones, these don't have me tasting vitamins all day long, and they are very enjoyable to take. The fruit flavors are all really good, and I don't find myself favoring any colors or flavors over the others.

The only bad thing is that if you are giving these to children, keep them in a safe place because they could so easily be confused with the candies. Also, if you are an adult who needs certain vitamins or minerals, compare the label to your normal multivitamin to see how they fit together. I have to switch every other day with these and the Centrum because I tend to be low on iron. These don't have iron in them. It would be nice if the company would make an adult version of these with everything an adult needs.

I'm not sure if this label info shows it, but the container I have has the percent values broken up for children, and then for adults, so you can see how it holds up for both.

All in all, I highly recommend these for people who have trouble taking multivitamins. You might still have to switch off with another grown up brand, but at least it makes the off days very easy. These are a lot better than the Flintstones vitamins I remember as a kid, and I'm sure children would not mind taking these at all. Unfortunately, they are not vegan or vegetarian friendly as far as I know, because of the gelatin. The company DOES make another version of these that are vegetarian friendly though. You can see those on the company website here.

They're a very nice product and I am definitely buying another container once I run out!

by stacy

Finally! A multivitamin that my son will take. We have tried everything on the market, including prescription. If your little one is picky, this is the multivitamin for you! Hats off to Gummy Vites!

Gummy Vitamins
by Debb

My kids love these vitamins. No groans or complaints at all from either my 3 or 5 year olds about these vitamins. They know they are vitamins too. On occasion they will ask for more but I tell them to remind me tomorrow and they actually have. Great product.

Tastey way to get your Vits!
by Ben

I'm a bit beyond the age where I need to be coaxed to eat my vitamins by making them seem like a candy but my grandma, who always is giving me thinks to make sure I keep healthy, got me a package of the Gummy Vites. My only complaint is that I end up wanting to eat a handful, if I was a kid I think it would be even harder!

okay product
by Sammie F

These vitamins do taste good, but that can be a problem too. They are too much like candy. Of course vitamins are kept out of children's reach, but there is a danger of someone not knowing the difference and eating several of these. There are so many great children's vitamins on the market that this product seems unnecessary.

Kids think its candy
by Milf

My kids will take these vitamins without a problem. I have tried them myself and agree they taste more like candy than like a vitamin. My kids actually ask for their gummy vitamins every day if I forget to give it to them.

by SC

My 2 year old loves these. When I tell her it’s time for vitamins, she runs to the kitchen for her vitamins. She wants more than her 2 per day dosage, so we cut them in half, so she thinks she is getting 4! I have also tried these and love the taste! They are easy to chew and very nutritional!!

Gummy Vites Are Great!
by Laura

I have to admit it. I take Gummy Vites myself! They are so good, just like gummy bears. I really hate taking pills and it has always prevented me from consistently taking any type of multivitamin. With Gummy Vites it's hard not to take take too many. They are yummy!

by Kelly

These are awesome! Finally a vitamin my kids will eat!! Of course you have to be careful, because they will want more than the recommended dose, but other than that they are great! They taste just like regular gummy bears and have a good variety of flavors. This brand in particular is very good, we've tried other gummy vitamins made by another manufacturer and the kids hated them. These are a huge hit in my house!

Great way to get them to take vitamins
by Kathy

Kids won't take vitamins unless they taste good, right? These vitamins are a sure winner! I don't have the first problem getting my kids to take these little gems. They love the taste, an awesome product. Wish they would have had these when I was little!

Great Idea
by KM

This was a really good idea that they came up with! This product is good for children that do not like to take regular vitamins. I have tried them myself and they are pretty close to the REAL gummie candies, not exact but most kids probably won't notice. If you have kids that give you a hard time taking vitamins this might be for you!

Better than candy
by Deanne Burkett

This is the only vitamin that my kids do not spit out!
In fact my daughter asks for more vitamins throughout the day. My 3 year old is very picky about texture and taste. I am very grateful for this vitamin because it may be the only nutritional source he will eat some days.
We laugh when he walks around going yum. It is the vitamin he is talking about.

Great idea!
by Samantha

These are a great way to get kids to take their vitamins. They aren't as sweet (or sugary) as gummy candy, but they taste very good, and it's much easier to get your child to eat what looks like candy than any other type of vitamin. It's difficult not to eat them all yourself!

Yummy for kids
by Nikolas M

Wow the kids love these, just make sure they don't eat them like regular gummies or they might end up overdoing it. We really were buying these for my pregnant wife. The kids ended up liking them more than here and now these are the vitamins of choice in the house for the kids!! Awesome Job!

great taste
by S. Murphy

My kids love these vitamins and every now and then I buy another brand if they are on sale and the kids always complain that they want their Gummy Vitamins. I guess they are worth the money if the kids are so willing to take their vitamins. I've even tried them to see what the fuss was and you can't even tell they are a vitamin they taste so good!

Children's choice
by Mary C.

These vitamins are wonderful for children. My daughter never forgets to ask for her vitamins, now. Before it was a chore just to remember. They are great tasting and fun!

Look like Candy
by DAv92683

My nephew loves these. He thinks it's candy, but it is actually a multi vitamin to keep him healthy. Like any other kids, my nephew hates to take his medicine, but in order for him to take it, we take an empty gummy bear and switch them. It works like a charm and we are very happy.

My Family LOVES These
by Rachel B

My four year old daughter is crazy about these vitamins. I've tried a couple (okay, more than a couple...for taste testing...really!) and they are delicious, they taste just like real gummy bears.
I'm pretty sure my husband has dipped into them quite a bit as well since the bottles go WAY faster than they should be.
Get these for your child as a daily treat with big nutritional value.

Love these vitamins!!
by kitaquita12

These vitamins are great and easy to give to my daughter. My daughter thinks they're candy so she doesn't put up much of a fight. They also have a variety of flavors which she loves also. the only problem is my daughter likes to take these so much that she takes them more than once a day.

Great for kids!
by Di

These vitamins come in great flavors: orange, strawberry, cherry, and lemon. My children love them, because they don't have medicine-like flavors. The bottle is a good value if you buy a large one at a store like Sam's. My kids enjoy picking a different flavor each morning, and never forget or complain.

Made with natural stuff
by jeanette

I think this was one of the greatest things invented EVER for kids. First off, it's made with natural stuff. Secondly, my son is autistic and this is he ONLY vitamins he will take. Due to his disorder, he desperatly needs the vitamins to grow and survive. So I say THANK YOU to whomever made these little guys!

A Good Alternative...
by Mindy

My two boys love to take these vitamins. Since they are gummy, it gives them an alternative to the regular, chewable, vitamins. They come in a variety of flavors, so that also makes them more fun. The dosage is 2 gummy's, and can add up quickly depending on the number of kids you have. I will continue to buy these vitamins for my kids!

Great product for little ones!
by Brad

My 2 year old loves fruit snacks, so this is a great way to make sure he gets all his vitamins without fighting him to take a vitamin. This product is a gummy vitamin, so I will throw one or two into a bowl of his regular fruit snacks and he won't know the difference!

Nice product
by Blueberry

My niece is all crazy about these vitamins. She loves the taste as they come in so many flavors. She never misses taking her vitamins everyday. I think it is such a great product for kids. Something as avoidable as tablets or vitamins are made so much fun!

by Bobbiesue

My daughter absolutely loves these. We buy the big bottle at Sam's Club. She is the one that can pick out the bottle from its pictures on the label. She loves to pick out her own color each morning. It is great for the little ones. Obviously, she loves the taste also.

Best Vitamin For Kids!
by B. Tittle

I absolutely love these children's vitamins! My daughter remembers every morning to ask for her vitamin because she loves them so much. They don't taste like a vitamin at all. They are just like candy. If your child refuses a vitamin, he/she will never know the difference.

My kids like them but..
by Amanda Rhoads

The kids like to take these but unfortunately they have to take two a day. When you have three kids that means the bottle is only going to last about two weeks. I'd probably buy these more often if they only needed one a day.

My son loves these!
by Christine M.

My 3 year old loves these vitamins!! He'll ask me every day for his "candy" and I gladly give it to him! I have noticed he didn't care for any other vitamins we have tried, so we are sticking the Lil' Critters!

Lil Critters Gummy
by Lori Lynch

My kids love these vitamins. Since they are gummies, they just think that they are candy and want them all the time, instead of the two a day. This helps out a lot when they get them in the mornings.

Your kids will love this!
by Jennifer Heaney

My kids never forget to ask to take their vitamins because of these gummies. They love it because it tastes like candy, and I feel good that they're getting their vitamins. The only problem is telling them they can't have more than one per day. If only everything that was good for my kids tasted so good. Best invention ever!!!!!

Gummy Vites work!
by Dale Shepherd

Lil Critters' Gummy Vites sure do not taste like a vitamin supplement. They taste just like “regular” gummy bears. Do not let the taste fool you. The two bear serving size has a good amount of: Vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, B-12, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, iodine and zinc. These are a big hit with my three children, and to be honest, myself. The only negative that I can think of would be that since they look and taste like regular gummy bears, there is a potential of a mix-up, but the Gummy Vites bottle does have a child-resistant screw top to minimize the risk.

This is another great idea for vitamins for kids.
by Laura Frost

My kids are very much in love with gummy things. Gummy bears, Gummy worms, so when I first saw these I was excited about showing them to the kids. These are their new favorite vitamins.

Three Cheers
by Kenna McHugh

My daughter loves these vitamins. They are easy to chew and taste great. She asks for them every morning. We have tested a lot of chewable vitamins for kids -- so my daughter knows what she wants.

A Great Option
by Joe Maples

This is a wonderful way to get kids to take their vitamins. My son is rather picky about supplements and finds the hard chewables too chalky. With this product, I have successfully helped him maintain a balanced diet.

Gummy Vitamins
by John Hubbard

I agree with the other reviewers. My boys love these things. They are easy to chew and nutritional. A very good price too.

Gummy Yummy!
by Stacy Wiggins

My kids love these vitamins. I tried all kinds of chewable vitamins, but Gummy Vites win hands down. I have tried them myself and must say they are just as good as a gummy bear!

Yummy Bears *_*
by Jennifer Seest

My children loved the point where they were asking me if it was time to take their vitamins! Definitely has the tastebud seal of approval in our household!

2 Customer Opinions

mixed feelings
by Diania

One of my children loves fruit snack gummies, so I bought this product for them to try. The one who loves gummies, hated the taste of these vitamins and wouldn't take them. The child who doesn't care for snack gummies, loved the vitamins...go figure.

by Rita

I have not bought these yet but my grandkids love gummi bears so I plan to try these when we need vitamins again.