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Kids love them!
by william

Your kids will love these SOO much that you'll have to make sure they can't get their hands on them. Never has taking vitamins been so much fun and so yummy for your kids! Oh, and by the way they are loaded with all the necessary essentials needed to keep your angel healthy and strong!

A vitamin they believe is candy!
by Amie

When I went to buy my normal gummy vitamin for my daughter they were out. Stuck and not sure which one to go with, I checked Nutritional Tree and saw this vitamin looked like a jelly bean, and it had good reviews. I purchased these and then waited for the battle to begin because I was trying to slip her something new. I told her they were candy and she took it and ate it with no complaints. I was thrilled. I tasted it and was impressed that they tasted good. The price is great. The amount of the vitamins it provides is excellent. I think we have a new winner in our household!!

makes vitamins fun
by victoria

I bought my daughter these vitamins, and she loves them. I never have to argue with her about taking her vitamins, she always takes these willingly. I tried these out myself, and they really do taste just like a fruity jelly bean. The only thing I wish these vitamins had is calcium. It would really round out these as a complete supplement if they did have the vitamins and minerals for a growing child's bones.

Nothing but the Best.
by mar438

My grandkids were always getting colds. If one got it, they all did. They hated taking vitamins. Their parents bought vitamins for them and they would hide them. They just would not take their vitamins. I came across Vita Beans Multivitamin for kids. They look like jelly beans and my grandkids love those. They love these, and no more hiding vitamins and fewer colds.

Great Taste, enjoyable to take
by Bryan

These Vita Beans are a novel idea, taken after the gummy bear vitamins, but, I think they are much better. They are less chewy than gummy bears, which makes it easier to take, and they taste better too. I've tried these on more than one occassion, and now I understand why my kids are always asking me whether it's time for vitamins yet!

Good Vitamins
by patricia

This was a pretty good item. The kids really liked the flavor and the fact that they didn't have to swallow anything. They said this was one of the best vitamin products they have ever eaten before.

by Kevin

This is a good place to start. I have been giving L'il Critters Vita Beans to my daughter since she was a little over 2 years old (0f course, just one). The dose says to give two vitamins at the age of 4. She is now four and still faithfully likes these vitamins. She asks to take her vitamin when I take my adult vitamin.

The Vita Beans resemble jelly beans and come in four flavors, orange, strawberry, grape and lemon. There are no dairy products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The vitamin and mineral content consist of the following:

Vitamin A 5000 IU
Vitamin C 60 mg
Vitamin D-3 400 IU
Vitamin E 30 IU
Vitamin B6 2 mg
Folate 400 mcg
Vitamin B12 6 mcg
Biotin 75 mcg
Panthothenic Acid 10 mg
Iodine 37 mcg
Zinc 3.7 mg

Other ingredients include sucrose, glucose syrup, food starch, natural flavors and natural colors from berry juice, vegetable juice, annatto and turmeric. These ingredients are bound with carnauba wax, beeswax and coconut oil.

After putting together my review, I think these vitamins are great! Compared to what children are digesting on a daily basis, this stuff seems wholesome. If anything, giving your kids vitamins is like taking out a little insurance. I forget what I paid, I think either $4 to $5 per bottle. This type of insurance is cheap if you put things into perspective.

Hide These!
by Brandy

Hide these! WARNING! Your kids will love these SOO much that you'll have to make sure they can't get their hands on them. Never has taking vitamins been so much fun and so yummy for your kids! Oh, and by the way they are loaded with all the necessary essentials needed to keep your angel healthy and strong!

Not Just For Kids!
by Sarah

I have tried these myself and I really liked them. I don't like to swallow pills if I can avoid it, so I've tried these, the gummy vitamins, and the sour gummy calcium bears. I purchase the large size at Costco and take 3 every morning, and I've found jelly beans and gummies in the morning are way better than big multivitamin tablets. I think these are a great product that everyone should try!

kids love them!
by cynthia

I'm not a huge fan of jelly beans, but apparently, kids love them! My younger cousin loves candy, and she was a fan of taking jelly bean vitamins. She loved how she could take 2 a day instead of just one. This brand also does not have any artificial flavors or colors or preservatives (which is definitely a plus). I would also recommend that you make sure your kids know that these jellybeans are NOT candy and that eating too many can hurt them!

Yum Yum
by LKH

The kids absolutely love these. I think that they are pretty tasty, too. One minor issue I have with these is simply that they taste like CANDY. The kids love them but it makes them want to eat them like candy. My doctor says you don't need THAT many nutrients (though I'm not entirely sure how it could hurt), but I don't like the idea of the kids popping these pills and taking in the sugar right along with the vitamins.

Great for kids!
by Kyle

After trying various other children's vitamins, I tried this one. My kids love them! They don't even know that they are taking something that is beneficial for them, having a large number of vitamins. They love the taste of them.

Great for hard to feed kids
by Karina Reed

My kids have gone through so many different vitamin types. Frankly, they start out liking most of the kids vitamins, and then they stop liking them for some reason. These are the exception. They still have a slightly funky taste to them, but they like them a WHOLE lot better than other ones. Their second favorite was Flintstones vitamins, but these are a bigger hit. Quite frankly the only thing you need to be careful of is the fact that they like them so much you MUST make sure you keep them in a safe inaccessible place. They are a wonderful treat, especially for picky kids like mine who sometimes worry us that they are not getting all their vitamins and minerals. Highly recommend.

Perfect Solution

After tiral and error, I finally found the perfect solution for the vitamin problem. My son was willing to take the Vita Beans Kids Multivitamin. I find the vitamin to be affordable; only 6 for 60 tablets. Which is great for moms out there, like me, who is pinching every penny and wants their kids to have all their nurtition.

Tasty beans
by SP

My doctor suggested this vitamin tablets for my three year old daughter. My daughter showed interest as they look like jelly beans. Initially she didn't like the taste, but she started liking this one now. One good thing about this product is it will not leave the bad taste in your mouth after eating them, so kids will love them.

Jelly Beans with a Boost
by Trisha

We have tried these a couple of times. I like to switch out vitamins on my kids so they never get bored with them. Vita Beans are good alternative to the vitamins I grew up with as a child. They taste great, and my kids love to take them. I really liked the no artificial coloring and no preservatives. In a time when everything you consume is pumped full of everything but the kitchen sink, it's nice to know there are still products out there that are pure. So, 4.5 stars from me and my kids for Vita Beans. They taste great, and are a good nutritional supplement. They are a pure value at its best.

Magic Beans
by Melissa

These vitamins have saved us through some vitamin horror stories. When my daughter had some unfavorable vitamins that made it almost impossible to give hr vitamins we found these and told them they where Magic Beans. If she took her daily Magic Beans it would help her dream of far away places and magical friends. This is the only vitamin in our house for our kids now. Amazing! They tastes great and there is not that "vitamin" taste that is left over after some of the cartoon vitamins.

by v

A friend of mine who recently had a child gave these to said child and seemed to really enjoy them. I even sneaked a couple... the taste was surprising close to an actual jellybean. The jellybeans dissolved oddly fast. The child never has had actual jellybeans so that could be why they find them so enjoyable.

It’s A Jelly Bean, No It’s A Vita Bean!
by Sarah

As kids become accustomed to cartoons, candy, and sitting on the couch in front of a television, more companies are coming out with everyday common products that cater to kids changing ways. There’s been a recent increase lately in “candy-like” vitamins that kids are sure to enjoy. I don’t necessarily support this trend, because it’s important for kids to see vitamins as supplements, a type of over the counter medication, and not as candy. Vita Beans is another kids multivitamin disguised as candy, but instead of fruit snacks of bubble gum balls, Vita Beans look like jelly beans, just what every child wants, right, jelly bean vitamins? Vita Beans Kids Multivitamins are a good concept, and kids do like the flavors which include orange, strawberry, cherry, and lemon. The flavors are very fruity, and the taste is very syrupy/over flavored compared to some vitamins, but then again, these are meant to taste like jelly beans, so hence the strong flavor profiles. Vita Beans do score high marks for not using artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, making these vitamins safe to give to children who have dye and ingredient sensitivities and/or allergies. Pop 2 Vita Beans Kids Multivitamins at a time, and you will get your daily value of Vitamins A, C, E, B6, D3, and B12 along with Folate, Folic Acid, and Folacin. This vitamin lacks in the Biotin, Iodine, and Zinc departments with only 25% of the daily value for each of those supplements. The biggest “let down” of the ingredients in this vitamin is the amount of Calcium and Magnesium, only 1% of the daily value. This is simply not enough Calcium for a daily multivitamin, especially one recommended for children. They taste great, and your kids will love them; however, I recommend that you store them in a dark, cool area in your house, such as a cabinet, that doesn’t get too hot, or in a drawer. They are very “fragile” in the sense that they will melt easily, and on hot summer days, it’s like wasted money in the trash when they melt into one giant glob of jelly bean “goo”.

Daughter Liked 'em
by Kenna McHugh

My daughter liked these vitamins, but she doesn't take them any more since she discovered Lil Critters Gummy Bears. As a mother I think it is wonderful that these products are out there for us to choose and use.

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