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Bargain Nutrition at 20 cents each!
by Veronica Craig-McFeely

Delicious fruit/vege 'lollies'. Gave double (8 per day) to my 11 year old son, who suffered from eczema, mostly on his hands - at one stage he was so bad with skin peeled off both hands that he couldn't hold a pencil or play sport, had to have plastic bags on his hands to have a shower. His immune system was also very sensitive - allergic to grass, pollen, guinea pigs, dust mites, yeast. So, after 6 months (improvement visible after the first 2 days) he was back to perfect health, his immune system rebalanced itself, he could eat vegemite and yeast products also - all I can say is THANK GOD for this fantastic product.

Glyco Bears
by Brenda B

This is a great product. My children use them daily, even though it is a fight to get them to take them, as they don't like the sugar that is coated on them. I think if they weren't coated, then they would be easier to take. But other than that, the kids do truly love these vitamins, and I would be honest with you. They are a great vitamin for the kids, all natural.

Glyco Bears
by Theepa

Personally, not tried this product but my friend had great reviews about this product. Her son was a very picky eater and she was always worried for home not getting enough nutrients. But he did like the glyco bear chewable which he ate like candy. Since its a healthful base form 30 different fruits and veggies , I will soon use it for my daughter.

by ndy

My little niece will do anything for you so that she will not swallow pills, so taking her vitamins always ended in a fight. I bought these glyco bears for her and she liked the fact that she has to chew them and not swallow. She tried it the first day and was happy that they even tasted good. From that day on, she is the one that reminds you to give her her chewable vitamins.

Looks just life gummy bears
by Phil Young

These vitamins taste just like the real gummy bears and I almost eat them just like candy. I am very healthy because of these great vitamins.

Ok, but expensive
by Melissa

I tried these because my son has health problems, and I have heard great things a bout this company. These vitamins were OK. My son didn't think the taste was all that great, and they didn't seem to make much more of a difference than other vitamins. I do like that they have natural ingredients, however.

by Erika Gunther

My niece takes these vitamins and loves them. Her mother had the hardest time getting her to take any vitamins and these finally did the trick! The taste is great and she loves the bear theme!

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