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Poly vi sol
by Terri

I love this stuff. My daugther takes this and she loves it. She sees the bottle and throws a fit because she wants it and wants more of it. It does have a bad smell but she doesn't care.

by Alanna

My twins were given this in the NICU. We continued to give it to them until they were 3 mths and then decided to switch to Twin Labs infant care, because it offered the added DHA.

impact to tooth?
by Cathy

Does it impact color of baby's tooth? I realized tooth of my son changes to be somelike black or transparent when he used it from this month. Please advise me more details about this. would it be changed back as normal when he stops?

by song

its true this medication smells awful, probably tastes bad and stains so I just put it in my babies bottle and give it to her that way. This of course only works if you give you baby any bottles. Otherwise I recommend designating a diaper cloth for vitamin time and stripping the baby too.

One of the VERY best liquid vitamins!
by Diana Lynn

As a child, I was SO sickly that I only weighed 28 pounds in the first grade, and nothing helped me to gain weight. A product like this was prescribed, and the MINUTE the bottle was opened, I was STARVED for it. While I have never gained weight to where I should be, at 62 1/2 y/o, every time I open a bottle to take some, the same sensation arises of how GOOD it smells and tastes! To anyone needing to put their infants or children on this product, let me assure you, the greater the need in their body, the more readily they will take it! And please get them off the packaged/manufactured foods! It is killing our children today! Still THRILLED with this product, and how greatly it helps!

by Jaime

This product is amazing! I have been using the Poly Vi Sol with Iron with my daughter since she was 9 months old because she started weening herself from her formula. She just prefers water and watered down juice . I started worrying about her vitamin intake around this time and found this vitamin supplement. It gives me peace of mind knowing she is getting all the things she needs to stay healthy without being on formula. The stuff smells and tastes awful, but I put it in her breakfast or baby yogurt and fruit, and she doesn't even notice the difference(just a little tip).

by Emily

We started our son on the tri-vi-sol which he actually enjoyed taking. Then our pediatrician suggested he take iron so we switched to Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron. He hates it. He looks at us as if we are torturing him when we try to give it to him. And he has to be completely naked when we give it to him because it stains. Plus the smell of iron is bad. It is so strong that it even makes me nauseous. The concept is GREAT but we will just stick with the tri-vi-sol from now on.

Emily V., RN, BSN

The Best
by Leah

Let me start by saying that I agree that the smell is strong, they can stain the close and the baby does have to get used to taste, but I am a mother of 3 beautiful and healthy girls. They all took this supplement as infants and I would recommend them to all new mothers.

Awful taste
by AmyT

My doctor recommeded this to give to my infant. The smell was nasty and my baby gagged on it and spit most of it out which totally stained her clothing and the stains would not come out. So... ruined clothing and a baby who wouldn't take it anyway. Big waste of money.

by Jennifer Ramos

This was recommended for both of my children. I did not like the smell of the vitamins nor that it was a dark brown color. It was inevitable that my children would spit out the vitamins and stain their clothes. I ended up mixing the vitamins into their bottles.

Poly-Vi-Sol Very Irritating to My Son's Stomach
by Michele Candler

I have been giving my 2 month old son Poly-Vi-Sol for a couple weeks now. I mix it in expressed breast milk twice a day (half a dose each time). As this product is straight liquid vitamins, it really irritates his stomach and he is inconsolable for about an hour after each feeding, even though I split up the daily dose. Their stomachs are so sensitive and it is hard enough for their digestive systems when they are so young. I think they need to make something gentler for infants. Chewable Flintstone vitamins don't take such a toll on kids' stomachs, so why should a vitamin supplement for infants be so irritating. I am rating this as 1.5 only because it provides vitamins, though not very gently.

So Good for you, tastes so bad
by Sandra Throgmorton

I purchased this item to give to my toddler son but the taste is absolutely horrible. It tastes like licking an iron pipe, however it is chocked full of vitamins and a very good supplement that he still takes everyday. So, for those of you that have to give this to your children for health reasons, I would recommend diluting it with juice or milk like I do. It makes the vitamins much more palatable and your baby and you will both be happier.

Not too bad
by Nadiyah

I have used this product for all my kids. They generally do not like it at first, but after a while they don’t mind slurping it down. The only thing that I can really say about this product that I do not like is the staining. Overall this is a good product.

Pediatrician recommended
by Heather

I started giving these to my daughter after my pediatrician recommended them. She has taken them for about 4 months. You can add them to whatever you want so that you don't have to give them with the dropper (that would be torture everyday). My daughter would not eat her cereal until I added a dropperful of these vitamins. Now, she gobbles up every bite of her cereal and gets her vitamins, too. Great product. I will buy again and again until she advances to the next stage of vitamins.

Helpful product
by Karen

I started using these vitamins with my daughter because the doctor recommended them since she was premature. At first she didn't like the taste, but she got use to them pretty quick. I would give it to her before her nighttime nursing each night. They helped me to know that she was getting all that she needed each day.

Pediatrician Recommended - Child didn't approve
by Amie

I am giving this an ok rating because it does great things. I nursed exclusively and our pediatrician wanted us to use this to supplement the breast milk. As stated by other reviews, it smells awful and tastes worse (yes I tasted it). My daughter hated it and would NOT take it even if I tried to mix it into expressed breast milk. We tried, but she avoided it at all costs.

Great for breastfed infants
by Felisha Griffin

My pediatrician recommended that my infant son take either Tri-Vi-Sol or Poly-Vi-Sol to get supplemental vitamins because he was exclusively breastfed. My son didn't like the taste too much at first; however, once he had taken it for about a week or so, he got used to it. I didn't like the staining that sometimes occurs with this product. I found it hard to wash out of bibs, clothing, etc using the gentle baby detergent. My son is not exclusively breastfed anymore so I don't plan on purchasing this product again once it is gone. The product is quite expensive; however, it may be beneficial for infants who aren't getting all the necessary vitamins through their regular diet.

by Maudrey

I know vitamins are not supposed to taste good, they're supposed to be good for you. My pediatrician prescribed my twins Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol. He advised me to just fill the dropper to recommended dosage and then squirt it into the inside of my infants cheek so that they would not push it out of their mouth. When I opened the bottle this overwhelming vitamin smell was horrible, so I decided to taste a drop of it..... Yuck!! Now I know why they spit it up. It provides the vitamins that my infants needed, but getting them to take it was not easy. After many stained clothes later, I stopped giving it to them and called my pediatrician

Bad Choice
by Haylie

These were recomended by my child's peditrician and I can honestly say I think he made a mistake. They smell horrible and stain whatever the liquid touches. We used these until my child was 6 months old and then we found another vitamin that is better. This does have all the vitamins a child needs, but I think they are a waste of time and money.

Good supplement
by Kayreyn

Breastfeeding is definitely the best as far as proper nutrition/vitamins for your infant. However, if you are expressing your breast milk, this is a great addition for your own milk. I like this product as it does not interfere with the quality of my breast milk and my baby takes to it well.

Good but there is better
by Taylor

Poly-Vi-Sol is a good product, it contains many vitamins that infants need. However, I would not recommend it. There are better products out there. The problem with the Poly-Vi-Sol is the smell and taste. The taste stops infants from trying it more than once. I recommend using Tri-Vi-Sol because it taste better and includes 3 important vitamins (A,D,C) for your children. My infant enjoys the flavor of Tri-Vi-Sol.

by Stacy

HORRIBLE! That's all I can say about these vitamins. Sure, they are good for the baby and I don't deny that. But here are a few things I simply can't stand about them.
1) The smell is horrid. Not only do the vitamins smell, but your baby will smell the entire day after taking them.
2) They STAIN everything. The iron stains do not wash out. Enfamil suggests soaking the stain in cold water immediately after the stain was formed, but how many times are you actually right next to the washer when the baby spits up?
3) Regardless of how many times you wash the clothes exposed to these vitamins, the smell will not come out. After the 3rd wash, I realized that the smell was there to stay.
So when should you use these vitamins? When you're rich enough to buy a new outfit for every time your baby spits up, because the spit-up after the vitamins stains everything.

Enfamil multivitamin+iron drops
by Anastasia

Our pediatrician has advised me to give this to my 2 week old as he had a low iron level. I tried to give it to him straight but I couldn't get him to take it. It just kept coming back up. The only way he takes it is mixed with a formula. I know it is very important to give baby as much vitamins and nutrients as he needs so I chose this supplement. I think it works just fine and we'll keep using it.

Great brand, great products
by drew

Enfamil has been fulfilling every kid's physical health for generations. This product is one of their great products and I have no problems dropping it in my brother's mouth as he is very aggressive. I've used this product for over 2 months now and anticipate on purchasing more till my brother is all grown and big.

Yucky smell
by Patti

I gave my children these when they were babies. They hated the taste and smell as much as I did but I was reassured they were getting the vitamins they needed. It also stains their clothes when they spit it back out. I was glad when they were old enough to go on chewable vitamins.

Great for toddlers!
by Pattie

My daughter would spit out the vitamins that her doctor prescribed, or wouldn't drink whatever I mixed it in. Luckily, we found these drops that mixed well with her juice. She never knew the difference and got exactly what she needed!

Not Good
by Carol

I tried to give this vitamin to my children, however, I could not get them to take it at all. The smell was horrible. My kids would immediately clamp their mouths shut when I got near them with it. I tried mixing it with their drinks, but somehow they new there was something different and wouldn't drink it. I'm sure the vitamins are great, but if the kids won't take it, it's not worth the money.

Grows on you
by J.Y

Although this smells horrible, and stains, the pediatrician has advised us to give this as a supplement to our children's diet. At first, neither of my children would accept this, but with persistance, and plenty of trial and error by masking droplets of this in their oatmeal or yogurt, they have made peace with taking this oral vitamin drop. It also makes me feel good, knowing they are getting a vitamin formulated just for breastfed babies.

Great for toddlers, hassle for newborns!
by L. T.

I bought these for my son when he was going through a picky eating phase and have used them ever since. He is now 18 months old and I've never had a problem getting him to take them. He actually looks forward to taking them before bed and calls himself a big boy after each dose! I love that they are a great source of nutrients for those days where I don't feel he gets all he needs from his food. They are great for toddlers who need a little extra nutrition and are well worth the money!

My daughter on the other hand is a week old and was prescribed these vitamins by her pediatrician and absolutely hates them. Although they seem to work well in infants as well as toddlers, they have to be diluted quite a bit for infants. I gave my daughter a dose once and it was too much for her stomach and came back up. Needless to say, I have diluted them even more and cut the dosage in half so that she gets half in the morning and half at night so they aren't as strong. Overall they are great, but can be a hassle for tiny infants like my daughter.

Great for little ones
by Alicia Bunner

If the smell were a little better, I'd give it a 5. My doctor recommends this because it is hard for babies to get the Vitamin D they need when they are breast fed. Most of mine have taken it straight just fine. On one of mine, I waited a while to introduce it, but I just put it in juice and he never knew the difference. It's a great product.

Didn't like it
by smitha

It was recommended by my doctor to put a drop of this product into the milk my baby was having as she was breastfed only. But for some reason she never used to drink this milk with the drops. maybe she didn't like the taste of it. Anyway, breast milk is good enough. It has all the necessary vitamins needed for baby's growth

Good Vitamins
by tndj143

This product is good for children who are too young to chew yet. I can't stand the smell or taste, but children don't seem to mind. I have put it in bottles of juice and milk, and mixed it with baby cereal. It's a great way to sneak in some vitamins! Just be sure to check with your doctor first!

Not so great
by Shauna

I like the concept of these vitamins, but the smell is horrible. It would literally take my baby's breath. The only way I could get her to take the vitamins was to mix it with her milk. Once she got older, she wouldn't even take them that way. I think that Enfamil needs to work on the flavoring and smell of the vitamins.

smell turns me off
by joan

The smell turns me off but its great for my toddler. I put it in her milk or juice too and she doesn't seem to mind. If they could make it in a fruity flavor or smell its going to be terrific..

Healthy Kids
by Jess

I put it in a drink and my kids don't even know that they are getting it. Also great for us, as it does not have gelatin in it. Our pdiatrician recommended it and we are very pleased. My kids are getting help in nutrition.

Love this!
by herm

I thought this was perfect for my girls. They were too small to chew up a vitamin and certainly too young to try to swallow one, so this was just the answer. The drops are easily given and they just seemed to love the taste. We actually used this vitamin for them even after they could chew up a vitamin because they seemed to like it so well.

Great for babies
by Melissa Zee

I remember my when my nephew was about six months old when he started taking this. He would make these faces once he had it in his mouth. He probably thought it was his formula being inserted into his mouth but he was wrong. Don't think he liked the taste, but he ate it anyway. There were no effects on him or anything bad.

by Sara

I agree with most other reviews that this stuff smells and tastes nasty. Also, not sure why it is recommended for breastfeeding infants- as if breast milk wasn't nutritious enough! I tried giving it to my son a few times, then gave up when he spit it out each time.

Perfect for toddlers!
by Jill

When my son would not take a regular vitamin, I would put these in his juice cup along with his juice in the morning. He was a picky eater, so I could be rest assured that he would get what he needed daily, thanks to Poly-Vi-Sol!

Great Vitamins!
by momof2

We used these for my daughter when she was taken off of her formula and put on milk. The doctor recommended giving them to her for six months. We gave it to her daily, in her bottle of milk, and she never seemed to notice the taste or odor. It made me feel better knowing she was getting the vitamins she needed.

Perfect for Infants
by Andi

My infant daughter suffered from Anemia and her pediatrician prescribed Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol to help her get enough Iron. After about 9 months of age children generally don't get enough Iron in their diets and so it is important to supplement. (be sure to ask your pediatrician first) The liquid dropper is great for easy to administer vitamins. I would feed it to my daughter during meal time. She didn't like the taste so I would quickly put some applesauce in her mouth to rid the taste and to help her swallow. As she got older I had her take a sip of milk from her sippy cup to help it go down. I feel confdient that my daughter is healthy and happy, thanks to Enfamil. A name I trust when it comes to formula and vitamins.

Not great smelling
by Kristie G

This was great for my daughter when she was weaning off of formula and on to regular food. She was a very picky eater, and it was nearly impossible to get her to take these vitamin drops alone. I tried mixing with apple juice, milk and sometimes other types of juice. I was more successful in masking the scent in apple juice. After a while, I noticed that she was refusing the apple juice (that had the vitamin drops in it), so I switched to a better smelling (and I am sure better tasting) multivitamin drop. She was much more receptive to that one.

Liquid baby vitamins
by Debb

This was good for all 3 of my girls while breast feeding, they needed the vitamin D from the vitamins. I had no problems giving them this but it does smell pretty bad. It's a good product but the smell could be improved.

Nasty Stuff
by Milf

My son's doctor recommended giving this product to him as a supplement. I noticed that it smelled really gross when I opened the bottle. My son cried when I gave it to him. Not to mention the mess it was to clean up. I surely wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

Kid's vitamins
by Nams

Very good liquid vitamin for kids that are too big for PolyViSol and won't take chewables. I mix it in my kids' juice and they don't even know it's there. Now I don't have to run after my 4 year old! He doesn't even know it and I am a happy mom..

Wonderful Item....
by Jennifer Tyler

I think this is a wonderful alternative for toddlers who are picky eaters. I was referred to this product by my son's doctor. I have to say it smells awful, but I never had any problems with my son taking it, so maybe the taste is not as bad as the smell. It really showed a great outcome in a short period of time.

What a mess!
by Angela

I was told by my pediatrician that because I was breastfeeding my newborn baby, that I should be supplementing her with these Vitamin drops. Besides being annoyed that it was suggested breast milk was not baby's perfect food, the vitamin drops were impossible to get my baby to take. They have an awful smell, and I would assume an awful taste to go with it. It was a stinky, sticky mess and I will not ever buy them again. My daughter did just fine on breast milk alone and has flourished.

Bad smell
by KM

Although the benefits of this vitamin may be good, the smell is awful! My two children were told to take this by their doctor. Every time I would give it to them, I would gag. If the taste is anything like the smell it must be awful. Also be careful if getting it on their clothes because it stains.

My daughter didn't care for it.
by Janet Tan

My 12 months old daughter didn't care for the drops at all. She cried each time I gave her the drops. Thank god, I happened to change pediatricians around the same time and was told by the new pedriatician that my daughter didn't really need any supplements....I was thrilled cause I could stop the whole excrutiating ordeal.

Great product for your little one!
by J

Because I was nursing my son, his pediatrician recommended Poly-Vi-Sol for his first 6 months (until I had to switch to a prescription fluoride vitamin). I did not have any problem getting him to take it. I didn't really think it tasted that bad (anything with iron is going to have a very strong taste). I will use this again with my next child.

Good vitamin
by christi b

I have given this vitamin to my boys for awhile. They never seemed to mind the taste at all, especially if it is mixed with something else.

Not to bad
by Melissa

This is a good vitamin IF you can get your child to take it. The taste and smell alone makes them turn up there nose. My daughter refused this and would cry if she even saw me getting the box down. I decided it was best to look for a better tasting vitamin after all the tears and fustration.

my daughter loves it....
by renuka

It is really great for children who do not eat much. It supplements the essential vitamins and minerals for kids. If your child skips a meal, you can be confident that your child is getting their daily amount of vitamins and minerals, if they take the multivitamin regularly. I rely on this product a lot for my daughter

by Brooke

I was told by the pediatrician to give this to both of my children when they were infants. The smell and taste are just horrible, and both children immediately gagged and threw it up. There was no way I was going to force this down my babies throats on a daily basis. I'm sure it's nutritionally sound, but the flavor needs to be greatly improved. Both my children were 100% breastfed and healthy despite not taking the vitamins.

My child couldn't stand it!
by TMCole

I was told by my pediatrician while breastfeeding that this was a great vitamin for my infant. I can't speak for all kids, but this stuff was terrible. He couldn't even swallow it and I couldn't figure out why. It didn't smell all that bad. Then I touched my tongue to it and figured it out. It was ,in fact, horrible! I wouldn't recommend this, as the price is fairly high and a waste if it's never used.

I've been using it for 2 years for my boys!
by KimP

This is a wonderful liquid vitamin to use! I put one drop in my boys milk in the morning for them. They don't even act like it tastes different to them! I started using this when my boys turned 1. My doctor told me to keep using it until I am ready to have them take a regular children's vitamin that they can chew. I do add a little chocolate syrup (one squirt) too their milk sometimes that might mask the flavor. The product container says to mix this with other liquids, not to give it to your child directly.

Highly reccomended, I don't see why
by Noah Bratvold

A few of my friends with kids reccomended this, after my bad experiance with Scooby Doo vitamins, this was just as unpleasant, my son hated the taste and so did I. 2.5 for the very good vitamin content in this supplement, make it taste better! It's for kids!

Infants need vitamins too
by HS

Infants need vitamins, usually around their first birthday is when you start giving them. Liquid vitamins are especially helpful for the ease of giving the dose to the baby. Sometimes babies can't chew a chewable vitamin until they are older, but they still need them. These vitamin drops are and excellent choice.

Used it only because it was recommended
by Jody

I used this for 6 months with my baby, only because my pediatrician recommended it. It has a very strong smell and my infant really disliked the bitter taste; the only way to have him ingest it was to mix a dropper-full into a bottle. That being said, it really does provide an efficient way to get those necessary vitamins into your little one - especially during the winter, when they're less likely to get sunlight exposure (vitamin D).

Oldie but Goody
by Kathy

These have been around for a long time and that should tell you something in itself. I used these when my daughter was a baby on the recommendation of my pediatrician. The drops are easy to administer and are very safe. Safety is always at the top of my list when giving supplements to my kids. You can use these with peace of mind, knowing you are giving your baby the very best that money can buy.

Used it once with each child
by allismom

Because this is recommended by the pediatritian, I tried it once with each child. They hated the taste and would spit it out. I tasted it and couldn't stand it. If you are breastfeeding, and eating well and taking your vitamins, your baby shouldn't need this.

by Kim

When my son was a baby he took this after the pediatrician recommended it. I only gave it to him one time because he hated the taste. As soon as I would give it to him he would spit it out and it was not at all easy washing it out of his clothes.

Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol
by L. M.

This was recommended for all three of my children by their pediatrician. It is widely available and fairly inexpensive. It does have a distinctive "mediciney" smell/taste, though. As my children were breastfed, I was told to squirt it directly into their cheeks. Inevitably, however, some would make its way back out and onto their clothes. The resulting stains were not easy to remove.

Enfamil Ply Vi Sol
by vmvdmd

This product was recommended to us from our Pediatrician for our 4month old baby. He is exclusively breast fed and does not get the adequate Vitamin D he needs. She told us to purchase this and we did. The applicator is nice and the dosage is easy to understand. The smell and taste of the product is less than desirable though, so it is a good idea to mix it with another liquid.

Great for babies
by Jason G

Our doctor of umpteen years told us to put this into our son's milk every night with his dinner. I don't think he noticed a difference in the milk since he never threw it in the floor. We don't use it anymore though, since he is now old enough for Flintstones.

by L. S.

These were recommended by my pediatrician for use in cow's milk after the kids were weaned. This has an odd taste if you try it straight, but in a liquid you can't taste it at all. I have used it every day for about five years now in their drinks and they never complain.

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smelly stuff
by Diania

I gave this product to both of my babies and will buy some for the next one coming along. The babies didn't have a hard time taking it as long as I put the dropper near the back of their mouth. The smell, however is terrible. And it stains!!