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by Bob

These are some of the best vitamins for kids. Any kid with a history of lung infections or bronchitis will benefit from these vitamins. It doesn't replace going to the doctor and getting a proper diagnosis, but it has helped both of my kids. I speak from experience.

Beat the infections!!!
by Mother of 5- BOYS!!

I absolutely adore these. My youngest son has had issues with his lungs since he was 2 weeks old with different types of infections from Bronchitis to Pneumonia, occasionally being hospitalized. I came upon the Vitabase website and found the Advisor very helpful. She recommended these. I am happy to say that for the past 2 winter seasons my son has been illness free! Thank you Herbasaurs!!

Keep you kids healthy
by Rob

These vitamins are great for the kids. I have very healthy kids. I can't say that the vitamins are the reason, but it sure doesn't hurt. I give them one every morning before school and one before they go to bed. They are chewable, which is a plus, and they also like the taste.

Good but not good...
by Andrew

Well lets start off with this, these are your basic vitamins. They do the same as the other vitamins except they are not shaped like Fred Flintstone. I personally like them but my small nephew wanted the ones that looked more interesting. The product is not bad, it just needs a new look for the younglings.

Great Taste
by My kids mom

My three year old son is a picky eater and my doctor suggested chewable vitamins. I have tried several brands when a friend recommended Elderberry Plus Chewables. So far after one month my fickle three-year does not complain when he takes these. I am glad because I was running out of options. It's working for us, may be it will work for your little one.

No mess and No stress
by Linda

My son loves this product. He has been taking this for about a month. I used to give him another brand of chewable vitamins which did not work out well. I used to force him to take them or I'd take away his Gameboy. Now he practically begs me to give them to him. This product is a life saver. I would recommend this to anyone.

A bit pricy
by drew

This product is way too pricey. My nephew had this for about a week and grew tired of the boring shape and taste. He proffered the more "popular" brands such as Flinstone's or Scooby Doo. From my perspective, it's also cheaper. So basically, you can save money and have your child eat the tablet. I do not recommend this for a long period of time.

Keeps Kids Healthy
by Courtney H

I absolutely adore Herbasaurs. My children get one a day to help boost their immune systems and give them plenty of energy. My kids really enjoy the taste of the chewables and bug me contantly if I forget to give them one. These vitamins are well worth the price and I highly recommend them to anyone with children.

A product I trust!
by C Collins

My son has recently had open heart surgery. Before the surgery we had to make sure that he stayed very healthy. Normally this would be impossible to do during the cold and flu season. But, taking Elderberry plus has strengthened his immune system so much, that he didn't get sick. Even better, he was able to come home five days after open heart surgery!

It’s Alive! It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex, No It’s A Herbasaur!
by Sarah

When cold and flu season hits, keeping your kids healthy and happy can be easier said than done. There are many “all natural” supplements on the market that claim to boost the immune system, but a small number of those substances live up to their claims. One children’s supplement…Herbasaurs Chewable Elderberry Plus does live up to those claims. It comes at a hefty price tag, which may make you steer clear of this supplement, but if your child spends his/her time in a Sunday school classroom, school classroom, or child care center, I highly recommend this supplement, especially during cold and flu season. The vitamins are a bit sour/sweet for some children’s taste buds, and that’s primarily because the flavors are a combination of lemon and lime that has been overly sweetened in my opinion. Think of lemon lime Kool Aid, and that’s sort of the flavor profile this company was aiming for, it seems. But don’t let their higher than average price and their strong flavors keep you from buying this product. They have a strong supply of elderberry fruit concentrate as well as other ingredients including reishi mushroom, that when combined together, help to support the immune system, as well as strengthen it over time. The best thing about these vitamins is that they are stamped with a Herbasaurs character. What is a Herbasaur? A make believe, cartoon like character that represents a friendly, toon-like dinosaur. Your kids will love them, and it will keep them from getting so sick so often. You have to take these vitamins with meals. The bottle recommends 1-2 daily, I would recommend one at breakfast and one at dinner, but always check with your pediatrician before deciding what is right for your child in terms of daily values for vitamin products.

Just Stay Well
by cynthia

My niece and nephew use Elderberry Plus throughout cold and flu season and stay remarkably well. They are exposed to many sick kids through school and yet they fight off what most kids come down with. Great for kids prone to respiratory problems.

Kicks the common cold
by Chrislyn

I will only give these to my boys when they get sick. I start as close to the first signs of the cold or flu as possible and give it to them through the length of the cold. Of course the length is shorter with it than without it. Taste is a drawback, as it isn't as sweet as other stuff on the market.

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