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Quality chewables for "special" kids
by Ivy S.

When my grandson turned four, I wanted to get him some chewable vitamins that he could take each day, to replace the liquid baby vitamins he and his little sister had been on since infancy. I first bought him the Multi Gummies from Puritan's Pride, and although they were high quality and he loved them, he's so young that he tended to think of them as 'candy" which isn't really a good idea. It's fine if they taste like candy, but not in general a safe idea for very small children. I then switched him to these chewables, also from Puritan's Pride, explained what they were, and he just loves them! He understands now that they are his very own "special medsum", his word for "medicine", and NOT candy. He's taken the vitamins daily for over a year now, thinks they make him 'special", and he even brags to his friends about how healthy he is now. As his Grammy, I myself feel much more confident about his overall health and believe he has a higher immune system function because of the addition of this supplement designed just for kids.
These particular chewables are especially great because they contain no preservatives or artificial colors nor artificial flavors. The flavors themselves are derived from carob in the standard formula, and from real fruits in the formula without iron. Both seem to be to his liking, so either is a good choice dependent upon the child's needs, and both are still part of the fine quality children's vitamin line from Puritan's Pride. The berry flavored iron free formula gets it's sweet tart flavor from raspberry, apricot, grape, pear, currant, peaches and dates. The standard chews are a carob based flavor, if one prefers them instead. My grandson just loves these fruity ones best and remembers himself, without reminders, to take his vitamin every day, with adult supervision, of course.
This one, the Children's Chewable Animal Chews, has a full range of the Recommended Daily Requirement of vitamins A through K, along with folic acid, and more than fourteen necessary minerals. The brand has also included a fine blend of vegetables and grains, a sneaky but valuable hidden addition quite unknown to the child, important for their rich anti-oxidant benefits.

I drew my grandson a poster showing a small child and glued a cut-out of his face on to it above the neck of the figure. Since he knew his ABC's I let him help me write in the vitamins contained in the Puritan's Pride Chewables that were good for each body part right onto the poster, such as an "A" over the eyes, denoting Vitamin A's benefits to the vision. At the bottom we drew pictures of different foods that contain all the vitamins in the chew tablets as well. I think his taking the chewable children's supplement has aided in teaching him how to eat better foods, take better care of his body with vitamins and minerals, and helped us both become closer, with a common interest. He loves visiting me overnight and getting to add to the chart or talk about it, but always remembers, most of all, to bring along his "special medsum", which is of course these great little chewable vitamins from Puritan's Pride.

My grandson know

Great tasting!
by Loveit9050

My son loves these vitamins. I used to have to fight him to get him to take his vitamins, but ever since I started using them three years ago, he even reminds me that he needs to take them. They have a very affordable price too. Especially when Puritan's Pride runs one of their great specials.

Pretty good for it's price
by Jeremy P

These vitamins have become one of my children's standard in brands. The first time I bought these was less than a year ago as a substitute for my child's usual vitamins. Since the shapes are fun, I was pleased with their reactions due to the fact that they are brutally honest about what they don't like. They said there's hardly any after-taste and the price agrees with my wallet. These are definitely a good name brand stand in.

We had these when *we* were kids!
by Cassandra

That's true... I had Puritan Pride animal vitamins when I was a little one!

When my boss' little one turned three, she mentioned that she was looking for a children's vitamin and these are what I suggested to her. Her son has been taking them for about a year now and she's very pleased with them. He's a very picky eater -- even turning away candy at times -- but she says she has no problem getting him to take his vitamin.

Good for my kids
by Mike

My kids are definitely fans of these things. I picked some up a few weeks ago and my kids have been chewing them every morning. I was afraid of the taste but they think its candy so it can't be that bad.

by Donna Murray

While on vacation, we were without our regular children's vitamins. My sister said her kids LOVED Puritan's Pride. I bought a bottle of 60. My kids LOVED them. They have everything I want for my children in these vitamins with no preservatives. This is money well-spent.

Chewable Chews for a low price
by William Duong

The best thing about this is that it is a generic brand with a low price. Kids love to eat this multivitamin because it tastes sweet. This way you know that they are getting the vitamins that they need to grow larger later. I definitely recommend this as a substitution for those higher end kids multivitamin.

Just as good as other brands
by SierraK

I have used many Puritan's Pride product and recommended this one to my friends and relatives with young children. Compare the labels, these are as good or better than many of the more popular children's vitamins, for a lot less money. Those I know who have tried them like these just as much, and really appreciate the value. Their kids love the flavors and animal shapes so there is no trouble getting them to take these vitamins.
The only caution is to keep them out of reach of the children, just as with any children's vitamins. These taste just like Pez candies, and some children may not realize they aren't supposed to eat a handful of them!

by Katelin

I've been looking for a natural children's vitamin that I really love for a long time now. Finally, this is the one! Every one I've tried so far claims to be natural, and yet, is sweetened with fructose, sucrose, etc. These vitamins are just what I have been looking for, as they contain none of these things. Of course, without the added sweetening these are bound to be on the tart side, but my 5-year-old son actually loves the way they taste.

I feel that one a day is all that's necessary. And, given this way, the entire bottle will last 2 months. For such a low price, you just can't beat the superb quality of these vitamins! If you're looking for something super sweet then pass on these, and say good-bye to nutrition as well! Otherwise, pick them up now!

Quality tasty chewable multi-vitamins for kids
by Jenny

When I last purchased a large supply of vitamins from Puritan's Pride, I added this children's supplement to my purchase as a gift for my employer's 7 year old grandson, who although slightly chubby, always has constant colds and is allowed to pick at his food, usually choosing high crab dishes, like mac and cheese, or nutrition-less limp frozen french fries with a glob of ketchup. Not wanting to offend her, I casually asked if he took a chewable multi-vitamin but she said he didn't, although she had really been meaning to buy him some but hadn't gotten around to it yet. With her busy life, "yet" will never come, so I took charge and got them for him myself. I knew he would love these for the animal shape, but also was certain the taste would be appealing and the quality excellent. I knew this because my Dad, now deceased, had always bought several bottles at a time of children's chewable vitamins from Puritan's Pride back when my kids were small so they would always be healthy!! Although they weren't originally animal shaped, I don't think I still knew that this many years later the quality was still tops and that even the picky grandchild would be pleased with their appeal and flavor. He's been taking them now, without complaint, usually reminding her it's time for his daily vitamin, for almost a year now and I keep getting him more whenever he's close to running out, I guess because I don't have any grandchildren of my own! His grandma doesn't worry as much and neither do I when he sometimes picks at his food or makes bad food choices as I at least feel confident that his basic nutritional needs are being met by his chewable multi-vitamins!

Great Value
by Melissa

I purchase many products from Puritan's Pride, and I always include children's vitamins. These are an exceptional value, and my kids love the taste. The nutrional value is comparable to the expensive name brands.

Children's Chewable Animal Chews
by Angela Wright

I have a bottle of these in my medicine cabinet right now.. I have 4 year old twins. I bought these along with a bunch of supplements for myself.. My kids tried them a few times, but always ended up spitting them out.. They said "they were sour". Which for some kids is great, not mine.. I tried everything to get them to take them.. No luck.. So, based on their opinion I'd have to say, these are not good for kids who don't like a bite.. They definitely have one...

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